S3L - Chapter 5


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Chapter 5 of S3L. Heirship is finally put in the rightful hands.

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S3L - Chapter 5

  1. 1. S3L – Chapter 5 Generations 2, 3 and 4
  2. 2. Recapping what happened last time, founder Ajay Legacy further declared that he only wanted a boy carrying the title of heir throughout the legacy thus forcing the only eligible male of the generation, Steven Legacy, into the title and preventing the willing child, Sophie Legacy, from receiving what she equally deserved. Steven, not wanting to be burdened by the title, tried to find a way out of the position only to be told time and time again by Ajay that he was being forced to fill it. In the end, with the help of his newest sibling Penelope “Penny” Legacy, he found a way out of heirship that would make it possible for Sophie to take over. After successfully finding a way to give heirship to Sophie, Steven found out that his newlywed wife is pregnant with his child.
  3. 3. After returning home, Steven found his teenaged sister, Sophie, in the living room. He knew she was waiting for him to tell her the news. He could feel the tension from her. He gulped, “Soph..it’s done. You’re going to be the heir.” She raised her eyebrow and a small grin appeared on her face. Steven could help but smile back.
  4. 4. Steven pulled out Pangu’s Axe and hung it back up on the wall, “I guess this is yours now. Or, it was all along.” As soon as Steven said that, the room seemed… calmer. It was as if, when the axe was in the possession of its rightful owner, everything seemed much better. As if it was somehow protecting them. But Steven could still feel the darkness he felt when he first encountered the mummy in the tomb. It was if he was at peace with the fact that his death wouldn’t be in vein.
  5. 5. Once he said his last goodbyes to his family, Steven stood in the entrance hall of the legacy house and felt the darkness grow. It felt as though a claw was ripping into his soul and pulling out all of his energy. He knew what was going to happen, and he was ready. Steven’s eyes stared at the ground. He swallowed what he expected was his last breath.
  6. 6. Steven didn’t feel as though his body was sinking to the floor. It was as if his body was like a coat that slide off of his soul. It felt like freedom. He finally was liberated from the prospect of heirship. His promise to Sophie was completed. And he was finally happy.
  7. 7. “ Steven?” Dusty Bachelor Legacy, his mother, cried as she ran into the house from her morning gardening, “Steven, honey? STEVEN?!” Dusty examined her lifeless son. Tears were streaming down her face, “EVERYONE GET DOWN HERE NOW!”
  8. 8. “ Sophie…” Steven trailed off, “I need to tell you something.” “ What?” “ I love you, Soph.” “ I love you, too, Steven.”
  9. 9. The sight of the Grim Reaper indicated it all. Steven was dead. They would never be able to bring him back as a whole human. No one knew how. Steven was gone forever. The family began to gather in the entrance hall one by one, seeing the sight of a dead son and brother.
  10. 10. All but one sim decided to pay their last respects to Steven as he was taken away with the Reaper. Janny Kinsey Legacy had found herself outside of the house, not a care in the world. She did realize that her husband was dead, but she didn’t care. She could move on easily. Besides, these people wouldn’t let their pregnant daughter-in-law live on her own… would they?
  11. 11. Avery Legacy stared down at the grave of his only son. He felt a void inside of his heart. It was as though someone had ripped a part of him from his soul. “ Daddy, are you going to be okay?” Sophie asked. “ I… Sophie, daddy just needs a minute to take this in.”
  12. 12. Sophie glared at Janny from a distance. She looked at the woman reading peacefully in her living room. One description came into her mind when it came to Janny: lazy bitch. Janny’s presence was uncomfortable and unwanted. She didn’t belong here. Sophie was sure that everyone else in the family felt it, too.
  13. 13. “ Penny,” Avery called after his youngest daughter, “Don’t you want to have dinner with the rest of us?” “ No daddy, it’s going to be awkward and I don’t want to witness it!” Everyone had gotten used to the fact that Penny Legacy seemed to be able to predict the future without even being aware of what she was doing. Everyone except for Janny. “ What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Janny asked angrily, “Dusty, this food is crap. I’m pregnant with your first grandbaby, shouldn’t you all be pampering me to make sure that it’s healthy?!”
  14. 14. “ Excuse me,” said Dusty as she left the dining room to go into the kitchen to keep Penny company. Sophie looked at Avery, “Sophie, please don’t say anything.”
  15. 15. But that wasn’t going to stop Sophie from confronting Janny, “Listen, we need to talk.” Janny smiled and began to chatter away, “Oh, wonderful. Listen Sophie, I know that you think that you’re going to be the heir now so I think it should be you that I talk to. First of all, you need to have someone who can actually cook. Second of all-” Sophie interrupted her, “Just stop it, Janny.”
  16. 16. “ Excuse me?” “ Stop whining, Janny. You aren’t welcome here.” “ I’m with child.” “ We can give you the money to get your own house, but you’ll have to provide for yourself from there.”
  17. 17. “ But I’m pregnant with your brother’s child. Don’t you love your brother?” “ Yes, but you obviously don’t. He would have never wanted to be used as a scapegoat for some lazy bitch like you.” “ How dare you!”
  18. 18. In a short second, Janny was transported to the locked warehouse on the outskirts of the lot. It was dark and barren. “ Hello?” she asked to an empty room. “Can anyone here me?”
  19. 19. As soon as she realized that she was alone, Janny screamed out, “HELP!”
  20. 20. Janny’s pregnancy progressed inside the warehouse. She had no contact with the outside world. It was a miracle that she was surviving without food. It was like something wanted her baby to be protected and to live.
  21. 21. Sophie was able to maximize her martial arts skill in peace before she reached young adulthood.
  22. 22. Sophie grew up into the Green Thumb trait. This makes her a Good, Disciplined, Kleptomaniac, Genius, Green Thumb.
  23. 23. As for Penelope Legacy, she developed the Loves the Outdoors trait. So far, she is a Clumsy, Loner, Absent-Minded, sim who Loves the Outdoors.
  24. 25. Now as a young adult and as the heir, Sophie had many choices that she had to make. The one that she concerned herself about the most was finding a suitable spouse to help her carry on the Legacy title. But she didn’t want just any spouse. She wanted someone who would take good care of their future children. Someone who could provide for the family.
  25. 26. She then remembered her neighbours, River (formerly McIrish) and Connor Frio, had two adult sons and a teenaged daughter that lived with them. The morning after her transition, she visited the family and explained the case to River. She was glad to introduce her sons to Sophie. “ Honey, this is a wonderful idea. But, my son, Shawn, may not be the best choice for you. My eldest son, Shan, he’s a very ambitious man. He works in the local hospital with your sister Scarlett and her husband Emil. You’ve probably heard of him.” Sophie couldn’t say that she had, but she did like the prospect of Shan being ambitious.
  26. 27. Luckily for Sophie, Shan wasn’t the son in the Capri pants. Shan rushed down the stairs, hurrying to meet the woman that walked in the door. “ Hey mom, who’s this?” he asked anxiously, “Isn’t she that Legacy girl that lives across the street?” Sophie smiled and nodded. She looked over at River who was beaming with pride. Neither of her sons had ever had a girlfriend in their life which had made the prospect of grandchildren almost inconceivable for her. But now, in this moment, she had a little bit of hope. Shan reached out his hand, “Nice to meet you… uh, what’s your name again?” “ Sophie Legacy.”
  27. 28. Sophie didn’t consider herself to be ‘easy’, but she couldn’t help but feel like everything romantic she did with Shan Frio was the right thing. It was a match made in heaven. She soon learned that both of them had high IQs and enjoyed outdoor activities. He was one of the nicest men she had met in her life. Well, having a grandpa like Ajay didn’t really give her much of a standard to look by :-P
  28. 29. It didn’t take long for the two to share their first kiss with one another. They knew only one word could describe their feelings for each other: love.
  29. 30. Meanwhile, a certain someone was getting just what they deserved… “ ARRRRGGGGHHH!” Janny cried out from inside the warehouse, “THIS ISN”T FAIR!”
  30. 31. “ Did you hear something?” asked Shan as he heard the screams of Janny without knowing what it was, “I think it’s coming from your house.” Sophie shrugged, “Listen, Shan. I need to ask you something. Will… will you…” Sophie got on one knee, “Will you marry me?” A giant grin appeared on Shan’s face, “I… YES!”
  31. 33. Everything happened in a matter of seconds. Janny had given birth to a son, a feat that had drained her of her last bits of energy thus killing her. Shan and Sophie were married making themselves the official generation three couple. The warehouse door opened as someone came in.
  32. 34. The soul of Janny Legacy rose as Shan and Sophie entered the warehouse. Even her soul looked weakened. Sophie could feel Grim look at her and could sense what he was trying to say to her. The boy on the floor was now her son. Janny’s soul seemed to sense this, too. She smiled at Sophie and mouthed, “Thank you.”
  33. 35. Sophie picked up the little boy. He began to hug her by putting his tiny arms around her neck. Sophie giggled, “I think I’m going to name you Owen.” So little Owen Legacy was born. Owen is a brave couch potato. The game chose those traits for him because of his mother’s horrid pregnancy.
  34. 36. The official couple of generation three began their work at making their own child. Despite Owen being a direct descendant of our founder, Ajay, he was not eligible for heirship because his biological father was Steven. So Sophie and Shan needed their own children to take on the responsibilities of heirship. Luckily, they were very successful in conceiving their firstborn child.
  35. 37. Shan received a makeover and I realized that, I as the writer, forgot to tell you his traits. He’s an excitable, frugal genius who loves the outdoors and is a mooch.
  36. 38. Time passed by in the Legacy household and soon it was time for Owen’s transition into toddlerhood. Unfortunately for the family…
  37. 39. … they had an unexpected guest.
  38. 40. Owen grew up into a cute little man with his mother’s hair colour. His facial features were a blend of both of his parents. Even his traits were a blend of his parents. Both were brave people and it seemed as though he had inherited that.
  39. 41. “ Bleh!” the ghost of Ajay shouted out at Dusty, “Miss me?” Dusty refrained from screaming. Instead, she called Sophie into the room. This was not something she felt that she could deal with.
  40. 42. Dusty whispered to Sophie when she walked in, “Just deal with the asshole, Sophie.” Sophie nodded and Dusty walked to the side the room. Sophie was left alone to confront Ajay.
  41. 43. “ Well, well, well,” Ajay began, “Little Sophie. Looks like someone is putting on the weight. I never would have thought that my female descendents would let themselves go like that bitch, Emma Hatch.” “ Grandpa, I’m pregnant.” Ajay looked unimpressed, “If you’re pregnant, than why are you still living here?”
  42. 44. Sophie cleared her throat, “Because I’m the heir.” Ajay shook his head, “No. You aren’t. Steven is the heir.”
  43. 45. “ Grandpa, Steven is dead!” Sophie screamed, “We all decided that I was next in line to be the heir before he died!” “ And I suppose that the brown haired boy on the floor is your bastard son?”
  44. 46. Sophie gulped, “And let’s say that Owen IS my son.” Ajay started laughing hysterically, “Being dead gives you some advantages. For one, I know that he’s the son of Janny and Steven because I’ve TALKED to Janny. Steven, for some reason, doesn’t want to talk to me. Janny has told me that Grim put you in charge of Owen, but that doesn’t make him any less of Steven’s son. That makes him the rightful heir now.”
  45. 47. “ What?” Sophie asked angrily, “Steven didn’t want to be the heir.” “ But what about Owen? Have you even asked him if he wants to be the heir? Surely he’d love it. I’ll admit that I think that Steven was weak, but Owen will be stronger.” “ You just don’t get it, do you?” “ Get what?”
  46. 48. “ Your sexist views aren’t going to hold in this legacy anymore. What my dad and mom only had Scarlett, Penny and I? What would have happened?” “ I would have ended the legacy. And luckily, Steven was born and conceived Owen before he died. So you see, I will always have a male heir continue the legacy.” Sophie breathed in, “What if Owen only has daughters.” “ Then the legacy ends.” Ajay left.
  47. 49. Ajay floated outside to find the ghost of Janny. He began to follow her until she said, “So, did you convince them that my son is mean to be the heir?” “ No, I don’t think so. But, we can always influence the boy while he’s still developing mentally. If we were to be able to put the thought in his head that he is the heir, then he will usurp whichever of Sophie’s future children she intends to put in that position.” Janny smiled, “So we still have work to do?” “ Yes.”
  48. 50. Life went on in the legacy household. Owen learned to speak, but showed no sign of wanting to be the heir yet. Steven’s ghost returned to visit his son and witness the birthday of his father, Avery. Steven was happy to also see his sister in the position of heir.
  49. 51. Once Avery was an elder, it was time for Sophie to go into labour. After several hours, she gave birth to a son whom she named Luke Legacy. In his first few moments of life, Luke seemed to be a grumpy little baby, but also quite friendly.
  50. 52. So that ends the chapter. I have the images to write chapter 6, but adding it all to this would make this way too long. So yeah, I hope you’re happy. Chapter 6 and the future chapter 7 are going to deal with the final bits on this plot. Also, this will be the only generation that has an heir poll. So if you want to vote, the option will be coming up shortly. Au revoir et je te verrai à Boolprop!