The introduction-paragraph


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The introduction-paragraph

  1. 1. The Introduction Paragraph Hooking the Reader and Focusing on the Topic
  2. 2. Remember, focus refers to how clearly an essay presents and maintains the main idea. The main idea of an essay is presented in the introduction paragraph in the form of a thesis
  3. 3. The Introduction Paragraph The introduction paragraph introduces the reader to the topic of the essay, the writer’s opinion, and defines the scope of the essay.
  4. 4. Parts of the Introduction The introduction consists of 3 parts: Paragraph 1. A Hook 2. A Bridge 3.Statement Statement A Thesis
  5. 5. The Hook Before the reader can be convinced of the thesis, he must be convinced to read the essay. The hook contains 1 – 3 sentences used to capture the reader’s interest in the essay. It must relate to the topic of your essay in some way.
  6. 6. Let’s look at some examples of hooks below: Hook/ Strategy Definition Startling/Unusual Statement or Fact The writer provides a detail or fact that may amuse, anger, or intrigue the reader to continue reading. Five thousand kids are kidnapped each year by someone they met while on Myspace. Three Powerful Words The writer opens with three nouns, three verbs, or three words that end in “ing.” Profanity. Nudity. Violence. Each of these is easily accessible on Myspace. Sound Effects (Onomatopoeia) The writer uses sound effects to create vivid imagery to pull the reader into the text. “Wham!” That is the sound of a front door slamming as another child races of to meet a stranger they met on Myspace. Anecdote The writer provides hypothetical or personal examples to illustrate the topic. Last summer my friend Kayla went to the mall to meet who she thought was a cute 15 years-old guy she had met on Myspace. To her dismay, the guy turned out to be a 55 years-old registered sex offender. Imagine Statement The writer provides a statement that causes the reader to picture (imagine) something. Imagine your child posting your address and work schedule on Myspace. The writer provides the reader with a command. Don’t even think about letting your child browse Myspace and other social websites without your constant supervision. The writer asks thought-provoking, maybe Did you know that 27% of Myspace users are Command to the Reader Rhetorical Question Example
  7. 7. The Bridge It would be a mistake to presume that a Statement reader is already familiar with the topic. After capturing the reader’s attention, present the necessary background the reader needs to understand the topic. The bridge statement ties the hook to the prompt and thesis statement, while providing the reader with background information. To add voice to your writing an possibly increase your score, try writing
  8. 8. Writing the Bridge as a Simile A simile is a sentence that compares two unlike things by using the word like or as. •Example of a simile that uses the word like: Paul eats like a pig. (In this sentence Paul’s eating habits are being compared to the eating habits of a pig to show that Paul is a sloppy eater. The comparison is made using the word like.) •Example of a simile that uses the word as: Paul’s explanation for being late was as clear as mud. (In this sentence Paul’s excuse for being late is compared to mud to show that Paul’s explanation was not clear or confusing because mud is not clear. The comparison is made using
  9. 9. Let’s look at some examples of bridge statements that were written as similes for the persuasive prompt below. Your parents are concerned over recent news reports about and similar websites. Think about the safety issues of using Myspace and other websites. Now write to convince your parents whether or not you should have unsupervised access to these websites. Example: Letting your child browse Myspace and other social websites unsupervised is like placing a loaded gun in your child’s hand. Example: Letting your child browse Myspace and other social websites unsupervised is as dangerous as standing next to an armed explosive.
  10. 10. Let’s Try It Out! As a class, let’s create some similes for the following prompt. to class are disrupting instruction, leaving Tardies unfinished class work to be completed at home. Although rules and consequences were set at the beginning of the year, students are still arriving late. Think of some ways to reduce tardies in your class. Write an essay for your teacher in which you explain a solution to the problem of tardies to class. Simile: __________________________________________ Simile: __________________________________________
  11. 11. The Thesis Statement the last The thesis statement is sentence in your introduction paragraph that states your opinion/feelings about the topic and your reasons of support. It is a one sentence summary of your essay.
  12. 12. Formula for Creating a Thesis Statement Writing a thesis statement is as easy as a, b, c. Topic Opinion A B reasons to support your opinion + C Thesis Statement
  13. 13. Example Prompt The President is thinking about requiring public school students to wear uniforms. Topi Think about whether wearing uniforms is a c good idea or a bad idea for your school and why. Now convince the President to accept your point of view about wearing uniforms.
  14. 14. Exampleglobe for its America is well known across the diversity. People from all over the world migrate to the United States just to be a part of this international society. It is common knowledge that equality and individualism are a part of America’s famous history. This fact is something that most Americans take pride in; however, the individuality of a future America may be at risk due to the education system. A rule that would require students to wear uniforms to school is threatening student individuality. School uniforms should not be required because they discourage individuality, and they don’t teach students to make The thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction responsible decisions. paragraph. The sentence tells the reader that he/she can expect to read about how school uniforms should be banned because they discourage individuality and they don’t teach students how to make responsible decisions .
  15. 15. What Not To Do In Thesis obvious! DO NOT state the In thesis statements, you should avoid using statements like: • “This essay will discuss” • “I’m going to write about” • “In this essay I am going to talk about” Instead, write a thesis statement that captures your reader’s attention without
  16. 16. Wording Not to be Used in a Thesis Statement for a Persuasive Essay When writing a thesis statement for a persuasive essay DO NOT use statements with personal pronouns, such as: • “I think” • “I believe” •
  17. 17. Planning Yourstatement is to Thesis It is important to plan out your thesis ensure it stays focused on the topic of the writing prompt. Prompt Most people have a TV show they particularly like. Think about a TV show you like. Now explain what TV show you like and why you like it. Opinion: I like The Cosby Show Reason: it teaches moral values Reason: shows Black family in a positive light Thesis Statement: I enjoy watching The Cosby Show because it teaches moral values and shows the Black family in a positive light.
  18. 18. Let’s Try It Out! the As a class, let’s create a thesis statement for following prompt. Prompt Teens have a lot of problems that they have to sort through by themselves or with the help of friends, family, and the community. Think about the biggest problem you think teens face today. Now explain why you think the problem you chose is the biggest problem teensOpinion: face today. Reason: Thesis Statement: Reason:
  19. 19. Example in response Here is an introduction paragraph written to a prompt that asked the writer to convince the principal whether or not students should be allowed to Bridge chew gum in school. Statement Smack. Gnaw. Pop. Chewing gum while in school is as silly as walking a tight rope. The horrific act of chewing gum should be barred from all school campuses because it distracts student learning and destroys student clothing. Hook Thesis Statement
  20. 20. Let’s Try It Out! for As a class, let’s create an introduction paragraph the following prompt. First we will plan out the thesis. Prompt Teens have a lot of problems that they have to sort through by themselves or with the help of friends, family, and the community. Think about the biggest problem you think teens face today. Now explain why you think the problem you chose is the biggest problem teensOpinion: face today. Reason: Thesis Statement: Reason:
  21. 21. Let’s Try It Out! (continued) Now let’s write the entire introduction paragraph. Hook: Bridge Statemen t: Thesis Statemen t: Introduction Paragraph
  22. 22. Remember to use the tips from this presentation to help you write a well crafted introduction paragraph.