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Weekly Bulletin Nº. 3 RC. Trujillo San Andres


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Weekly Bulletin Nº. 3 RC. Trujillo San Andres

  1. 1. Rotarian Windowaria 1
  2. 2. Rotarian Window aria ROTARY CLUB TRUJILLO SAN ANDRESJr. San Martín 240 – 246. Centro Histórico – Trujillo – Perú Meetings every friday at 21:00 hrs. Bulletin Edition Rotarian Window Year I Edition N° 03 / September 28, 2012 Bulletin’s Director-Editor Francisco S. Espinoza Orrego Writer Luis Phang Romero Photography: CleliaIberico Arana Ricardo Barrantes G. Design and Translation: VaniaPhang Polo DIRECTIVE COMMITTEE 2012 – 2013 President: Mario JohnyMoralesPortilla 1er. VicePresident: Juan Chávez Chávez 2do. VicePresident: Marlon Castro Mendoza Secretary: Luis Phang Romero Assistant Secretary: Walter Watanabe Morillas Treasurer: CleliaIberico Arana Assistant Treasurer: Guillermo Pesantes Ibáñez Chaplain: Carlos Montenegro Poémape Assistant Chaplain: Martín Bustamante Meza Past President: Elsa Olivera de Montenegro COMMITTEE OF SERVICES Administration: Ricardo Barrantes G. Family of Rotary: Esduardo Rodríguez Torres Club Service: Luis Phang Romero Public Relations: José NakamineZúñiga Rotarian Foundation: Luis Ramos Susuki New Generations: Nancy Díaz de Ramos Instructor: Marcos Vilca Sangay President of The Woman’s Committee: LilianaNovoa de Morales 2
  3. 3. Rotarian Window ariaEDITORIALNEW GENERATIONS IN ROTARYSince the year 2010, Rotary International in its constant renewal and adapting to thenew times, created the Fifth Avenue of service, to highlight the importance that givesyou the first institution of the world service to work with and for young people.It concentrates this way on a specialized Committee, the effort that offered all Rotaryclubs in the world to the youth of different communities, to consider them always, as thearea of the population that must always be worked on with great dedication.Our international organization has come and will continue to develop programs for ouryouth through his Rotary Foundation, such as the creation and functioning of theestates and spaces for young people up to 17 years of age in Interact.For young people from 18 to 30 years in Rotaract, the exchanges of young groups(ICG) globally, the trade group study (IGEs), for young professionals, scholarships formasters degree for peace and for the training and specialization of professionals,among other programs.Through these activities Rotary clubs around the world propose candidates each year toRotary International, with the justification of the quality of each one, so that they areselected and they can use the programs listed above, contributing to overcoming.For all these reasons, is that they already added hundreds of thousands of youngbeneficiaries around the world with these programs, because most of our clubs sponsortheir Interact, Rotaract, etc., to collaborate in the development of new leaders everyyear, by the performance of institutional roles from a young age, contributing to form ahealthy youth and worried about the development and progress of each country.Francisco Santiago Espinoza OrregoDirector-Editor of the Bulletin 3
  4. 4. Rotarian Window aria ROTARIAN INFORMATION LETTER OF GREETING FROM OUR Past Governor Luis Niño Olaya,President of the Advisory Council of Past Governors from D. 4460 R.I. through e- mailFrom: Luis abelardo Niño olaya luisniol@yahoo.comTo: GGFrancisco GGEspinoza <>Sent: Viernes 21 de septiembre de 2012 21:16Subject: GREETINGS ON AN EXCELENT BULLETINAppreciated Governor Francisco.CONGRATULATIONS! as it is the first time that I receive this, WE GIVE YOU OURMOST HEARTFELT WELCOME TO THE NEW VIRTUAL BULLETIN, which enrichesthe spirit of Rotary service, that is the purpose of this often misunderstood work,but very rewarding, I tell you by experience, despite this I will return to thedirection of the bulletin on my Club.CONGRATS! Also to President Mario.One big hug.EGD. Luis Niño OlayaPresident of the advisory counsil ofPast Governors from D. 4460 R.I. 4
  5. 5. Rotarian Window ariaELEVENTH REGULAR MEETING AND FIRST EXTRAORDINARY ASSEMBLY OF THE CLUB Friday September 21, 2012 / Place: Manuel Tejada 778 / Time 09:15 pm.At the residence of our President Mario,time being 09: 15 p.m. and counting withthe appropriate quorum correspondent,the meeting starts by thanking thepresence of the CC.RR.s attendants,Rotary ladies and guests.Greetings to the flags were in charge ofthe CC.RR.: National flag of Perù: C.R. WalterSantamaría Morante Flag of R.I.: C.R. Luis Ramos Susuki Greetings to Trujillo´s flag by our C.R. Past- Trujillo´s Flag: C.R. Esduardo President Esduardo Rodríguez TorresRodríguez TorresThe community´s prayer was done by Also welcomed the guest from our C.R.our C.R. Elsa Olivera of Montenegro. Ricardo Barrantes, Ms. Tatiana Villegas,Then our macebearer C.R. Carlos who expressed her satisfaction forMontenegro, welcomed Rotary partners having attended our meeting as a guest.who were integrating, at the friendship ofour club table. We proceed to the secretary´s report, by our C.R. Past Presidente Luis Phang Romero, who read it out at the last session. Then he read a document concerning an invitation received from the (Association of merchants and industrialists of Trujillo) referring to an invitation for the celebration of the LXVII anniversary of that institution. He then introduced the report ofGreetings to R.I.´s flag from our C.R. Luis Treasurer our C.R. Clelia Iberian, whoRamos Susuki reported on the status of the partner accounts and the need for the regularization of the payments that are 5
  6. 6. Rotarian Window ariapendant for your financial obligations to our Rotary colleagues the followingthe club, which will allow us to pay off agenda was established to developed:our debts. AGENDA:Continuing with the development of the 1. Acquisition of land for the club.talks of Rotary and cultural themes in 2. Change of local sessions.general at the club, our C.R. Past 3. No assistance from the associates.President José Nakamine he explained 4. Fundraising activities andthe topic "The people and the regularization of economicAssociation". contributions of the partners.A dissertation that discussed the With regard to the first point, ourAssociation from the point of view of the President Mario explained about thecivil law, statutes, bodies who run, importance of having a land to build ourbooks that should be handled, referring local institutional, your benefits andto our club as a nonprofit partnership advances in management for purchasemodel Association. at an auction in the Santa Maria resort. C.R. Luis Barrantes sought information about the approximate cost of the new premises, according to the choices of purchase already managed. Our President Mario stated that although the location of available land for its purchase, the Township had not informed about an approximate cost. He also mentioned that the important thing was to start working with this specific objective, so that when the opportunityOur C.R. José Nakamine in his brilliantpresentation on “The people and the arises, we have an economic base to beAssociation” able to manage the purchase of the land for our own land.Our macebearer C.R. Carlos Also our Luis Ramos Susuki C.R.,Montenegro, announced to those believed in the sense that our club ispresent the beginning of the going to 25 years since founded and stillExtraordinary Assembly, for which our there has not been the acquisition forPresident Mario requested the opening our own premises, therefore supportedof the same. the acquisition of land.The prepared agenda was noticed, and We proceeded to vote on this point,there was mention to the consideration resulting in its adoption by unanimity.of the present to modify the Agenda, The second point to be treated, thereonly if there was an important point to were views received from C.R. Juanoverlook. After listening to the views of Chávez, who asks to use the premises 6
  7. 7. Rotarian Window ariaof the AEAS (Sanchezcarrionistas On the third issue, non-attendance ofAlumni Association), offered by our C.R. members, C.R. Marcos Vilca highlightedLuis Ramos Susuki, who is its President, the importance for the godfather of thewith knowledge from the Board of Rotary partner to be present weekly, isDirectors of AEAS, proposal that has commitment to Rotary.been received with satisfaction. This C.R. Carlos Montenegro sends letters toplace would be used as the new venue members who have a high rate offor our meetings, While the use of the absences in meetings, making youpremises of Los Pinos that was donated reflect on the acquired commitment, asto the Rotary clubs of Trujillo is well as complying with the statute thatmanaged, According to the memories governs our institution.made by our C.R. Ricardo Morante Also our C.R. EGD. Francisco S.Zúñiga and Carlos Montenegro Espinoza Orrego highlights thePoemape, aware of the efforts that were importance of seeking to increasemade to the obtaining of this place and membership to be able to meet losseswhose purpose was for the use of the that may be caused by the breach of theRotary clubs of Trujillo. obligations and some Rotary partnersWe proceeded to vote with the following assistance.result: Agreements with regard to this point,15 members voted in favor of changing were the following:the place and 6 other members voted for  Request the godparents of the Rotary partners with high level of absence, be the communication link to understand their reasons and somehow encourage them and motivate them to join our club.  Commit the Partnership Committee in this campaign for reinstatement of absent members.  Invite speakers from other clubs, as well as officials of public bodies and personalities of our Region, toother options. provide an exhibition of Rotary topics, of general culture or about itsOur Walter Santamaría C.R. verifying theproper functioning of communication from development projects in ourhis Laptop Accessories, which allows the participation of our C.R. EGD.  Perform preliminary formation of aFrancisco S. Espinoza Orrego, in a virtual Committee, if necessary, home visitsway (via Skype from Miami USA). Thanks to partners who do not attendWalter for your valuable support! sessions, as well as to inform the 7
  8. 8. Rotarian Window aria Rotarian family, about the work in acquisition of the institutional Rotary. premises. Notify by letter to partners who have to regularize their economic contributions to the club, giving them 10 days to honor them. If you do not receive a positive response, the Board of Directors shall act according to the provisions of the status of our Club.  A copy of the status via email sent to all members of the club.  Request a detailed report to Treasury Our Ladies Committee chaired by our with regard to partners who owed Rotarian Lady Liliana Morales Novoa, in a pleasant conversation. their contributions. With no other point on the Agenda, ourIn the fourth item on the Agenda, which President Mario ended the Assembly.corresponds to fundraising activities and Our macebearer C.R. Carlosregularization of economic contributions Montenegro, at the time of fellowshipfrom the partners, the following was proceeded to remind us that onagreed: September 22 of every year we Stablish dinners at each of the celebrated the "day of peace sessions, the system of suppliers, worldwide". corresponding to each Rotarian to Reminded us also, birthdays and request a date in which they will be anniversaries of the week from our the ones who offer dinner. C.R.s, Rotary ladies and children of The cost of the dinner for each Rotarians. attendee will be of S/. 15.00 (fifteen Without any other point more to nuevos soles). Rotary members who manage, our President Mario terminated do not attend are committed to pay the session, not without first thanking for the dinner as part of their Rotary colleagues who carried out contribution to the funds of the club. greetings to the emblems, the The total amount raised each week community prayer, and all fellow will be devoted entirely to form the Rotarians and Rotary ladies present. monetary funds of the club, to achieve the objective for the 8
  9. 9. Rotarian Window aria DANGEROUS SITUATIONS FOR THE ROTARY CLUBS & INSTITUTIONS IN GENERAL:A) Not attending its meetings on time.B) Not attending its regular and special meetings.C) Did not promptly pay dues established by the institution.D) Have the tendency to criticize and not participate in the activities of the institution.E) Not commenting with loyalty and frankness in themes and proposed activities.F) Fiercely and harshly criticize other than its own opinions.G) Promoting intrigues and gossip within the institution.H) Not meeting their obligations yet demanding rights. 9
  10. 10. Rotarian Window ariaREFLECTIONS Rosa´s HandsYesterday at noon, close to the Hospital of the child of Lima, at a clinic in San Borja dontremember what Miraflores Street it was, it occurred to me to ask several people:-Do you know how to get to the Rosa Guerzoni street?Nobody could give me an answer, of course. Of course, because that street does not exist, butit should, and it saddened me because nobody told me they knew the name, but not the street.All the areas of life, the culture and the life of a country have heroes, but nobody seems toremember the female heroes, and I want to evoke the name and the hands of the heroe inPeruvian medicine, Rosa Guerzoni.While in Peru, a friend told me about her and her story, but everyone had such vaguereferences to this contemporary, that to live in these days, she’d be in her seventies. .I was told by a witness and protagonist of the story, Ricardo Noriega Salaverry, with whom Ihave a fraternal friendship. In the 1980s, Ricardo has initiated and managed the Shriner Perumovement, a subsidiary of the worlds largest philanthropic organization, the purpose of which isto rescue people, especially kids, who suffered burns, or who represent physical defects.Needless to say that the Shrine’s services are entirely free.During the years, the movement has been sending hundreds of patients in a State ofemergency from Peru to the hospitals of the United States where the organisation has itsCenter, but one day, Noriega Salaverry thought that national doctors could also be sent tospecialize there and communicated with Dr. Augusto Bazán Altuna, who was back then Chief ofservice for the the burned childs’s Hospital.- Thank you for the invitation - said Dr. Bazan - but Im already too old. I rather recommend whowas my best student in San Fernando, Rosa Guerzoni Chambergo.That’s where the story of Rosa begins. Specialized in the Galveston Hospital of Dallas, Texas,immediately returned to her homeland, and began a tireless and endless activity. At thehospitals, at the clinics in the farthest places, a fire emergency called her immediately, and his 10
  11. 11. Rotarian Window ariaarrival was waited for as the arrival of an angel whose hands would do the miracle of life-saving,restore health and return the joy to hundreds of children in danger of death.In Perú, as in many other countries of the area, such emergencies occur more often in thepoorest and most needy households. When both parents go out to work, their children try tomanipulate a gas or kerosene stove, and one accident either reaches the ceiling or the walls ofcombustible material; therefore, the misfortune and death enter the House.If she wanted to become rich, Rosa could’ve made a slight change of course. In the nosocomiosof the State, the optional win very modest salaries. To compensate its budget, they are forcedto provide service for private practice in the hours after their hospital work. Likewise, those whoattend burned bodies do not have that possibility because the patients are mostly people whocould not afford an appointment every time their poverty strikes in ignorance.With the expertise of his hands that returned skins and faces, the doctor – born July 7, 1952-could have gone to the field of plastic surgery in which private practice gives economic returnsostensibly higher. But Rosita never thought of that, and she always believed that her handsbelonged to the poor. In addition, at the time this happened, she’d write to the newspapers andcampaigns for a law on organ donation that still did not exist in their homeland.And here comes the history and the paradox. On January 19 1997, just when this law, Rosita,who is caring for her patients in Pucallpa, barely has time to eat in the improvised makeshiftcampaign. There a child manipulated a gas canister and an accident occurs. Rosa, a nurse andthe child flew through the air.A set of doctors, led by David Herdon, Chief Medical Officer of the Shriner Hospital of Dallas flytowards the Peru to help, but the procedures and the most sophisticated medical techniques inthe world can not face the misfortune. The Doctor lasted nine days, and time after NoriegaSalaverry told me that, dress with the Diving Bell of an astronaut to avoid contamination, theywere able to hear her last words:-Dr. Noriega. only do what will save my hands. There are still many children I have to heal.Its a sad and beautiful story, but it has no ending. Im dying of desire to know what will happenwhen I return to Perú in a year or two. What will they respond when i ask: Where is the street,park or the "Rosa Guerzoni" hospital?Eduardo González Viaña (September 2, 2012).”Rosa´s hands”. Diary The First Perú.Recovered September 27, 2012, de 11
  12. 12. Rotarian Window aria COMMITTEE OF PARTNERSHIPGreetings to the CC.RR. and family members for celebrating their saint´s day: 26.09.2012 C.R. Elsa Olivera de Montenegro. 01-10-2012 D.R. Milagros Yam de Nakamine GETTING TO KNOW ROTARY Rotary´s Wheel through time LAUGHTHERAPY 12
  13. 13. Rotarian Window aria Next Meeting of the Club ROTARY CLUB “TRUJILLO SAN ANDRÉS” DISTRICT 4460 TWELFT ORDINARY REUNION. Friday September 28, 2012. Time 09:00 pm. Place: Residence Sanchezcarrionista (AEAS) . Av. Moche 990.1. OPENNING OF SESSION : President of the Club C.R.:Mario J. Morales Portilla.2. GREETINGS National Flag: C.R. Juan Chávez Chávez. R. I.´s Flag : C.R. Walter Watanabe Morillas. Trujillo´s Flag : C.R. Elsa Olivera de Montenegro3. COMMUNITY´S PRAYER C.R. Elsa Olivera de Montenegro.4. AGENDA:  Secretary´s report.  Treasurer´s report.  Service activities next to do.  Rotarian information.  Free theme: Preventive Odontology en niños y adolescentes  Speaker: C.R. Walter Santamaría Morante5. MOMMENT OF FRIENDSHIP: C.R. Carlos Montenegro Poémape 5.1 This Week´s birthdays: 26-09-2012 C.R. Elsa Olivera de Montenegro. 01-10-2012 D.R. Milagros Yam de Nakamine6. CLOSSING OF SESSION : President C.R. Mario J. Morales Portilla. 13