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Personalized Learning


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Presentation from ISTE 2012 on personalized learning

Published in: Education, Technology
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Personalized Learning

  1. 1. Personalizing Learning Richard Culatta and Karen Cator Office of Educational Technology | US Department of @OfficeOfEdTech
  2. 2. The traditionalclassroom model has some serious challenges…
  3. 3. Approach to Innovation“pencil-sharpening” innovation uses technology to improve existing models
  4. 4. The TragicallHistorie of HAMLET Prince of Denmarke SCENE I. ElsinoreFRANCISCO at his post. Enter to himBERNARDO: Whos there?FRANCISCO: Nay, answer me: stand,and unfold yourself.BERNARDO: Long live the king!FRANCISCO: Bernardo?BERNARDO: He.FRANCISCO: You come most carefullyupon your hour.BERNARDO: Tis now struck twelve;get thee to bed, Francisco.FRANCISCO: For this relief muchthanks: tis bitter cold, and I am sick
  5. 5. Approaches to InnovationTechnology can be used in transformative ways to address challenges of the traditional classroom model
  6. 6. Challenge #1All learners are treated the same despite different needs andchallenges
  7. 7. Challenge #2We hold the schedule constant and allow the learning to vary vs
  8. 8. Challenge #3Student performance data comes too late to be useful
  9. 9. It’s Time for a New Model “We must take classroom learning beyond a one-size-fits-all mentality and bring it fully into the 21st century”
  10. 10. National Ed Tech Plan“Technology gives studentsopportunities for takingownership of their learning.Personalized learning is pacedto student needs, tailored tolearning preferences, andcustomized to the specificinterests of different learners.In an environment that is fullypersonalized, the learningobjectives and content as wellas the method and pace mayall vary.
  11. 11. What is Personalized Learning? Adjusting the pace (individualized) Adjusting the learning approach (differentiated) Leveraging student interests/experiences= Personalized Learning
  12. 12. Examples of PersonalizedLearning Systems that adapt to learner needs
  13. 13. Examples of PersonalizedLearning Approaches that support differentiated learning
  14. 14. Examples of PersonalizedLearning Increasing the frequency of formative assessments
  15. 15. Examples of PersonalizedLearning Providing learners choice about what and how they learn
  16. 16. Examples of PersonalizedLearning Customizing instruction based on performance/preference
  17. 17. Examples of PersonalizedLearning Approaches that turn learners into creators
  18. 18. Elements of PersonalizedLearning
  19. 19. Access Everywhere Students need their own devices/access Computer Lab
  20. 20. Personal Learning Plan  Near-real-time feedback to parents/students/teac hers:
  21. 21. Competency Based
  22. 22. Essential elements  Ability for students to own their dataStudent-managed electroniclearning portfolios can be part of apersistent learning record and helpstudents develop the self-awareness required to set theirown learning goals; express theirown views of their strengths,weaknesses, and achievements;and take responsibility for them. - National Educational Technology Plan
  23. 23. Data Streams Leveraging patterns from digital interactions to improve improve instruction, and fuel research:
  24. 24. Personalized learning is for teachers too!
  25. 25. Personalizing TeacherImprovement Teacher receiving real-time feedback via earpiece
  26. 26. Race to the Top - District Education
  27. 27. Final Thoughts
  28. 28.
  29. 29. “Education is both a moral obligationand an economic imperative. We are in a fight for the future – a fight that depends on education.” - President Barack Obama
  30. 30. Thanks! @OfficeOfEdTech