Weekly bulletin no. 4 r.c. trujillo san andres


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Weekly bulletin no. 4 r.c. trujillo san andres

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Weekly bulletin no. 4 r.c. trujillo san andres

  1. 1. Rotarian Window 1
  2. 2. Rotarian Window ROTARY CLUB TRUJILLO SAN ANDRESJr. San Martín 240 – 246. Centro Histórico – Trujillo – Perú Meetings every friday at 21:00 hrs. Bulletin Edition Rotarian Window Year I Edition N° 03 / September 28, 2012 Bulletin’s Director-Editor Francisco S. Espinoza Orrego Writer Luis Phang Romero Photography: CleliaIberico Arana Ricardo Barrantes G. Design and Translation: VaniaPhang Polo DIRECTIVE COMMITTEE 2012 – 2013 President: Mario JohnyMoralesPortilla 1er. VicePresident: Juan Chávez Chávez 2do. VicePresident: Marlon Castro Mendoza Secretary: Luis Phang Romero Assistant Secretary: Walter Watanabe Morillas Treasurer: CleliaIberico Arana Assistant Treasurer: Guillermo Pesantes Ibáñez Chaplain: Carlos Montenegro Poémape Assistant Chaplain: Martín Bustamante Meza Past President: Elsa Olivera de Montenegro COMMITTEE OF SERVICES Administration: Ricardo Barrantes G. Family of Rotary: Esduardo Rodríguez Torres Club Service: Luis Phang Romero Public Relations: José NakamineZúñiga Rotarian Foundation: Luis Ramos Susuki New Generations: Nancy Díaz de Ramos Instructor: Marcos Vilca Sangay President of The Woman’s Committee: LilianaNovoa de Morales 2
  3. 3. Rotarian WindowEDITORIALIMPORTANCE OF THE PARTICIPATION OF ROTARIANSInstitutions in general and particularly the service, like the rotarian clubs, they vivifythrough the enrichment of the interesting ideas that they bring in each weekly session,rotary men and women comprising them. Becoming these assemblies, in the enginethat drives them to concretize them in services, benefiting the communities it serves.That is why, it results in being punctual and a regular assistance, the generation ofrotarían female and male partnerships well informed and committed, in the work of themore and better service of our clubs and a happy opportunity, to strengthen the bondsof our friendship the US that relates us and strengthens our Clubs and Rotary District, toachieve the objective of Rotary in the course of time.From these columns and teaching with the example, each Director of the club and eachMember of their membership, you must remember what was promised at the ceremonyof our incorporation in this first movement of world service and renewing it intimately ineach session, showing with our constant and timely assistance that we always respectour commitments.I am sure that with these constant manifestations of responsibility and commitment, wewill be making our institution a club and a strong district, to promote services that makeour communities that need support to advance and improve their living conditions happywith more frequency.The Director-Editor. 3
  4. 4. Rotarian Window TWELFTH ORDINARY MEETING Friday, September 28, 2012 / Place: Residencial Sanchezcarrionista (AEAS) . Av. Moche 990At the installations of Sanchez colleagues who were integrating, at theCarrionista residential in Moche Avenue friendship of our club table, as well as990, time being 09:30 p.m. counting with the Rotary ladies Roxana de Chavezthe appropriate quorum, our President and Pilar Díaz, and the virtual presenceMario began this meeting by thanking of our EGD C.R. Francisco S. Espinozathe presence of the CC.RR.s assistants Orrego.and Rotarian ladies.Greetings to the flag were in charge ofCC.RR.: Perus national flag: C.R. JuanChávez Chávez R.I.’s Flag: C.R. Walter WatanabeMorillas Trujillo’s flag: C.R. Elsa Olivera deMontenegro The prayer was done by our C.R. ElsaOlivera de Montenegro. Salute to the national flag by our C.R. Past- President Juan Chávez Chávez In the Secretary’s report, our C.R. Past President Luis Phang Romero, read out the papers of the previous sitting, as well as the paper of the extraordinary Assembly, which had the unanimous approval of those present. Our treasurer, C.R. Clelia Iberico, reported the sending of individual statement to the emails of each C.R. Salute to the flag of R.I. by our C.R. Past- President Walter Watanabe Morillas Likewise, it was requested to send a copy of the paper from the extraordinaryNext up our mace-bearer C.R. Carlos Assembly with the agreements made byMontenegro, welcomed Rotary the same route. 4
  5. 5. Rotarian WindowC.R. Past President Luis Phang Romero, byread the paper of the extraordinaryAssembly, which was approvedunanimously.Continuing with the Agenda in upcoming Our C.R. Walter Santamaría in his interestingservice activities carried out, our presentation on "Preventive dentistry in children and adolescents"President Mario reported on thepossibility of making a Diabetesscreening campaign for the public in At the Free Tribune, C.R. Nancy Díaz degeneral, to be held in the Plaza El Ramos, showed books purchased withRecreo. Our President proposed that in her husband C.R. Luis Ramos, tothe Free Tribune you see the issue of promote the book donation campaign.the likely date and the participation of Also, requested the collaboration of theRotarians. partners present. CC.RR. Elsa OliveraIn the rotarion information, our C.R. Luis de Montenegro and Silvia SánchezPhang Romero, read out a topic that is Piérola offered their support in thepart of the reflections section of our management of the campaign.Virtual newsletter Number 3, entitled Also, President Mario raised a possible"The hands of rose", where there is a date for the Diabetes screeningprofile of Rosa Guerzoni being done, campaign in the Plazuela El Recreo, onheroine of the Peruvian contemporary 12 October, being subject to themedicine. Who highlights the qualities of availability of reagents for this purpose.service and love to our town, innatevirtues dedicated to serve everyone, as Our mace-bearer C.R. CarlosRotarians in the world. Montenegro, at the time of fellowship, The central theme of the night, was in proceeded to remind us the birthdayscharge of our C.R. Walter Santamaría, and anniversaries for the month fromwho presented the topic of preventive our C.R.s, Damas rotarias e hijos dedentistry in children and adolescents. rotarios.Several questions of those present wereacquitted with all the quality andprofessionalism of our C.R. Walter. 5
  6. 6. Rotarian WindowAsí mismo, se procedió a nuestra Rifasemanal, la cual arrojó los siguientesresultados:Aportes: S/. 54.00 (18 participantes)Premiado: C.R. Walter Watanabe M.Oferente de regalo: C.R. Luis Barrantes Enjoying refreshments provided by our C.R. José Nakamine Zúñiga. Without any other point more to treat, our President Mario ended the session, not without first thanking Rotary colleagues who carried out greetings to the flags, the community prayer, and the presence at the meeting of all fellowC.R. Luis Barrantes handing to C.R. WalterWatanabe, winner of the prize in raffle night. Rotarians and Rotary ladies. Proceeding then to share refreshments offered by our C.R. José Nakamine Zúñiga. Chinese Proverb Three things should be appreciated: The cordiality, kindness, and humor. Three should be cultivated: The truth, the ingenuity and the conformity. Three should be governed: The character, language and compliance. Three should be imitated: Work, perseverance and loyalty. Three should be defended: The honour, homeland and friends... Author: Anonymous 6
  7. 7. Rotarian WindowREFLECTIONS 7
  8. 8. Rotarian Window 8
  9. 9. Rotarian Window FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEEGreetings to CC.RR. and families for celebbrating their onomastics: 26.09.2012 C.R. Elsa Olivera de Montenegro. 01-10-2012 D.R. Milagros Yam de Nakamine LAUGHTHERAPY 9
  10. 10. Rotarian Window Next Meeting of the Club ROTARY CLUB “TRUJILLO SAN ANDRÉS” DISTRICT 4460 THIRTEENTH ORDINARY MEETING Friday, October 05, 2012. Time 09:30 pm. Place: Residencial Sanchezcarrionista (AEAS) . Av. Moche 990.1. OPENNING OF SESSION : President of the Club C.R.: Mario Morales Portilla.2. GREETINGS National Flag : C.R. Martín Bustamante R. I.´s Flag : C.R. Francisco S. Espinoza Orrego Trujillo´s Flag : C.R. Diana Simons3. COMMUNITY´S PRAYER C.R. Diana Simons.4. AGENDA:  Secretary´s report.  Treasurer´s report.  Upcoming service activities to be performed. Medical campaign in Taquila (Las Delicias)  Rotarian Information.  Free Theme: Proper use of credit cards  Expositor: C.R. Ricardo Barrantes5. MOMMENT OF PARTNERSHIP: C.R. Carlos Montenegro Poémape 5.1 Birthdays of the week: 01-10-2012 D.R. Milagros Yam de Nakamine 07-10-2012 D.R. Rosario Montenegro de Morante 08-10-2012 C.R. Luis Barrantes 08-10-2012 Vania Phang Polo 09-10-2012 Santiago Martín. Espinoza Vargas Machuca. 11-10-2012 Juan Carlos Montenegro.6. CLOSING OF SESSION : President C.R. Mario Morales 10