Section 7 l influence part 2


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Section 7 l influence part 2

  1. 1. Section 7 - The Leader’s InfluenceGroup Activity: Create a one-page visual summary of theleader’s influence.Study chapter 7 in BlackabyStudy chapters 13-14 in SandersPrint an article on leadership at: ve.asp
  2. 2. Improving leadershipSpiritual Leadership J Oswald Sanders Chapter 14
  3. 3. Rom 12:8 If God has given youleadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. if it is to lead,[a] do it diligently; Or to provide for others
  4. 4. If our leadership can beimproved, as with anything we dofor the glory of God, then weshould see to it that we work toimprove it.If leadership is influence thenevery Christian is a leader - itdoes not matter if you are in a“senior” position or not!We must:Recognise weaknesses,make corrections andcultivate strengths.
  5. 5. Sanders cites some reasons for poorchurch leadership: The goal is poorly defined - so we donot know what we are working towards Lack of faith - so no risk taking Are we passionate about oursalvation - is our enthusiasmcontagious? Do we avoid dealing with difficultsituations - poor leaders postponemaking hard decisions and gainnothing in the long run. Are we too thin - lacking depth whilsttrying to do “all things”?
  6. 6. 1. Exert yourself to leadRom 12:1 - the word offer (a onetime action) is followed by 36present tense verbs. We look atonly two of them.Rom 12:8 - Barclay, “If you arecalled upon to supply leadership,do it with zeal” - wholeheartedly,with energy, not in a lazy manner.Jesus was intense in hisleadership:Jn 2:17 - zeal for your house...Mk 3:21 - he is out of his mind!
  7. 7. Jn 7:20 - his enemies think he has ademon!Are you considered zealousabout the right things, orabout irrelevant things?Paul was considered intense at allstages of his life - his passion andenergy did not diminish - in fact evenbefore he was converted he was fullof passion, in the power of the HolySpirit it was simply redirected.
  8. 8. 2. Kept at boiling pointRom 12:11 -Never be lacking inzeal, but keep your spiritualfervor, serving the Lord.Someone (Harrington Lees) hassaid we are only kept at boilingpoint by the Holy Spirit.Most people get to boiling pointonly on special occasions - aspecial event, an encounter withGod, something out of theordinary - we often struggle in theeveryday things of life.
  9. 9. Do you have enough of the HolySpirit to keep you aglow all thetime?Lk 11:13 - If you then, though youare evil, know how to give goodgifts to your children, how muchmore will your Father in heavengive the Holy Spirit to those whoask him!” Are you asking for more?
  10. 10. Improving leadershipHudson Taylor, founder of theChina Island Mission, had a giftof saying tremendouslysignificant things in adeceptively simple way. In aletter dated 1879 to thesecretary of the mission, Taylorsaid:The all-important thing to do isto:
  11. 11. Improve the character of the work Deepen the piety, devotion and success of theworkers Remove stones of stumbling, if possible Oil the wheels where they stick Amend whatever is defective Supplement, as far as may be, what is lacking
  12. 12. Out of these Sanders suggests theleader has responsibility for thefollowing areas:Administration - improving thecharacter of the work involves findingout what is not functioning or is belowstandard - and then correcting it.Spiritual tone - developing the piety,devotion and spiritual success of theworkers. This depends upon theleaders - do they love God, are theypassionate, honest, holy...? If spiritualleaders are flat and lifeless so will thework be.
  13. 13. Group morale - removestones of stumbling - when weignore problems morale goesdown and consequentlyperformance - problems orpeople all have to be dealtwith in the love of God, butwith decisiveness.Personal relationships - tryto know and understand howyour people work, what theyrespond to
  14. 14. Problem solving - amend whatis defective - creating problems iseasy, solving them is far harder -face things realistically and thenwork until it is solvedCreative planning - supplementwhat is lacking - criticising plansis easier than creativity inplanning - plan well and knowwhat tactics to employ to achievesuccess.
  15. 15. Finally resist leading from theback - true leadership is alwaysout in front, not behind or on thesidelines.Often people stand behind andcriticise, like the Israelites wheninitially facing the chance toenter the Promised Land -reactionary people will standbehind and comment or criticisedo not let this affect your wayforward as spiritual leaders.
  16. 16. What are the challengesand delights you find inrelating to the leaders inyour life?Hudson Taylor lists siximportant things - whichone of these might bechanged in your currentsituation to achieve themost significant result?