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design cycle by raymond tycangco


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Published in: Education
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design cycle by raymond tycangco

  1. 1. Design Cycle Computer project 4th Quarter by: Raymond Tycangco
  2. 2. Design CycleThe design cycle consists of 4 or 5 stages. The stages guides people in almost every project. The Design cycle starts with an INVESTIGATION and follows with PLAN, DESIGN, CREATE and then EVALUATE. Today, I will be talking about these cycles and an example of how I used this cycle to finish a project.
  3. 3. Design CycleInvestigate - This stage would identify the problem and gather information on how to solve itDesign - This stage would make designs and evaluate the best designPlan - This stage will modify and finalize the design and show a step-by-step plan on how to do the taskCreate - This stage will follow the best plan and start to work and create the projectEvaluate - Comments from viewers
  4. 4. Mythbusters ProjectToday, I will be talking about our Mythbusters project and how we made it successful. We had made mistakes but because of our teamwork and our determination in finishing the task, we accomplished the project and got a good grade from it.
  5. 5. Investigate During our mythbusters project, we had a hard time in a lot of things. Some of them include:• lack of time• lack of materials• no quiet place to go toWe solved the first and third problem by spending some of our Saturday time filming the project. It was hard but all of the members were able to go there. It was nice filming on that day because it was also a quiet day so our voices could be heard and there was only little background noise. We solved the second problem by helping each other gather materials for our Mythbusters project.
  6. 6. PlanWe thought about how are we going to do it and came up with showing a video to explain our mythbusters project. We thought of a script and our effects for our video.
  7. 7. ScriptEdrick: So this is a special Mythbusters episode where we all are going to perform one experiment.Terrill: So what do we have in mind today?Lance: I’m thinking we can do again the duct tape experiment, many people are asking if duct tape boats are faster than metal boats.Raymond: You mean some guys are going to race?Edrick: Probably, the other guy is thinking that using a duct tape boat might save on money and gasoline.Terrill: Actually some people are also asking if duct tape can make vehicles more efficient.Lance: Yeah that’s right.Edrick: So are you ready to test this myth.Everyone: Yeah!Narrator: The mythbusters are off to try an experiment where they will test which boat travels faster and farther by simply blowing.Edrick: Some materials we need for this experiment are barbecue sticks, we will use this to make the boat frame, and to stick the frame of the boat, we will also need some super glue like this. Obviously, for the main character of the experiment we need the duct tape and to replace the aluminum foil we’ll use aluminum tape this is how it looks like. To experiment the dependent variable or the speed we need the fan.Lance: The dependent variable, or the thing that’s being observed and measured is the speed and efficiency of the boats. The independent variable, or the thing that is being changed is the types of materials used in each boat. The controlled variable is the aluminum foil boat. The thing being kept constant in this experiment is the speed of the wind and the frame of the boat.
  8. 8. ScriptNarrator: While Terrill and Edrick are making the boat frame, Lance and Raymond are gonna find the place where the experiment will be held.Raymond: Where are we gonna find the place to test this myth , we have all the materials already.Lance: Hm. I think I know just the right place.Terrill: In this episode, we’ll use a small scale of the experiment since the large scale is too expensive.Narrator: ...and we’ll test...Terrill: …How far the boats will travel in a distance.Raymond: Hey guys.Terrill and Edrick: HeyRaymond: Lance has found a place to test the myth.Terrill and Edrick: Really?Lance : I’ll show you it’s a surprise
  9. 9. ScriptNarrator : One hell of a place indeed, the mythbusters are going to the swimming pool to perform the experiment.Terrill: The experiment would be based on their speedEdrick: This is the duct tape experiment in 3,2,1Edrick: based on what we saw that was over 4 feetNarrator: ...and now...Edrick: This is the aluminum boat in 3,2,1Edrick: So in that aluminum foil experiment the boat moved more or less than 3 feet.Narrator: To conclude the experiment, we can say that...Lance: This myth is confirmed because duct tape boats are more faster and efficient than aluminum boats. First, by a simple blowing of wind the duct tape boat travelled faster and farther than the aluminum boat.Raymond: Duct tape boats are also efficient because they can move by simple blowing of wind, this saves gasoline, and can reduce the mining of metals.Edrick: We think it’s confirmed thanks for watching.Narrator: To wrap it all up, Duct tape boats are more environmentally friendly because they can move farther by a simple gust of wind. They also prevent the mining of metals. We can also recycle plastics to make duct tape
  10. 10. CreateWe followed the plan and ended up creating a video that will explain how a duct-tape boat is better than the aluminum boat.This video would show what we accomplished in the end
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