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The Sanderson Apocalypse - Chapter 5


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Restrictions are derestricted and the fifth generation arrives to Beauville.

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The Sanderson Apocalypse - Chapter 5

  1. 1. The Sanderson Apocalypse – Chapter 5 Hey everybody! Welcome back to another chapter of the Sanderson Apocalypse. I’m nearly done playing this challenge in- game as only a couple more generations are needed to be born to reach the end. In the last chapter, however, we witnessed the birth of generation 4. With everything added up, the total number of sims in the Sanderson main house is 9 plus one cat (who is now an elder). So, on with the show…
  2. 2. As the years went by, the Sanderson family was ready to celebrate the birthday of their three youngest members, Beau, Penelope and Zachary.
  3. 3. Penelope, who was held by the heir of generation four, Kurt, grew up to show off the features she had clearly inherited from her father, Joe.
  4. 4. Zachary was next and showed the world that he would be the second possible spare (first possible spare being Lawrence based on age and the fact that every heir chosen has the nose of founder, Michelle Sanderson).
  5. 5. And lastly was little Beau Sanderson who, like his sister Penelope, was born with his father’s as the most prominent features.
  6. 6. The family’s attention went directly into teaching the three toddlers the basic skills of language, mobility and hygiene.
  7. 7. Despite resisting at first, Beau, Penny and Zach all managed to master the three skills like most sims that came before themselves.
  8. 8. The training of the triplets fell within a good timeframe as it was soon time for the remaining members of the third generation to grow up into elderhood… Katheleen and Joe’s final choices for outfits managed to remind me that there is a good reason why Beau has been born. Kid, since you CAN hear me now, hurry up and graduate from college so you can become and Icon and bring back fashion. “What’s wrong with our outfits, creator?” Kat snickered as she became used to walking in her large, jet black boots, “Can’t we have some fun, too?” No, this is an apocalypse. You aren’t allowed any fun until Pet Show Biz, Dance, Entertainment, and Music have all been lifted… oh, and Science.
  9. 9. By the end of the rotation (ah, memories of my COMPLETED BACC… so how about that medal, Boolprop Mods?), the triplets managed to grow up into children who all wear red in at least one of their outfits. Pink counts, too.
  10. 10. The rotation ALSO signified Kurt, Fiona and Lawrence all leaving for college (Kurt is going to start college mid-way through my rotation of the current college kids just to even the timeline out… hey, it’s fair since they all left on a Tuesday and I haven’t lifted Gamer yet… :-P)
  11. 11. For the next part of the rotation, we come to the college house where we can find Bianca working on her freshman papers as well as Dawn, Matthew and Charles…somewhere. “Their classes.” Thanks, B.
  12. 12. Now, for further explanation about how I’m doing this challenge, each rotation in a college is four semesters. So, because I can, once the first set of college sims had completed their freshman year, I sent Kurt to join them for his. Teehee, look at what they’re wearing. Still can’t wait for Show Business to be unlocked. “College is amazing, isn’t it Dawn?” Kurt asked one morning before his first class, “Professor Seraphim was telling us about different archetypes in Literature and-“ “Listen, Kurt, that’s totally cool and all, but my mind is set and remembering all the digits of Pi at the moment.”
  13. 13. “You know, you really didn’t need to declare yourself mathematics major, Dawn.” “Yes I did. You don’t get it, Kurt.” “Then tell me.”
  14. 14. “Joey the Comb will only let me into the mafia if I’m a math major, dude. If I get my diploma in this confusing crap, then I can overthrow the bastard and let the world have nice things again.” “And it has nothing to do with you dating JC Jr.?” “I- maybe. Look, I have things under control. You, on the other hand, haven’t even started looking for someone to help you restore the environment.” “It’s still my freshman ye-“ “This afternoon, we’re all skipping class and finding you a wife.” “But-“
  15. 15. “Cheer up, dude,” Charles Sanderson, first-cousin once removed of Kurt, said in private, “We’ll find you a broad in no time.” “Dude, I don’t want a broad; I want a respectable woman.” “Then we’ll find me a broad and you can go look for a girl on your own.”
  16. 16. The household (along with new additions Lawrence, Fiona, Nicole, Shea and Leslie because it’s now the next rotation in the storyline) ventured off to the new campus hangout. All that could be found inside were bathrooms and various old, musky couches. It wasn’t much, but it was the best place that a young sim could have in these hard times. “*snicker* The creator said ‘hard times’.”
  17. 17. Alright, which one of you said that? Unanimously, everyone replied with, “Charles.” Even Charles himself admitted it. Oh, you poor sim… I just might give you your own story for being so perverted. Perhaps an Uglacy… hmm…
  18. 18. While everyone worked on finding Kurt his wife, Lawrence went off and introduced himself to someone a little different. “Hi mate, I’m Ray Shibata.” “Lawrence Sanderson.” The two boys smiled. Ray’s teeth were like shimmering pearls. Lawrence began to blush.
  19. 19. “So- I… uh…” Lawrence became quite nervous, “Do you want to maybe, you know, hang out sometime?” “Sure; you seem like a neat bloke.”
  20. 20. “I.. we should, uhm, find someplace to chill later.” “Yeah, but any hangouts here are as scare as hen’s teeth. I’m gonna ‘ave to ‘ave a gander ‘round campus and then give you a ring.”
  21. 21. “I love your accent.” “That’s bloody random, mate, but you seem nice so I’ll see you later. Gidday.”
  22. 22. “Whose Lawrence talking to, guys?” Kurt asked out of curiosity. “I think it might be his future husband, kiddo,” Bianca replied flatly. “But… Lawrence is a… oh, now I get it.” Charles looked around rapidly, “Get what? I don’t get it you guys… can someone explain to me what you’re all fawning about?”
  23. 23. “Charles, the thing is that Lawrence is the type of guy that’s into other guys.” “Oh… well yeah, I figured that out a while ago, but why are you two making a big deal out of it?” “We aren’t, we’re just planning his wedding.” “Shouldn’t he and that guy be doing that?”
  24. 24. “That ‘guy’?! He has a name you know,” Kurt and Bianca yelled at Charles. “Dudes, stop freaking out. I’m calling him ‘that guy’ because I don’t know his name yet.” “I.. oh,” Kurt was silent.
  25. 25. The entire day seemed quite successful for everyone’s lost conquests. That is, except for Kurt who managed to find no one at all. Hell, even Leslie here managed to find herself a boyfriend.
  26. 26. “It’s time for me to step into action.” Nicole, what are you going to do? “Invite my friend Diane over.”
  27. 27. Once they arrived back at home… “Kurt, go introduce yourself to my friend, Diane Hsu.” “Okay.”
  28. 28. Diane and Kurt hit it off as soon as they met. Oddly enough, both wound up being knowledge sims and the majority of their conversation dealt with environmental issues pertaining to the apocalypse. Kurt, since you can hear me, I’d say go for it. We have our future Ecological Guru right in front of you.
  29. 29. Kurt whispered under his breath, “Don’t embarrass me, Creator.” “What did you say, Kurt?” “Nothing. Anyways, Di, what major are did you choose after freshman year?”
  30. 30. “A double major in Biology and Chemistry. What else would I choose? I mean, getting to examine all those fossilized plants is probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever done. Did you know that if we can create a hydroxide with a pH of 11, we can neutralize the soil to be perfect for the growth of various types of flora once again?” “Uh…” “We need to use ammonia solution in the soil to make it more basic.” “I knew that.”
  31. 31. “Really? Because any knowledge sim would know that that’s basic grade eleven chemistry.” “Well Diane, the thing is that I’m not one of those science- focused knowledge sims. I’m more-so into great works of literature such as Shakespeare or Dr. Seuss.” “Dr. Seuss was a children’s author who made up words.”
  32. 32. “But if you examine the context of some of his work, you can interpret his views on old issues such as what it means to be a human.” “I never thought of it that way, Kurt.”
  33. 33. “So, Di, I have to get to class soon. Maybe we can continue this conversation, say, over dinner some time.” “Why Kurt Cobain Sanderson, are you asking me on a date?” “Are you going to say no?”
  34. 34. Diane leaned in for a kiss, “Well, you are too cute to pass up. So I’m going to accept your date proposal. See you later.” “See ya.”
  35. 35. As the years went by, Diane and Kurt’s relationship began to take on new levels.
  36. 36. And I do mean new levels. *As a note, yes, there is a ballet bar in each of the bedrooms and the main house. I have moved all three which exist into areas where they can’t be touched (thank you athletic) because of dance restrictions which won’t be lifted for another generation or so.*
  37. 37. Time continued to pass by and soon the eldest members of the household were in their Senior year of college.
  38. 38. But it was Dawn who is the focus of the next part of this chapter. Even after high school ended, Dawn still remained the loyal girlfriend of Joseph “Joey” Comb Jr. “I’ll be back soon, guys; Joey asked me to meet him at an abandoned old student home off campus.”
  39. 39. By morning, Dawn had made it to the old home and found her lover outsides of its gates. “Good, you’re here,” Joey said, his head turning from side to side nervously. Dawn knew something was wrong with him. Joey had never seemed nervous in his life. What could possibly be going on that would cause him to act so strangely? Dawn swallowed hard and prepared a route that she could run to get back home.
  40. 40. “Dawn, I felt it necessary to show you this place before we talk about something rather important.” Dawn froze, “Why?”
  41. 41. “Just follow me.” Dawn kept her distance. She looked around the building and frowned. Why would he bring her to someplace as crappy as this? The walls were falling apart, the carpets were ridden with dirt, and even some of the old objects looked as though they were being eaten by hungry animals. “What is this place?” she asked cautiously.
  42. 42. “Well, when I was talking to my father, he said that this place was quite important to your family. He said that, many generations ago, your great-grandmother and great-grandfather lived here prior to the apocalypse.” “Joey, this place is a dump.”
  43. 43. “I know it is, but without it your grandmother may never have been born nor would your family’s efforts have ever begun. It’s because of how important this place is to the mission that I wanted to ask you this here….”
  44. 44. “Will you marry me?” “Yes, I will. I-“
  45. 45. “-is that a zombie, Joey?” “I think it is, Dawn…”
  46. 46. “RRUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!” “Whatever; I’m gonna take a nap while you two lovers look like idiots.”
  47. 47. By the end of the rotation, the Senior year of Dawn, Bianca, Charles and Matthew was over. And now begins my laughing at their new outfits…
  48. 48. Ha- wait, this reminds me of Oren-Ishii from Kill Bill Vol. 1 which is fitting since she was the head of the Japanese mafia. Oh well, the next outfit will be worse.
  49. 49. Ha- okay, I can live with this for a while. It isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Better than her mother’s leopard print dress, that’s for sure.
  50. 50. Damn; I could wear that in real life…
  51. 51. …and those pants make that nightlife jacket work. My sims are mean to me!!!
  52. 52. Meanwhile, at someplace with lots of babies (the spare house), Steven died thus ending generation two’s existence. Any questions?
  53. 53. Because Gloria, his wife, was now useless to everyone (and took up a lot of space), I had to kill her off. Hey, she’s a CAS sim who I randomized. You would do the same, too if you wanted to speed things up.
  54. 54. I also killed off Amanda because Clark was dead and her son, Ramone, would get a scholarship for it. “But who will take care of me?” Your cousin and her wife.
  55. 55. Back at home… Hey Nadia, did you miss me? “Damnit, you don’t exist.” Yes I do; everyone can hear me now! I can be uber annoying and there’s nothing you can do about it!! “I’m never haunting again.”
  56. 56. “Penny, I don’t like this game. It’s too hard.”
  57. 57. “Penny, did you hear what I said?” “It’s too hard?” “Yeah; that’s what she said!” “… You’re incredibly awkward and it saddens me to be related to you.” “…”
  58. 58. Over the first part of this rotation (yes, the third rotation in the chapter), nothing too interesting happened so let’s skip on to the birthday of the triplets. “Penny, is it right that we alienate Zach because of how socially awkward he is?” “Do you care?” “Not really.” “Then yes.”
  59. 59. So here are the triplets: Beau Sanderson – Romance Sim 10/10/9/3/1 and intended for Show Business
  60. 60. Penelope Sanderson – Fortune Sim 7/5/8/3/2 and intended for Business
  61. 61. Zachary Sanderson – Knowledge Sim 6/5/8/3/3 and intended for Science… and making awkward sexual innuendo jokes.
  62. 62. “Hot damn, I’m pretty.”
  63. 63. “Nicole, I’d like to thank you once again for setting me up with Diane. If there is anything I can do for you-“ “Make me a main character.” “Other than that.” “Well, then just accept it as my way of helping out the family.”
  64. 64. So, if you haven’t realized it yet, Diane Hsu is the official spouse for generation four. She’ll be popping out generation five for us. Go DIANE!
  65. 65. So, this engagement also marks then end of the Senior years for Kurt and Diane. Congrats you two.
  66. 66. Kurt manages to find good clothing for himself (drat, I wanted to laugh my ass off).
  67. 67. And Diane manages to doubt her fiancé’s abilities at fixing the weather by choosing a thick coat for herself. Yes, she lived here.
  68. 68. Meanwhile, in the rotation, Bianca finds herself outside of her old family home. “Creator, why am I here?” Because I wanted to save the number of houses I wanted to rotate through at the moment, so enjoy the comforts of home and three teenage siblings.
  69. 69. “It’s so neat how you’re going to be living here for the next couple of years, Bianca. Isn’t that so neat?” Bianca groaned as she looked through the paper. Was she really related to this child?
  70. 70. “I mean, you’re providing such a wonderful example of how to rebuild a part of society and-“ “Damnit, Zach; don’t you ever shut up?”
  71. 71. Bianca began to leave for the next room but Zachary managed to get in her way. “Why does everyone in this house not like me?” “Because you’re awkward, you idol worship anyone older than you and you were only born to lift Science and then live alone in a house where the Creator will cheat for you to be seven years older every rotation.”
  72. 72. “Now, B-“ “You do not have the right to call me that.” “Bianca, I’m sure the Creator loves me as much as he loves you. I think that I will get the chance to have offspring and be played when the apocalypse is over so don’t you worry.”
  73. 73. Once Zachary had left for bed, Bianca was alone again. “Dude, why did you have my mom give birth to that loser?” In all honestly, I only wanted Beau to be born because of the Show Business restrictions. Penelope and Zachary were just bonuses.
  74. 74. “Whatever. Look, I found myself a high level job in Adventure so get ready for the family to be using those epic mystery objects pretty soon.” B, have I ever told you that I wish you had your mother’s nose so you could be the heir? “Well, just now.”
  75. 75. After a couple of days working in the Adventure career (by that I mean one promotion later), Bianca managed to obtain her very own mysterious object from her boss. While she moved it up into the attic, she noticed a small hole inside the head of the statue. Perhaps getting the objects to work involves that hole?
  76. 76. Life continued on in the Sanderson household. Bianca and Penelope worked on their skills. “Penny, what the hell does the body skill have to do with the business career?”
  77. 77. “B, people will respect me more if I look good… or at least agree to my ideas. Either way I’ll be getting a scholarship for what I’m doing.” “Good idea.”
  78. 78. Bianca received promotion….
  79. 79. …after promotion….
  80. 80. … while Moonshine reached his final days…
  81. 81. …and the small cat managed to pass away next to his loving owner…
  82. 82. …and, finally, Bianca reached the top of the Adventure career thus unlocking: • The ability to use career rewards • Twikii Island
  83. 83. So now I can finally use all of these objects (plus the ones that are with my spares who don’t live here… you’ll see them one day).
  84. 84. But none of the objects could be ready yet, as Bianca had one last thing she needed to do. “Alright statue, how do I activate you?”
  86. 86. Bianca punched the statue straight in the face. “NO, YOU’RE DAMAGING MY BRAIN! STOP, GREAT SPACE PIRATE, IN THE NAME OF ME!” “Just shut up!”
  87. 87. “JUM… BOK…lose… voice….” “Better.” And so ends the tale of how the objects managed to be activated by Bianca. The end…
  88. 88. But that means we can now begin generation five! This is as far as I got in my last legacy (S3L) and that part wasn’t published so it doesn’t count. Yay me! “Kurt, honey, does he talk like this all the time?” “Di, only if you pay attention to him.”
  89. 89. In the dark of night, Diane Hsu and Kurt Sanderson were married. Diane makes herself the fourth spouse in the family who can lift a restriction and, thanks to her degree in Biology she’ll be lifting Natural Science. I probably said that already but I still consider it important because of how it ties in to Music, which Kurt will be lifting.
  90. 90. And a kiss makes it official. These two are wedded for life!
  91. 91. So hi Diane, welcome to the family. “Hello, Creator.” You can hear me, right? “I just responded.” Oh good.
  92. 92. By the time 4AM rolled around, my two G4s were well on their merry way to make G5’s first baby. Hopefully I get a blond child since I have yet to have one in this family that isn’t a spare’s kid.
  93. 93. By morning, Kurt begins his search for a job in music. And… “And what?” Well, aren’t you going to tell me what job you got? “I’m a Roadie for Zombie 30H!3.” Neat… are you going to tell them how your first kiss went. “Well it went a little like this.”
  94. 94. Instead of telling me how his first kiss went, Kurt finds himself pulled into a different conversation with Penelope. “Kurt, you better hurry up and make it warm again; I hate wearing those tacky outfits all the time.” “But, Beau is bringing back fashion.”
  95. 95. “Yeah, but I can’t sport nice clothing without it being seasonal.” “Can someone explain to me how we’re related again?”
  96. 96. “You’re my big brother.” “Yeah, okay. Look, I need to get to work so I’ll talk to you later.” “Remember, become a Rock God.” “In due time.”
  97. 97. The days fly by and soon Diane finds herself working on Tuesdays and Thursdays as an Unnatural Crossbreeder.
  98. 98. But reaching the level of Ecological Guru is cut short because of her newly discovered pregnancy. Shocking.
  99. 99. The pregnancy goes smoothly for Diane despite a lack of promotion because of fatigue in the workplace… and the fact that Beau and Sophie manage to keep everyone in the house up at night… the Creator didn’t say anything.
  100. 100. And, by Saturday evening, it’s time for generation five to arrive into this world.
  101. 101. Well, this baby doesn’t happen to be a blond but I will love her anyways. Meet Delilah Sanderson, the first baby of generation five. She has red hair and green eyes as well as skin tone number 2. Her personality is ____ and she is meant to be the Artist of the family.
  102. 102. “Congrats Diane,” shouted Penelope, “You have a beautiful baby girl!” “Penny, you don’t need to shout at her; she’s right next to you.” “SORRY!”
  103. 103. As soon as the house settled down, Kurt changed into his level nine uniform and began to head for his carpool. “Don’t worry, Delilah; daddy’s gonna make sure you never freeze your butt off during your lifetime.”
  104. 104. Penelope looked around the room, “Hey, it’s the end of the rotation; Beau, Zach and I should all be heading off to college now.” Yeah, yeah, unimportant thingy. Whatever.
  105. 105. By 9PM Sunday, Kurt had managed to become a Rock God, thus unlocking: • Non-winter Seasons • Telescopes • Vacations • Art if I want, but I won’t use because Delilah needs her purpose
  106. 106. With his status as Rock God in place, Kurt and his father Joe lugged his electric guitar out onto the frozen ground and he began to play.
  107. 107. Power chord after power cord beamed from his speakers as his fingers strummed a rythem.
  108. 108. As the notes reached the sky, the flakes of toxic ash began to disappear and the stars were visible once more.
  109. 109. Kurt picked up his money jar and laughed, “I did it!” Music was lifted.
  110. 110. Hey boys and girls, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Yeah, I’m lazy when it comes to writing but the story is almost over. In game, I only have 11 more restrictions to unlock and 4 of them will be happening shortly. So, let’s meet the new characters: Diane (Hsu) Sanderson Knowledge – Become Media Magnate 5/3/7/3/7 – Intended for Natural Science Delilah Sanderson No Aspiration – No LTW 6/9/8/3/7 - Intended for Artist Restrictions Unlocked (Story-wise) So Far: Hopelessness, Law, Medical, Culinary, Politics, Slacker, Architecture, Military, Education, Athletic, Service Pet, Adventure and Music Game Play-wise (just add to the list): Natural Science, Life of Crime, Law Enforcement, Journalism and Alien Technology