The Sanderson Apocalypse - Chapter 4


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The story continues, generation four grows.

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The Sanderson Apocalypse - Chapter 4

  1. 1. The Sanderson Apocalypse – Chapter 4 Welcome back to another chapter of the Sanderson Apocalypse. With everything up to speed, it‟s time that we move forward into these hard times (well, not so hard anymore) and continue to rebuild society. In chapter 3, nothing much happened beyond the birth of several members of generation four and the eldest, Dawn, getting the ticket into the life of crime. So let‟s continue the story…
  2. 2. Nadia stood outside on the frozen ground. A chill went up her spine, but it was not from the cold. No, this was the chill of your final moments. Death was upon her. She was lucky. She had nothing left to accomplish before she was to pass on. No outstanding conversations she needed to have, no library books she needed to return (if there was a library these days). No, she was ready to move on to the next life.
  3. 3. “I guess no one is around to say goodbye to you, Nadia,” Death spoke in a rich bass tone. “Don‟t worry; we can make these last few moments special.” “There‟s no need, sir,” Nadia whimpered in Death‟s presence. “I did a horrible thing many years ago and there‟s no way that I can be forgiven for it. Just hurry it up and we can be on our way.”
  4. 4. Death sighed, “If you say so, Nadia. Come on girls, we have a few more souls to collect this evening.” Nadia Sanderson, second generation heiress, died at the age of 79. She was a romance/family sim who aspired to have twenty woohoos. That wasn‟t completed. Her personality was 5/5/7/2/7 and she unlocked culinary for us. Nadia, although you were kind of b***hy, you will be missed dearly.
  5. 5. Bruce ran down the stairs with Bianca not too far behind. “Grandpa, what‟s wrong?” Bianca asked timidly. “I… I think that your grandma may be d… dead.” Bianca looked around the ground level of the home and spotted a new glimmering grave marking the resting place of a romance sim. She bit her lip and held onto her grandfather‟s arm. “Grandpa, it‟s gonna be okay; it was her time and I‟m sure she was ready.” Bruce sniveled and looked down at his granddaughter, “You‟re a good girl, B.”
  6. 6. Dawn was the next to rush down the stairs where she found both her grandfather and younger sister in hysterics. “What happened, dudes,” she asked. Between sobs, Bianca responded, “Grandma died!”
  7. 7. By the time night rolled around, Joe and Katheleen were upstairs in their bedroom preparing to make baby number six. “You are the most beautiful woman I‟ve ever seen,” Joe flirted with his red-headed wife. Katheleen, although normally turned on by her husband‟s compliments, felt that something was amiss in their home. “Joe, can you wait a second; I‟m going to check on the twins.”
  8. 8. Katheleen ran downstairs to find that both Fiona and Lawrence were safely asleep in their cribs. “Alright, there‟s nothing wrong, Kat. You‟re just dealing with the shock of your mother‟s death, that‟s all.” Maybe it‟s time that I try and make contact, hmm? Katheleen… “Huh, who said that?” Shh… think your words rather than saying them; it‟s what screwed your grandma over all those years ago and caused the fallout between her and your mother…
  9. 9. “Alright, how did you know that?” Simple, my dear… I am your creator…. Oooooooohhh… “Why are you trying to sound like a ghost?” I dunno, it seemed cool at the time. Anyways, now that the previous leader of the family, your mother, has passed away, I can now talk to you. Yay!
  10. 10. Katheleen began to gush. “Why couldn‟t you talk to me before? Why can‟t you talk to anyone else?” Well, when the apocalypse hit, my power to communicate with you guys became limited. Only those who lead the family had enough power within themselves to be able to communicate with me, but that power becomes zero once they hit elderhood. I couldn‟t talk to you before this because you weren‟t fully into power yet. Only once the previous heir leaves this world can they pass on their power.
  11. 11. “That‟s really cool. So, what are you supposed to do when you talk to me?” Mainly just guide you and explain what your next step should be. To be frank, you‟ve done a good job at figuring that out on your own. “So what should I do next?”
  12. 12. Hold a family meeting and figure out what‟s next on your list of parts of society to rebuild. You‟d be surprised at what you‟re daughters have been up to. “Can do.” “Everybody downstairs, it‟s breakfast time!” Katheleen shouted from the nursery.
  13. 13. Once everyone had grabbed themselves an omelet, Katheleen began to speak up. “Alright, guys. So far our family has been able to fix many things, but with the rebuilding of the education and military institutions, I feel that we need to strategize our next steps.”
  14. 14. Dawn cleared her throat once she had finished gobbling up her breakfast, “I‟ve got an idea.”
  15. 15. “Go ahead, honey.”
  16. 16. “Well, it may interest you dudes to know that I have a bit of an in with the local mafia. I befriended the leader‟s son and he says that I could totally become a criminal if I wanted to. If I can master that job, I would make sure that our family doesn‟t have to pay the protection moolah anymore and we could be able to buy stuff that isn‟t so craptacular.”
  17. 17. “That‟s wonderful, Dawn; just be careful when you work on that. So the life of crime is part of our next step.” Katheleen paused and look over at her next daughter, “Do you have any ideas, B?”
  18. 18. Bianca finished her omelet before she spoke, “You know those weird objects we have way upstairs?” Everyone nodded. “Well, I want us to be able to use them. I heard that there‟s an old stone called the Unga-Nunga that can power them back up. If I can become a space pirate, I‟m sure that I‟ll be able to retrieve the stone on one of my voyages.”
  19. 19. Bianca continued to speak, “So mom, you don‟t have to worry about strategy; Dawn and I have this under control.” “Totally under control, dude.”
  20. 20. Once breakfast was over, Katheleen took Kurt out of his crib and began to play peek-a-boo with him. “Oh Kurt, I hope you figure out what you want to rebuild, too.”
  21. 21. “Sing, momma. Kurt wanna sing!”
  22. 22. Once the sun broke through the horizon, the two eldest girls of the fourth generation waited eagerly for the bus to arrive that would take them to school. “So you want to be a space pirate, huh?” Dawn gestured at Bianca, “I didn‟t think you‟d have it in you.” “What does that mean?”
  23. 23. “Well, B, it‟s like, sometimes you are totally bland and plain; being a space pirate requires having a big personality.” “Like you?” “Yeah, someone like me.”
  24. 24. “Dawn, it doesn‟t take a personality to be something. It takes drive and passion. I want to be a space pirate because I want to be able to use those strange objects the adults keep bringing home. I don‟t need to be loud and obnoxious to do that.” “Dude, big words…”
  25. 25. Life continued its progression in the apocalypse homestead and, on one rather cold morning, Joe walked outside to find a stray cat wandering through the snow. “Well, aren‟t you just precious,” he grinned down at the furry thing. “Mew.”
  26. 26. Joe looked into the cat‟s eyes and his heart melted. “Hey little guy, we have a lot of food in our house and I‟m sure we can find you a spare pillow to sleep on. It isn‟t much, but you look like you could use a good home.” “Mew.”
  27. 27. The cat jumped into Joe‟s arms and he held the small creature close to his heart, “I‟m going to call you Moonshine.”
  28. 28. Moonshine quickly became a beloved pet to the Sandersons and Joe managed to find him a job in Pet Service. “Joe, did you adopt a stray cat?” Katheleen giggled as she saw her husband trying to shake Moonshine‟s paw. “Yes, your point?” “It‟s just so cute of you.”
  29. 29. Time progressed even further and it was then time for the birthdays of Fiona, Lawrence and Kurt. The twins were up first due to their young age.
  30. 30. Lawrence managed to find a way to sport dreadlocks during the apocalypse. I managed to want another child to be born in this generation to lift Show Business… not that those two things have any correlation.
  31. 31. Fiona found herself in the same hair that was worn by her aunt and her grandmother. I don‟t think that, at any point, I will ever be rid of it.
  32. 32. As for Kurt, well, let‟s just say that I can deal with it. It isn‟t the worst hair Maxis ever made. Either way, all three children managed to continue being adorable.
  33. 33. By midnight, the house was visited by a ghost of a generation past. Specifically, Ethan decided to come and wear a llama suit while he haunted. I‟d be scared, too.
  34. 34. Once everything in the house had settled down, Dawn took the time to get to know her baby brother a bit more. “So, dude, one of us is going to be the heir to the family, you know?” “Yes.” “And it‟s probably you since I‟ve got a plan to work on to complete my future career as a criminal.”
  35. 35. “Uh, Dawn, why can‟t it be Bianca who‟s the heir? Or Lawrence? Or Fiona? Why does it have to be either you or I?”
  36. 36. “Dude, chillax. It doesn‟t need to be either of us, it‟s just that mom said that you seemed to know what you wanted to do to rebuild society since you were in diapers and that shows some leadership. No biggie.”
  37. 37. “So I want to be a singer, how does that make me the heir?” “Because mom said to me once that the heir chooses themselves. Grandma did it, mom did it and both you and I seem to be doing it. I‟m a good leader, but I really don‟t want to lead the family. And besides, the heir seems to always do the important stuff like bring law or food or education back. Bringing back music and blowing away all that toxic ash would be pretty kick ass; we wouldn‟t be freezing our butts off when we go outside.” “Whatever, Dawn. I‟ll just do what I have to do.”
  38. 38. “Yeesh, it‟s not like heirship should actually matter. I mean, sure, it‟s neat and all, but we need to actually focus now that we have a chance at a good education. This isn‟t about getting even with the mob or getting to play with neat toys; it‟s about fixing the world.”
  39. 39. So while Kurt muttered to himself about the prospect of him being the heir, a small black-haired ballerina by the name of Nicole Sanderson hopped off the bus. “Wait for me, cousin.” Nicole is the daughter of General Christine Sanderson and her wife Marie Maaza.
  40. 40. Once the weekend rolled around, it was time for the family to celebrate the birthday of their eldest child. A cake had been placed next to the old typewriter for Dawn as she prepared to enter her teenage years.
  41. 41. Dawn managed to grow up into a very fitting outfit and aspiration. She is a Pleasure/Fortune Sim who wants $100 000.
  42. 42. Time continued to pass and Joe continued his progress with Moonshine at unlocking the Pet Service career. Within a few years, Moonshine was already within a single promotion range for being a Rescue Pet.
  43. 43. Dawn began to spend some of her time dotting on her younger siblings. “Now, Fi, your big sister may do some things that she won‟t be proud of, but it‟s all to help in the family‟s mission, okay?” “Dawn give good tickles!”
  44. 44. “I love, Dawn!” “I love you, too, kiddo.”
  45. 45. The twins‟ birthday came not too long after Dawn‟s. Both Lawrence and Fiona managed to find clothing that somewhat matched themselves.
  46. 46. Meanwhile… “Dawn, you‟re beautiful…” “Oh, Joey, that‟s so sweet of you,” Dawn grimaced as she spoke.
  47. 47. “Come on, babe; let‟s make out.” “Joey, wait, I have a better idea.”
  48. 48. “What?” “Show me your dad‟s office.” “Why?” “Well, if I‟m going to work for him, I might as well get acquainted with headquarters, right?” “Sure, sure… and then we make out, right?” “Of course.”
  49. 49. Joseph “Joey” Comb II led his apocalypse spare girlfriend up the stairs to his father‟s dreary office. The walls were bare and the only colour came from the yellow staircase and the paint splatters on the desk. “So, this is it. There‟s not much to see, Dawn.” Dawn laughed at her boyfriend, “Just sit down in your dad‟s chair.” “Okay… why?”
  50. 50. “Just imagine, for a single moment, that you‟re in your father‟s position as the head of the mafia; the official Joey Comb.” “Aw, Dawn, that life isn‟t what I truly want, ya know?” “It isn‟t?”
  51. 51. “Nah, babe; I want to be a family man. But not the kind my dad is. With so many job opportunities available, I could be anything that I wanted to be.” “So who‟s taking over for your father?”
  52. 52. “Well, to be honest, he‟s always had his eye on your.” Dawn took Joey by the arm and pulled him into a kiss. “Joey, we can make out now, if you still want to.” “Nah, this is just as good.”
  53. 53. Back at home… “Oh Moonshine, what have I done? I‟m actually going to have to marry that slimy creep.” “Mew…” “You‟re right; I need to stand my ground. If I want to rebuild the life of crime, I need to be a stronger woman.” “Mew.” “You give the best advice, Moony!”
  54. 54. Bianca‟s birthday came up next in the family. Once she hit her teenage years, she rolled Popularity with a lifetime want of being a Media Maganate. I know you can‟t hear me, B, but that won‟t be happening… at least not for you.
  55. 55. “I‟m flattered that you asked for my help, Dawn,” Matthew Sanderson said to his first-cousin-once-removed, “but, what do you need?” Dawn sighed, “Matt, once we head off to college, I‟m going to need you to keep me level-headed as I continue to date that Joey kid.” “Why?”
  56. 56. “This must be a serious issue since you aren‟t using the word „totally‟.” “It totally is serious, dude, but I still need you to watch out for me, okay?” “Sure thing.”
  57. 57. Within a day or so, Moonshine managed to reach the top of the Pet Service career thus…
  58. 58. Allowing me to control elders! It also finally gives me the ability to talk to my Sims. Technically, they can hear me now when I speak normally rather than transmit thoughts to the family leader so enjoy some awkward moments in the next couple of chapters.
  59. 59. Hey Joe! “Wha-what? Who‟s there?” Silly fortune Sim, I‟ll explain later. “I demand closure!”
  60. 60. Bianca! Dawn! “B, did you hear someone shout our names?” “Yeah.”
  61. 61. Hey guys. “Dawn, do you recognize that voice.” “Nope.” I‟m the creator. “B, when did we go crazy?”
  62. 62. Hey, Katheleen, the line between creator and sim is open once again. I want you to explain everything to your family because I‟m lazy. “Wait, how-“ No time to explain, Kat :-P
  63. 63. Kurt, my next heir! “Voice-dude, I need to finish this homework before my birthday, so can you please calm yourself down.” I- okay, wait, why aren‟t you scared? “I‟ll explain later.”
  64. 64. Will you explain it to me now, Kurt? “No.” “Kurt, buddy, the scary voice is talking to you, why don‟t you reply to him?” “Because there‟s cake and I get to have the tingly weird growing up feeling.”
  65. 65. Now? “Just tell everyone my aspiration like you always do and then we can talk.” Okay- wait, wha-
  66. 66. Kurt Sanderson rolled knowledge and his lifetime want is to be an education minister. Too bad his mother already lifted that and yadda, yadda, yadda, now can we talk? “Upstairs.”
  67. 67. “So…” Don‟t „so…‟ me, mister. Explain yourself. “Isn‟t it obvious, creator?”
  68. 68. Isn‟t what obvious? “That I‟ve been self-aware this entire time and have been able to hear you. I mean, ever since I was a baby, I could hear you. I just never bothered talking to you because you seem like a really boring jackass.” Alright, but why could you hear me before? “Maybe it has something to do with declaring me the heir before my mother was even in the position. When I was in the womb, I think I may have gotten a dose of her power because I was already an heir connected to the source.” So, you‟re like a superbaby?
  69. 69. “I dunno.” Alright, if you have been able to hear me, what are my plans for you? “You want me to lift music, marry someone who will lift natural science and eventually have an alien baby.” Any problems with that? “No.” Good.
  70. 70. As time continued to slip by, the eldest two members of generation four began to plan out their college years. “I can‟t wait for Tuesday, B. I get to call up the college while those nerds take a stellar break from their online games.” “Yeah, I can‟t wait either.” “Why?”
  71. 71. “Well, I‟ve decided to go with you. The next time those nerds take a break, Kurt will be heading for college, too and then I‟d be further behind in preparing to be a space pirate.” “Well, hopefully the house we‟re staying in will have enough room.” “It‟s equipped for 10 people.” “Then hurry up and we can make the call, B!”
  72. 72. So after making their calls for scholarships and applications…
  73. 73. …and once they had boarded their cabs…
  74. 74. …the girls found themselves in college.
  75. 75. The above is the place that they moved into along with their first- cousins-once removed, Charles and Matthew.
  76. 76. Elsewhere… “You know, Joe; with the girls in college already, we have lots of time before we become elders. What do you think about having another child?” “Sounds fun, let‟s do it.”
  77. 77. Apocalypse life continued and our heir Kurt was working hard toward having the right skills for the music career. “Hey, as long as I‟m prepared and can find the perfect wife for natural science when I‟m in college, I‟ll do a fine job as heir.”
  78. 78. Bruce, who I completely forgot about throughout this entire chapter until just now, passed away years after his wife, Nadia.
  79. 79. It seems strange. Women in this family tend to die outside while the men remain inside. Oh well, what can I do about it until Paranormal is lifted.
  80. 80. The only one that seemed to actually care still about Bruce was Moonshine. “Mew.” Yes, you are a good pet, aren‟t you, Moony?
  81. 81. Shortly into the week, Katheleen began to show signs of her fifth pregnancy and sixth child. “Fi, are we ever going to be focused on in the story?” “Maybe you will, Lawrence.” “Works for me.”
  82. 82. Fiona and Lawrence managed to grow up into adolescence as a Popularity (Fi) and Family (Lawrence) sim duo. Fiona wants to be a Celebrity Chef, but I‟m having her lift Journalism instead while Lawrence wants to be a Celebrity Chef, but is instead going for Law Enforcement. These two really are twins no matter what, aren‟t they?
  83. 83. I manage to cut a few more pictures in order to skip ahead to the birth of child #6! “Damn you, creator!” Kat, this was your choice.
  84. 84. So meet child #6, Beau Sanderson. His purpose in life is to unlock Show Business for me. He has a mixed skin tone and his father‟s hair and eyes.
  85. 85. And here is child #7, Penelope Sanderson. With her mother‟s skintone and eyes, she has her father‟s hair and will be lifting Business for me.
  86. 86. And last, but not least, is Zachary Sanderson. Mixed skin tone, father‟s hair and eyes. Zach here is going to be lifting Science. Yes, triplets. I downloaded the hack at SimBology and pressed original for Katheleen. This is both a blessing and a curse. It‟s a blessing because I get to unlock three more restrictions, but a curse because I have to raise three extra kids this generation. THE END….
  87. 87. Anyways, here are the updated stats for the family after this chapter: Beau Sanderson Romance – Twenty Lovers 10/10/9/3/1 – Intended for Show Business Penelope Sanderson Fortune – Criminal Mastermind 7/5/8/3/2 – Intended for Business Zachary Sanderson Knowledge – Mad Scientist 6/5/8/3/3 – Intended for Science And the lifts that have been completed: Hopelessness, Law, Medical, Culinary, Architecture, Politics, Slacker, Military, Education, Athletic, Pet Service. Add the future lifted restrictions by generation four and I only will have 9 slots to fill. I‟m going to finish with the seventh generation at most :-P So, see you later. PS – In game, I‟m already playing generation 5 :D