LOC Assignments 202


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Assignments for the Life of Christ course at LTCi Siliguri

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LOC Assignments 202

  1. 1. Life of Christ! Assignments LTCi 202
  2. 2. Assignments There are two assignments for this course:! 1. Research paper (10%)! 2. Reading and summarising a Gospel (15%)
  3. 3. Guidelines Students may select one of the three assignments below to complete as your research paper. College guidelines must be followed (bibliography, footnotes etc.) The 500 words does not include Bible references or bibliography. A minimum of three sources should be cited.
  4. 4. Due Date Assignment 1 must be completed and submitted by 0820 on July 29th Assignment 2 must be completed and submitted by 0820 on September 9th
  5. 5. Assignment #1 Jesus called his disciples to follow him. Using the example of the interaction of Jesus with his disciples show what is required of a modern day believer when they follow Jesus. (500 words)
  6. 6. Assignment #2 Examine the prayer life of Jesus and develop a guide based upon this which could be used in a church setting to teach new believers the basics of prayer. (500 words)
  7. 7. Assignment #3 Write a background paper on one of the following subjects within the life and times of Jesus Christ. The paper should be suitable to inform an ‘average church member’ about the particular topic in order that they might understand it better. (500 words)
  8. 8. Assignment #3 Topics •Pharisees •Women •Sadducees •Herod the Great •The synagogue •Roman monetary system •Satan / the devil •Fasting •John the Baptist •Agriculture •The seven signs of John’s Gospel •The seven I Am’s of John’s Gospel •Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  9. 9. Reading Assignment (15%): Read a Gospel Read a New Testament Gospel of your choosing. Produce a summary paper for that gospel indicating, chapter by chapter, the major content / themes of the chapter - no more than 80 words per chapter - include references you think of and / or possible research questions.
  10. 10. Develop your own system of lettering or drawings for summarising the category content e.g. T = teaching, D = dialogue, M = miracle, H= healing etc. As part of this the student is required to produce a log with the date and the passages read on that date.
  11. 11. Date Passage Read Theme (s) Comments 1/1 / 2014 Matthew 1 HN (= historical narrative), M, Genealogy of Christ linking him to David and Abraham - major covenants of OT. Why were genealogies important to the Jews, why did Matthew include this? Birth of Christ including announcements to Joseph and then to Mary - role of angels (today?) Link of Christ and Holy Spirit at his inception
  12. 12. Date Passage Read Theme (s) Comments 2/1 2014 Matthew 2 HN (= historical narrative), M, Wise men visit - time elapsed (?) since Christ’s birth as all children under 2 are killed More angelic visitation to Joseph Which Herod is this? Flight to Egypt and return to Nazareth (parallel with Israel)