New Beginnings - Chapter 1


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A new start to a game, a new legacy makes the claim.

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New Beginnings - Chapter 1

  1. 1. The newest Sims project by Reggie.
  2. 2. “Mom, how much did you give him?” a young male voice echoed throughout the chamber. „Mom‟ pressed her index finger to her lips, “Hush TM1,” her voice was low, “He must awake on his own.”
  3. 3. The boy began to stir on the sofa. The woman known as „Mom‟ looked down at him, her gaze transfixed on his youth. She sighed, “To think that this- this boy held power over the universe.”
  4. 4. He pushed himself up and rubbed his eyes groggily, “Where the hell am I?”
  5. 5. „Mom‟ began to laugh, “Child, take a guess.” The boy looked around the room; the walls and floors were made from pixels as was the women in front of him and the people that surrounded him. He looked down at his hands- they too were pixels. “I- I‟m in the Sims 2?” he asked despite knowing his answer to be correct. “Yes child, and as for why-“
  6. 6. “Listen lady, I don‟t know who you are but I run the show around here. My computer, my game, my rules.” Both parties scowled, “You little brat!” she barked, “I am AF1, first selection of adult CAS women, and I will not tolerate this kind of rudeness.”
  7. 7. She continued, “You are here concerning your treatment of your sims. Ever since you installed the game, you have lacked compassion for all those under your rule. You treat our lives like a toy rather than the way a humble god should and for that, we are punishing you.” “Whoa, what?” “You will be left with the bare minimum, having to learn to play the game over from the beginning. All neighbourhoods must be played equally and fairly allowing for the happiness of all. Further more, you will earn the rights to expansion packs and stuff packs as you do so.”
  8. 8. “You will also be playing a legacy in Veronaville to document for your peers the rehabilitation of yourself as a simmer.” “What if I refuse?” She said nothing. “That‟s it, I‟m gone.”
  9. 9. She began to smile, “The shame of wasting 6 years of your life playing a game for nothing will haunt your until your real death.” The boy began to crack up, “W-waste? I didn‟t waste my life; I still have friends and-“ “You could have had even more if you spent time away from all of us.” “I-I‟ll do it.” “Good.”
  10. 10. “TM1,” she called out to the brown-haired boy, “introduce everyone to our guest.” “Yes, mom.”
  11. 11. “The guy at the computer is my dad, AM1. He‟s the first adult male that you can choose in CAS like my mother being the first adult female you could choose.”
  12. 12. “The blond girl is TF1, like everyone else her name implies her CAS status.”
  13. 13. “The red-headed woman is your surrogate mother while you stay here, EF8. She was formally an elder, the eighth in the CAS bin, but was aged down and given AF8‟s clothing to care for you.”
  14. 14. “So…,” the blond boy began, “if you are TM1 then…” “First guy you can pick from the teenage guy CAS bin.” “I knew you all looked familiar.”
  15. 15. TM1 cleared his throat, “So then, are you ready to start this challenge?” “Why not?” “Sit your butt down at the computer and start playing.”
  16. 16. And so it began…
  17. 17. Initializing Status Name: Jon Eric Legacy Aspiration: Family Personality: Libra, 2/6/3/5/9 Life Initialized Hello, Jon Eric. Can you hear me? “Loud and clear, sir!” Please don‟t call me that. Are you ready for your life to begin? “Sure am.” All right; here we go with another shot for a legacy. As a note, I‟ll be grouping photos together that follow suit to save on reading time. Most are self-explanatory.
  18. 18. In terms of a job, Jon Eric took the most common founder career: Military.
  19. 19. Out of the members of the welcome wagon, Regina Tsvirnikov was the one that caught JE‟s eye. She seemed like a very classy woman, what with her Marge Simpson- esque dress and traditional hairstyle.
  20. 20. However, as we should all have learned by now, never judge a book by it‟s cover. Initializing Control over Regina Status Aspiration: Romance Personality: Libra, 2/8/2/6/7 Career: Military As we can see, she‟s a type-A romance sim; she won‟t like popping out kids and, once Nightlife is installed for raising generation three, these two will be boltless.
  21. 21. I really do feel that Regina will make for a good genetic donor for this family. I gave her a make-over to seem less, well, „traditional‟. The hat may not work with everything, but darn it I tried!
  22. 22. As an added note, to comply with the CAS sims who are holding me prisoner, I can only buy objects that my sims want to have. Regina wanted a bar and a double bed so they were bought. Strategy time: get a fortune sim to be the heir.
  23. 23. The first baby born to the family is little Jane Erica Legacy… Control Initialized Personality: Aquarius, 5/6/3/8/9 Yes, her name is Jane Erica. All of the children will be named after their parents or other possible ancestors in a dynasty effect. If one sim has no other possible names to take, they will be named Baby or Junior.
  24. 24. Jane Erica‟s infancy was spent with updates to the house and the news that she would be a big sister. Yes, she did get a make-over thanks to the ancient CC object known as the toddler mirror. I forgot who created it, but thank you so much. I can‟t stand the Maxis defaults given to my babies.
  25. 25. “Aaaaaaaarrrrrggghhh!” Baby time?
  26. 26. Meet the second member of the second generation, Reginald Legacy. Control Initialized Status Personality: Libra, 4/8/3/6/7 Yes, he is named after Regina… and myself. Conceited? Yes!
  27. 27. Jane Erica definitely is one cute kid. Just look at her as a toddler with the mirror! Adorable? Yes!
  28. 28. As I hope you can tell from this picture, both Jane Erica and Reginald received make-overs to better enhance their cuteness. This is a really good beginning to the second generation.
  29. 29. But alas, it is only the beginning. One more child is on the way.
  30. 30. Meet the final member of generation two, Baby Legacy. Control Initialized Status Personality: Virgo, 10/6/3/3/7 As I said earlier, Baby and Junior are the names given to kids who have no possible other names. Baby could not be named after anyone less confusion be caused so that‟s how she came into such etymology.
  31. 31. “I can‟t believe Ms Applefulton gave me a C+ on that project!” Janey, it‟ll be okay! “No, I have to get better!”
  32. 32. “Must!”
  33. 33. “BE!”
  34. 34. *thud* “The…”
  35. 35. “BEST!!”
  36. 36. Life went on, parents got closer, Janey did better in school, Reginald and Baby grew up… “I want a puppy for my birthday.” I can‟t install the Pets EP until generation five grows up. “Aw, man!”
  37. 37. Reginald is officially the best big brother any sim of mine has ever had. Just look at Baby‟s reaction!
  38. 38. As life continued, both Janey and Baby grew up into their next forms. Janey rolled Fortune (yes!), but I doubt she‟ll be the heir. My heart is currently set on Reginald just because of how he treats his little sister. Then again, we still have some more time in this generation to see what happens…
  39. 39. “Good thing I said I wanted a telescope.” Good girl, one point to Baby for wanting an alien maker.
  40. 40. Janey‟s reputation in high school was going up. After befriending some girl and flirting with Amar Larrea, she was on top of the world- or so she thought. “I‟m so, so sorry, Amar.” “No, no, it isn‟t you; I just wasn‟t ready.” “Really?” “Yeah.”
  41. 41. “Surprise, I‟m a knowledge sim!” If I declare you as the heir, you better get friendly with that telescope. “Yes, sir.”
  42. 42. “He… he dumped me…” Aw, muffin!
  43. 43. “Janey, it‟s okay; Amar was a jerk. You can do so much better.” “I suddenly feel better.” “Good, now can you do your own homework from now on?” “I didn‟t even know I had any.”
  44. 44. “Popularity…” Yes, little Baby rolled popularity as her aspiration. Well, pre-rolled since I determined this a while ago. I just didn‟t get around to this part until I was done my first rotation of Strangetown.
  45. 45. This is the final version of Jane Erica that you will see in a legacy chapter (well, update thing) as she is not the heir. As we can see, she has in fact inherited her mother‟s mouth and does look quite pretty.
  46. 46. Regina, as it turns out, has a glitched face which explains why none of her features seem to manifest themselves in her children. Just my luck.
  47. 47. As for Jon Eric, well, here‟s my founder in his old age. Thank you JE for helping me start this legacy. “No problem.”
  48. 48. “So Janey, if you aren‟t the heir, then who is?” “Well, I always assumed it would be you, Reginald.” “Me?” “Yes, you. You are the closest that this generation has to a family sim so it might as well be.”
  49. 49. *shock face* Yes, Reginald is the heir. I want him to have alien babies… or at least for him to have a couple of offspring that make up generation three. Whatever.
  50. 50. Yes, Jane Erica still is going to marry Amar Larrea despite his being a total jerk. I figured it was the least I could do for him. Besides, I still have yet to finish my Veronaville rotation (only started the Summerdreams…oops). This concludes the first chapter. I still have three more rotations in Strangetown to complete as well as the initial plus regulatory four rotations in Veronaville. Next time this updates, Reginald will take his place as the heir.