Why an Agile implementation might fail


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9 reasons why your Agile implementation might fail.
A presentation inspired from Chris McGoff book, "Primes" - http://www.amazon.com/The-Primes-ebook/dp/B004HIM4UU/
Presented at OpenAgileRo 2011

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Why an Agile implementation might fail

  1. 1. Why an Agileimplementation might failfew things that you should be aware when you decide toimplement Agilea presentation facilitated by Radu Davidescu
  2. 2. Can Agile implementations fail?Unless facilitated by Chuck Norris, YES, Agile implementations canfail!
  3. 3. Agile implementations might fail because …!   change <> transformation !   you are still attached and not committed to a result!   transformation is perceived differently by different team !   you pursue total consensus members !   doing Agile <> being Agile!   formal leaders lose consistency !   you try to implement Agile!   informal leaders are laggards !   implementations might fail
  4. 4. change <> transformation Change Transformation!   change is creating a better !   transformation is creating past in the future (like a new future cheaper, faster, easier and so on)Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life. Alvin Toffler, in Future Shock‎ (1970), p. 304
  5. 5. Transformation isperceived differently bydifferent teammembers •  Idealists are analytical •  Sentimentalists are emotional •  Mercenaries are financialy driven
  6. 6. Formal leaders lose consistency!   in Agile adoption formal leaders switch from “command and control” and hierarchy to collaboration and flat hierarchy!   defining certain rules where “command and control” and traditional hierarchy will still apply and maintaining consistency is critical for a successful Agile implementation
  7. 7. Informal leaders arelaggardsLaggards are the guardians of the “status quo”. Whenthe informal leaders of the group are laggards, Agileadoption might be in great danger!
  8. 8. You are still attached and not committed to a result Attached Committed!   A strong bonding towards !   Being bound or with. emotionally/intellectually to a course of action or to!   A dependence, especially another person/other a strong one. persons. !   The trait of sincerity and focused purpose.Wiktionary definitions
  9. 9. Recommended consensus points:You pursue !   The process was explicit,total consensus rational and fairAgile is about diversity, yet the !   I was treated well and mytrap of total consensus it’s there. inputs were heardEveryone voice need to be heard. !   I can live with and IEstablish point of consensus. commit to the outcomes
  10. 10. doing Agile <> being Agile“You are now ScrumMasters! Prepare to be frustrated!”Robin Dymond – my CST
  11. 11. You try to !   Your goal should feedimplement your motivationAgile !   Agile is a methodology,To make it work you need a some even consider it abetter, brighter purpose. It philosophyshould be clearly defined andembraced by the team. !   Scrum is a processAgile should be an agreed way of frameworkreaching goals, not a goal! !   Backlog is a tool
  12. 12. Implementationsmight failSometimes, no matter how good you are,how great circumstances look, howpositive conditions are, things might fail!
  13. 13. A final tip!If you are going hire an Agile consultant that will present you onlysuccess stories, think about it!He might not be aware about the list discussed above.
  14. 14. I know you have questions,so don’t be shy!Thank you very much for your time!Radu Davidescu@rdavidescu / tsk.ro / rdavidescu@gmail.com