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1 Setting Up Your Homepage


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Published in: Technology, Business
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1 Setting Up Your Homepage

  1. 1. Setting up your homepage
  2. 2. Select My Homepage Log On
  3. 3. Edit Homepage
  4. 4. This box is called a WYSIWYG window. W hat Y ou S ee I s W hat Y ou G et
  5. 5. Find the Homepage Template At the bottom of the page. Right Click Open in New Window
  6. 6. Highlight from Here ______ To Here Copy (CTRL C) Drag you cursor down in a straight line
  7. 7. Paste onto your WYSIWYG. CTRL V
  8. 8. Centre all the Headings
  9. 9. Choose a Background Colour Save
  10. 10. You are on your way to making you own exciting homepage !