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Dar arisp iii 2nd qtr_f


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Dar arisp iii 2nd qtr_f

  1. 1. PROJECT PROGRESS REPORT As of June 2012Project Title: Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support (ARISP III)Implementing Agency: DAR-CAR / DPWH-CAR / NIA-CAR / LGUsDonor: () GOP Loan/Grant Proceeds: Php 677,897,291.25 () Loan Peso Counterpart: Php 225,965,763.75 ( ) Grant Total Project Cost: Php 903,863,055.00 Project Cost ( 2011): Php 16,718,316.00 Project Cost (2012): Php 167,445,163.74Location/Area Abra : Daguioman, Lacub and Luba ARCsCoverage: Apayao : Sta. Marcela, Flora and Pudtol ARCs Benguet : Bakun, Kapangan and Kibungan ARCs Ifugao : Asipulo, Hingyon and Tinoc ARCs Kalinga : Tinglayan, Rizal and Pasil ARCs Mt. Province : Sadanga, Bauko and Bontoc ARCsDescription: The Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project (ARISP) Phase III is a foreign-assisted project of DAR, designed to provide basic support services to help develop Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs). It is funded from a concessional loan from the Government of Japan with counterpart financing from the DAR, Local Government Units and the beneficiaries. The project timetable is from CY 2008 to CY 2014. The project espouses the concept of integrated area development in the ARCs wherein basic infrastructure, organization / institutional, agricultural and enterprise development support are combined to produce incremental growth in productivity and income among farmers. Specifically, the project considers the provision of farm-to-market roads (FMR) and bridges, irrigation projects, post harvest facilities, and potable water supply system under its infrastructure component. For institutional development component, this entails the organizing and strengthening of various organizations in the ARCs to build their capabilities to operate and manage the infrastructure facilities and agri-business in a sustainable basis. The project also supports the development of viable agribusiness in the ARCs to harness the agricultural potentials, add value to agricultural products, and make them more competitive in the market. In CAR, actual project implementation commenced in CY 2011. From CY 2008 to 2010, the pre-implementation activities 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY 2012
  2. 2. conducted are indicative development planning, site validation, project prioritization and individual project designs. There are 61 projects confirmed with an aggregate cost of Php 903.86 M. For CY 2011, two (2) projects (irrigation project and water system) were implemented and recently completed with an aggregate cost of Php 16.72 M. These are located in the provinces of Abra and Benguet. For CY 2012, 12 projects (10 irrigation projects and 2 FMRs) are programmed for implementation with a total cost of Php 167.44 M. These are located in the provinces of Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and Mountain Province.Project Duration: Start: April 2008 End: April 2014 PROJECT PROGRESS st For CY 2012 AO 1 Quarter AO 2nd AO 3rd Quarter AO 4th Quarter QuarterTarget 29.16 % 48.87 %Actual 23.88 % 36.87 %Slippage (5.28%) (12.00 %)Cumulative Status: Status Physical Financial(Since start of Target 53.51 %project) Actual 42.60 % (slippage) (10.91 %)Current  Undue project delay due to lack of equipment andImplementation manpowerIssues and/or  Absence of DPWH QAU representative during inspection.Problems  Inclement weatherEncountered (if any):Actions Taken/ Conducted Strategy Planning and monthly Area ImplementationRecommendations: Team (AIT) meetings participated by representatives from DAR Provincial / Municipal Office, DPWH, LGU and the Contractor to draw catch-up plan.Remarks:Agency Contact DIR. FRANKLIN E. COCOYPerson: OIC-Regional Director, DAR-CAR #39 m. Roxas St., Brgy. Tabora, Baguio City 445-4497 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY 2012
  3. 3. Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support (ARISP III) DAGUIOMAN COMMUNAL IRRIGATION SYSTEM Brgys. Pikek, Tui and Ableg Daguioman ARC, Daguioman, Abra Before the project rehabilitation Brush Dam Damaged portion of stone masonry canal wall caused by strong current flow Heavy siltation along intake diversion channel during the recent typhoons.Poor System Management, Operation and Maintenance leads to clogging of Trash Bin and canals due tothick vegetation and siltation, thus, decreases canal flow along Turn - Outs. 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY 2012
  4. 4. During construction Construction of canal lining being supervised by Eng’r. Noli Bayugo, ARISP III Engineer DAR Provincial Project Management Office of Abra.Suspended HDPE pipeline being installed replacing the damagedSiphon. Parts of the Siphon were salvaged and used as lateral pipes. 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY 2012
  5. 5. After constructionDAR and NIA ARISP III Project Management Office representatives conducted FinalProject Inspection and Test Run of the newly rehabilitated Daguioman CommunalIrrigation System with a service area of 89 hectares. 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY 2012
  6. 6. DALINGOAN POTABLE WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM Brgy. Sinacbat, Bakun, Kapangan ARC, Kapangan, Benguet Project turn-overCompleted PWS project in a simple turnover ceremony attended by (from left) Engr.Cornelio Colyong, MPDO Kapangan; DAR MARO Adela Comila; Mr. Paul Bagano,Office of the Governor; Engr. Eric K. Lebeng, DAR Regional Project ManagementOffice and representatives from the Office of Cong. Ronald Cosalan, Municipal andBarangay LGU. The project costing P 2,094,916.00 will benefit around 89 AgrarianReform Beneficiary Households. 2nd Quarter RPMES Report CY 2012