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  1. 1. MORARKA ORGANIC FOODS LIMITED Name : Address : Contact No. : Date of Order : You may contact us as described in Direct to Home Service. Note : Please mention your required quantity in pieces. Version 4 : 06/03/2012Everyday Cereal Grains Everyday Dals1 Biryani Pulav Rice 1 kg 2 kg 5 kg 41 Arhar Dal 500g 1 kg 2 kg2 Rice Basmati Superfine 1 kg 2 kg 5 kg 42 Chana Whole 500g 1 kg3 Rice Parmal 1 kg 2 kg 5 kg 43 Chana Dal 500g 1 kg 2 kg4 Rice Regular Basmati 1 kg 5 kg 44 Chickpea Kabuli Dollar 500g 1 kg5 Rice Sharbati 1 kg 2 kg 5 kg 45 Chickpea Deshi Small 500g 1 kg6 Rice Basmati Tarawadi 1 kg 2 kg 46 Cowpea Red Whole 500g 1 kg7 Wheat Grain Mewar 5 kg 25 kg 47 Cowpea White Whole 500g 1 kg8 Wheat Grain Shekhawati 5 kg 25 kg 48 Cowpea Dal Mogar 500g 49 Masoor Whole 500g 1 kg9 Wheat Dalia 250g 500g 50 Masoor Malka 500g 1 kg10 Wheat Chakki Atta 5 kg 10 kg 51 Masoor Dal Mogar 500g 1 kg11 Wheat Maida 250g 500g 1 kg 52 Moong Whole 500g 1 kg12 Wheat Suji 250g 500g 53 Moong Split Chhilka 500g 1 kg13 Wheat Tandoori Atta 1 kg 54 Moong Dal Mogar 500g 1 kg14 Wheat Bran 250g 500g 55 Moth Whole 500g 1 kg 56 Moth Dal Mogar 500g 1 kgHealthy Grains, Dalia & Atta 57 Mix Dal 500g 1 kg15 Bajra Whole 1 kg 58 Rajma Chitra 500g 1 kg16 Bajra Dalia 500g 1 kg 59 Rajma Jammu 500g 1 kg17 Bajra Atta 500g 1 kg 60 Rajma Red 500g 1 kg18 Barley Whole 1 kg 61 Soybean Whole 500g 1 kg19 Barley Dalia 500g 1 kg 62 Urad Whole 500g 1 kg20 Barley Atta 500g 63 Urad Split Chhilka 500g 1 kg21 Brown Basmati Rice 1 kg 2 kg 5 kg 64 Urad Dal Mogar 500g 1 kg22 Buck Wheat Whole 500g 65 Vatana 500g 1 kg23 Buck Wheat Atta 500g24 Chana Besan 500g 1 kg Everyday Meal Accompaniment25 Jowar Whole 1 kg Fruit Chutney26 Jowar Dalia 500g 1 kg27 Jowar Atta 500g 1 kg 66 Apple Walnut 20g 220g28 Maize Whole 1 kg 67 Apricot Ginger 20g 220g29 Maize Dalia 500g 1 kg 68 Pineapple 20g 220g30 Maize Atta 500g 1 kg 69 Sweet Mango 20g 220g31 Multi Grain Diabetic Atta 1 kg 70 Spicy Mango 20g 220g32 Missa Atta Punjabi 1 kg33 Missa Atta Rajasthani 1 kg Spicy Chutney34 Ragi Whole 1 kg 71 Dakh Dana Methi 20g 220g35 Ragi Atta 500g 1 kg 72 Date & Tamarind 20g 220g36 Red Rice 500g 1 kg 73 Garlic 20g 200g37 Rice Sona Masoori 1 kg 74 Heeng Munnaka 20g 220g38 Rice Dalia 500g 75 Lemon Chilli 20g 220g39 Rice Atta 500g 1 kg 76 Tamarind 20g 220g40 Soybean Flour 500g 1 kg
  2. 2. Papad Edible Oils & Ghee77 Chana Masala 400g 121 Coconut 200ml 500ml78 Moong Masala 400g 122 Groundnut 1 ltr 5 ltr79 Moong Plain 400g 123 Mustard 1 ltr80 Moong Garlic 400g 124 Sesame 500ml 125 Sunflower 1 ltr 5 ltr 126 Cow Ghee 500ml 1 ltrEveryday Spices 127 Olive Oil - Cooking 1 ltr 128 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 1 ltr81 Ajwain 50g 100g 129 Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 1 ltr82 Amchur Powder 100g 250g83 Coriander Whole 75g 500g Garam Masala84 Coriander Split 75g 500g 130 Bay Leaf Whole 20g85 Coriander Powder 250g 500g 131 Bay Leaf Powder 20g86 Cumin Whole 100g 250g 500g 132 Black Pepper Whole 100g87 Cumin Roasted 50g 100g 133 Black Pepper Powder 25g88 Cumin Roasted Powder 50g 134 Cardamom Black Whole 20g89 Fennel Bold 100g 250g 135 Cardamom Black Powder 20g90 Fennel Roasted 100g 136 Cinnamon Stick 20g91 Fenugreek 100g 250g 137 Cinnamon Powder 20g92 Fenugreek Powder 50g 138 Clove Whole 20g93 Kalonji 50g 139 Clove Powder 20g94 Mustard Black 100g 140 Green Cardamom Whole 20g95 Mustard Yellow 100g 141 Green Cardamom Powder 20g96 Rai 50g 142 Heeng Powder (Natural) 25g97 Red Chilli Flakes 100g 143 Mace Whole 20g98 Red Chilli Naga Whole 1 pc. 144 Nutmeg Whole 20g99 Red Chilli Powder Hot 250g 145 Nutmeg Powder 20g100 Red Chilli Powder Regular 250g 146 Shahjeera 20g101 Red Chilli Powder Supreme 250g 147 White Pepper Whole 20g102 Red Chilli Whole Mathania 50g 148 White Pepper Powder 20g103 Red Chilli Whole Regular 50g Tea, Coffee, Sugar & Jaggery104 Rock Salt 1 kg105 Sesame Black Natural 75g 149 Tea CTC Classic 250g106 Sesame White Dehulled 75g 150 Green Tea 200g (2Nx100g) 151 Coffee Powder Smooth 200g107 Sesame White Natural 75g 152 Coffee Powder Bold 200g108 Turmeric Powder 100g 250g 500g 153 Gujarat Tea Masala 6N×5g=30g 100g109 Jeera Dhania Mix Powder 100g 154 Jaggery 850gFlavoring Indian Spices International Foods English Aromatic Herbs110 Amla Powder Dehydrated 20g 155 Chives 15g111 Black Salt 50g 156 Lemon Grass 25g112 Curry Leaves Crushed 20g 50g 157 Mint 25g113 Garlic Powder Dehydrated 20g 158 Oregano 25g 159 Parsley 30g114 Ginger Powder Dehydrated 20g 160 Rosemary 40g115 Green Chilli Powder Dehydrated 20g 161 Sweet Basil 30g116 Imli Powder Dehydrated 20g 162 Tarragon 25g117 Kasuri Methi Crushed 20g 50g 163 Thyme 30g118 Lemon Powder Dehydrated 20g Break Fast Cereals119 Onion Powder Dehydrated 35g 164 Corn Flakes 350g 165 Wheat Flakes 350g120 Tomato Powder Dehydrated 35g
  3. 3. Seasoning 210 Peshawari Mutton Curry Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g166 Champian’s Bar-Be-Que 60g 211 Peshawari Rogan Josh Ka Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g167 Evero (True) Italian 60g 212 Peshawari Seekh Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g168 All Purpose Mexican 60g 213 Peshawari Tandoori Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g169 Perfect Salad 60g Classic Masala Mix Range170 Flavouring Thai 60g 214 Dilli Chana Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100gRubs171 Grill Chicken Rub 70g 215 Dilli Paneer Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g172 Spicy Fish Rub 70g 216 Dilli Rajma Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g173 Bar-Be-Que Meat Rub 70g 217 Peshawari Laal Maans Ka Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g174 Aromatic Vegetable Rub 50g 218 Peshawari Tikka Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100gVegetable Soups Mangodi175 Carrot Ginger 300ml 219 Moong Dal Mangodi Plain 300g176 Chunky Tomato 300ml Rice Murmure177 Cream of Pumpkin 300ml178 Roasted Tomato Coconut Cream 300ml 220 Rice Murmure 200g179 Roasted Red Pepper Tomato 300ml Rice Poha180 Tomato Soup with Cashew Nut Cream 300ml 221 Rice Poha 250gDal Soups Beans in Brine181 Cream of Millet with Almond 300ml 222 Chana Whole in Brine 450g182 Curried Moong Dal 300ml 223 Chickpea Dollar in Brine 450g183 French Lentil 300ml 224 Rajma Chitra in Brine 450g184 Pink Lentil 300ml 225 Rajma Jammu in Brine 450gPasta 226 Rajma Red in Brine 450g185 Conchiglie / Cocciolette 500g 227 Soybean in Brine 450g186 Farfalle 500g Peanuts187 Fusilli 500g 228 Pea Nuts 500g 1 kg188 Penne 500g Heat & Eat Foods189 Spaghetti 500g Popular IndianKitchen Conveniences 229 Bhaji (Pao) 300gRegular Masala Mix Range 230 Dal Makhani 300g190 Agra Aaloo Ke Jhol Ka Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 231 Dhaba Dal 300g191 Agra Achari Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 232 Kabuli Chhola 300g192 Agra Chaat Masala Cooking 6Nx5g=30g 100g 233 Punjabi Rajma 300g193 Agra Imli Panna 6Nx5g=30g 100g194 Agra Jaljeera Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 234 Sambhar 300g195 Agra Pani Poori Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 235 Sarson Ka Saag 300g196 Dilli Chaat Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g Baby Foods197 Dilli Garam Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 236 Carrot Puree 200gHeritage Masala Mix Range 237 Carrot Khichdi 200g198 Agra Dal Ka Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 238 Cream of Rice 200g199 Agra Garam Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 239 Cream of Wheat 200g200 Dilli Tadka Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 240 Moong Dal Plain 200g201 Mumbai Pau Bhaji Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 241 Plain Khichdi 200g202 Mysore Bisibele Bhath Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 242 Vegetable Puree 200g203 Mysore Curry Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 243 Vegetable Khichdi 200g204 Mysore Rasam Powder 6Nx5g=30g 100g Heritage Classic Foods205 Mysore Sambhar Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 244 Chakki Ki Sabji 300g206 Mysore Vengi Bhath 6Nx5g=30g 100g 245 Jaipuri Kadhi 300g207 Peshawari Biryani Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 246 Mangodi Kadhi 300g208 Peshawari Kadhai Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 247 Mangodi Ki Sabzi 300g209 Peshawari Korma Masala 6Nx5g=30g 100g 248 Rajasthani Besan Gatta 300g
  4. 4. Heritage Health Foods Rusk249 Bajra Khichda 300g 267 Suji Rusk 200g250 Dalia 300g 268 Crispy Rusk 200g251 Moong Chawal Ki Khichdi 300g 269 Ginger Garlic Rusk 200g 270 Italian Rusk 200gSnacks & Beverages Snacks DelightCrunchy Snacks 271 Amla Candy Sweet 150g252 Chana Dal Pudina Treat 20g 150g 272 Amla Candy Spicy 150g253 Chana Dal Tomato Treat 20g 150g 273 Almond Nuts 500g254 Chana Jor Garam Spicy Treat 100g 274 Cashew 450gPuffed Snacks 275 Raisin 375g 276 Walnut Giri 230g255 Puffed Bajra 10g 50g 277 Walnut Whole 250g256 Puffed Jowar 15g 75g257 Puffed Wheat 20g 100g Freeze Dried FruitsGluten Free Cookies 278 Anytime Fruits 28g258 Rice Soya Almond Milk Cookies 2N 220g259 Rice Soya Cinnamon Milk Cookies 2N 220g Food For Your HealthClassic Cookies 279 Honey 250g 500g260 Candied Ginger Ragi Milk Cookies 2N 220g 280 Isabgol 50g261 Onion Garlic Milk Cookies 2N 220g 281 Amla Juice 500ml 1000ml262 Salted Cumin Milk Cookies 2N 220g 282 Aloevera Juice 500ml 1000ml263 Semolina Nut Milk Cookies 2N 220g Ethnic Delicacies - MarwadiBiscuits 283 Kair 100g264 Naan-Khatai 100g 284 Sangri 100g265 Salted Jeera Cookies 100g 285 Kachra 100g266 Suji Cookies 100g 286 Leswa 100gDIRECT TO HOME SERVICE:The complete range of Down To Earth organic food products are now being delivered to your home. All you have to do is registerwith us by scanning the QR CODE as shown below or in many other ways as per the details given below. The QR Code shown here if scanned from a cell phone will take you to the home page of Down To Earth. From this home page you can navigate as any other website.Note: Before you scan the QR Code you need to have QR Code reading application. To download QR Code Reader- Via SMS‘F2K APP’ send to 56677 get the download link on your mobile.For contacting us: SMS <downtoearth> space <your name> to 56263.Call 1800 200 2700 or write to us at: info@morarkamail.comWe would be very happy to assist you. Morarka Organic Foods Limited Vatika Road, Off Tonk Road, Jaipur-302022, Phone : +91 141 2770089 Fax : +91 141 2770031 | Email : info@morarkamail.com, Web : www.morarkaorganic.com, www.downtoearthorganic.com