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Dpwh kabugao solsona_2nd qtr_f


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Dpwh kabugao solsona_2nd qtr_f

  1. 1. PROJECT PROGRESS REPORT As of June 2012Project Title: Kabugao (Apayao)-Solsona (Ilocos Norte) RoadImplementing Agency: Department of Public Works and Highways - CARDonor: (x) GOP Loan/Grant Proceeds: ( ) Loan Peso Counterpart: ( ) Grant Total Project Cost: P 100 MLocation/Area Kabugao, ApayaoCoverage:Description:The road is a major component of the Cordillera Roads Improvement Project (CRIP)as lateral road; it connects Ilocos Region and the Northern Cordilleras. It traverses themunicipalities of Kabugao and Calanasan in Apayao and turns west to Solsona inIlocos Norte.The 76.48 km stretch Kabugao-Solsona Road is a segment of the San Nicolas-Solsona-Kabugao-Abbut Road. This starts from Poblacion Kabugao and ends inSolsona. Approximately 10 km. is for opening at the Kabugao side and a bridgeconstruction across Apayao River.The specific project output is road construction of 9.56 kms.Project Duration: Start: End: PROJECT PROGRESS For CY 2012 AO 1st Quarter AO 2nd Quarter AO 3rd Quarter AO 4th QuarterTarget 0.50%Actual 0.50%SlippageCumulative Status: Status Physical Financial(Since start of Target 0.50%project) Actual (slippage)CurrentImplementationIssues and/orProblemsEncountered (if any):Actions Taken/Recommendations:Remarks: NTP issued June 22, 2012.Agency Contact DIR. EDILBERTO P. CARABBACANPerson: Regional Director, DPWH – CAR Engineer’s Hill 2600 Baguio City Tel. 444-8838 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY2012
  2. 2. Project Location Kabugao-Apayao- Solsona-Ilocos Norte RdJunction at Poblacion Kabugao 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY2012
  3. 3. Kabugao-Apayao-Solsona Ilocos Norte RoadLandmarks Kabugao (Apayao) Municipal Hall Junction San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY2012
  4. 4. Along Solsona(Ilocos Norte ) Section Near regional boundary 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY2012