National Greening Program (NGP)


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National Greening Program (NGP)

  1. 1. PROJECT PROGRESS REPORT As of EO March CY 2012Project Title: National Greening Program (NGP)Implementing Agency: DENR-CARDonor: Loan/Grant Proceeds: ( X ) GOP Peso Counterpart: ( ) Loan Total Project Cost: P100,527,000.00 ( ) Grant Amount Released: P100,527,000.00Location/Area The locations are spread out all over the six provinces ofCoverage: CAR including Baguio City with a total area of 15,258 hectares to be planted through social mobilization. Region wideDescription:An administration priority program (Executive Order No. 26) that seeks to attain asustainable human development, economic and ecological security through theplanting of 1.5 billion trees in around 1.5 million hectares of public land within sixyears from year 2011 to 2016.The NGP also aims to ensure food security, biodiversity conservation and addressclimate change.In the Cordillera, the target for CY 2012 is 7.5 million trees covering 15,000 hectares.Project Duration: Start: January 2012 End: June 2016 PROJECT PROGRESS For CY 2012 AO 1st AO 2nd AO 3rd AO 4th Quarter Quarter Quarter QuarterTarget- Seedling Production 9 93 100- Plantation Site Preparation/ Area Planted - 25 93 100- Maintenance and Protection of 1-3 25 50 75 100years old PlantationActual- Seedling Production 18 - Plantation Site Preparation/ Area -Planted - Maintenance and Protection of 1-3 14years old plantation
  2. 2. Slippage- Seedling Production 9- Plantation Site Preparation/ Area Planted -- Maintenance and Protection of 1-3 years 11old plantationCumulative Status Physical FinancialStatus: Target(Since start of - Seedling Production 9 36project) - Plantation Site Preparation/ - 14 Area Planted - Maintenance and 25 13 Protection of 1-3 years old plantation Actual - Seedling Production 18 36 - Plantation Site Preparation/ - - Area Planted - Maintenance and 14 - Protection of 1-3 years old plantationCurrentImplementationIssues and/orProblemsEncountered(if any):Actions Taken/Recommen-dations:Remarks: The CY 2011 project has been completed. While for CY 2012 project is still on its start-up activities.Agency DIR. CLARENCE L. BAGUILATContact Regional Executive Director, DENR-CARPerson: No. 80 Diego Silang St. 2600 Baguio City 442-4531 RD/F JOSEPH MAUTING PMD, DENR-CAR Tel. No. 443-94-06
  3. 3. National Greening Program (NGP) Bangao, Buguias, Benguet