Red and black schoolbuilding program inspection report


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This report contains the status, basic information and findings and recommendations on the recently concluded project inspection of the Red and Black Schoolbuilding Program

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Red and black schoolbuilding program inspection report

  1. 1. Inspection Report DepEDsRED & BLACK SCHOOL BUILDING PROGRAM May 28-29, 2012
  2. 2. RED & BLACK SCHOOL BUILDING PROGRAMThe School Building Program specifically targetsschools which are categorized under the Redzone, or those which have a ratio of 56 or morestudents to one classroom; and the Black zone,or schools which make use of makeshiftclassrooms and facilities.
  3. 3. The standard DepEd design is 7m x 9mclassroom for rural areas with a classroomstudent ratio of 1:45. This standard also appliesto all public secondary schools, regardless oflocation and class size.
  4. 4. STATUS CY 2011Red and Black School Building Program Status No. of sites No. ofProvince/city Project Cost (AO Mar (CY 2011) Classrooms 2012)Abra 18 16 17,436,000 70.56%Apayao 21 26 15,812,000 85.78%Benguet 18 28 25,793,000 94.50%Ifugao 13 21 15,993,000 90.56%Kalinga 40 64 41,486,000 88.91%Mt. Province 33 34 20,042,000 89.89%Baguio 6 10 9,981,000 100%Total: CAR 149 209 146,543,000 88.44%
  5. 5. STATUS CY 2011: Benguet Red and Black School Building Program MUNICIPALITY/ TOTAL NO. OF NO. OF NAME OF SCHOOL PROJECT COST STATUS LOCATION SITES CLASSROOMSLangbis PS Tublay 1 1 655,000.00 100.00Lebeng PS Kabayan 1 1 655,000.00 100.00Les-eng PS (Batangan ES Ext.) Kibungan 1 1 710,000.00 100.00Mankayan CS Mankayan 1 3 1,670,000.00 47.26Palatong ES Mankayan 1 1 640,000.00 100.00Paing ES Buguias 1 1 655,000.00 100.00Ucab ES Itogon I 1 2 2,281,000.00 100.00Deccan PS Buguias 1 1 660,000.00 100.00Nabalicong SaltinES Buguias 1 1 660,000.00 100.00Mt. Pulag PS Kabayan 1 1 700,000.00 100.00Loacan ES Itogon I 1 1 621,000.00 100.00Sinipsip NHS - Natubleng Ext. Buguias 1 2 2,299,000.00 100.00Lepanto NHS Mankayan 1 2 2,255,000.00 100.00Tublay Sch. of Home Ind. Tublay 1 2 2,255,000.00 100.00Bangao NHS (Sinipsip NHS) Buguias 1 2 2,325,000.00 100.00Buguias NHS - Loo Ext. Buguias 1 2 2,260,000.00 100.00Eastern La Trinidad NHS La Trinidad 1 2 2,246,000.00 100.00Benguet NHS La Trinidad 1 2 2,246,000.00 100.00 18 28 25,793,000 94.50 %
  6. 6. Basic Project Information Project Location Proj. Cost Php StatusMankayan Central Mankayan 1,670,000.00 47.26%SchoolBulalacao National High Mankayan 2,255,000.00 100%SchoolSinipsip National High Buguias 2,299,000.00 100%SchoolBangao NHS (Sinipsip Buguias 2,325,000.00 100%NHS)
  7. 7. Project DescriptionFeatures of 7m x 9m classroom:  cemented flooring;  smooth finished (plastered) walls;  painted walls, ceiling and roofing;  full-cathedral type ceiling;  complete set of windows;  two (2) entrances with doors;  complete electrical wires and fixtures for areas with electrical facilities;  roofing; and  chalkboards.
  8. 8. Inspection Findings/Recommendations Site identified is not suitable for the project. DepED should immediately coordinate with the LGU of Mankayan, Lepanto Mining, and the contractor to plan for the immediate establishment of slope stabilization measures (structural and vegetative) in the area. A MOA detailing the specific roles of eachMankayan Central School party may be inked for this purpose
  9. 9. Mankayan Central School – On going construction
  10. 10. Inspection Findings/Recommendations Bulalacao NHSSchool sites have problems in erosion that were not properly or adequately addressed. National standards set up by the DepED in the School Design Guide is not always applicable in CAR with its unique topographical and geophysical characteristics. Clearing, slope protection measures and drainage are important aspects of the project and costs considerably higher than in the lower-lying regions. DepED-CAR should make representations with its Central Office to include site development as an important cost item of projects in the region.
  11. 11. Inspection Findings/RecommendationsBulalacao NHS Surface drainage works should be immediately carried out to minimize the infiltration of rain water. The reduction of storm-water run-off is essential in controlling slope stability.
  12. 12. Bulalacao NHS Even before the project’s construction phase, a MOA should be signed between the DepED, the host LGU, the school administration, the project contractor and other concerned party, to make sure that site development and maintenance is taken care of.
  13. 13. Bangao NHSDepED-CAR should make representations with its Central Office to include sitedevelopment as an important cost item of projects in the region.
  14. 14. Inspection Findings/RecommendationsSinipsip NHS The school buildings constructed had small cracks in concrete columns, beams, structural walls and floors; although no major damage was noted. Immediately implement (physically and financially) interventions to address the issue. Funds should be made available by the school administration (or DepED) for the timely and regular maintenance and repairs to these buildings. The schools should use resources from their operating funds to maintain school infrastructure, rather than rely on capital funds. The responsibility of maintaining and repairing the school buildings and facilities thereat should also be spelled out in the MOA to be signed.
  15. 15. Broken windows and doors in some ofthe constructed buildings were alsonoted.The constructed school buildings shouldhave window grills and other securitymeasures to prevent unlawful entry andensure the security and safety of thestudents and staff, school properties,facilities and equipment. Sinipsip NHS
  16. 16. Briefing/Exit Conference with: Mayor Materno R. Luspian & Arch. Cliton Culliao(DepEd-Benguet) Inspectorate Team