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Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy for Drupal


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Introduction to Content Strategy For Sydney Drupal Users Group by Shanelle Clapham
Sept 17th, 2015

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Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy for Drupal

  1. 1. Content Marketing Strategies Drupal Meeting 17th September 2015 Presenter:  Shanelle Newton  Clapham
  2. 2. Nice  to  meet  you • Shanelle Newton  Clapham • Consultant  with  more  than  12  years   of  experience  in  digital  marketing • Author  of  Attracting  Donors  Online
  3. 3. What is Content Marketing?
  4. 4. Air New Zealand SafetyVideos 1. Hobbit 2. Bear  Grylls 3. Betty  White­5gjkh4r3g 4. Paradise
  5. 5. What  is  Content  Marketing? Content  marketing is  a  marketing  tactic  of  creating   and  distributing  content  that  is  relevant  and  valuable  to  a   specific  target  audience.   This  content,  or  engagement  objects,  aim  to  attract,   acquire,  and  engage  a  clearly  defined  and   understood   audience  – with  the   objective  of  driving  profitable   customer  action.­marketing-­online/content-­marketing-­is -­an-­essential-­part-­of-­a-­successful-­digital-­marketing-­strategy
  6. 6. Digital  content  channels • Identify  the  role  of  each  channel • Every  touch-­point  needs  to  stand  alone,  as  well  as  part  of   the  bigger  story • Stories  aren’t  linear.
  7. 7. Digital  channels Identify  the  role  of  each  chann
  8. 8. Episodes  that  can  stand  alone
  9. 9. Stories  aren’t  linear
  10. 10. Case  study:  A  Million  Miracles
  11. 11. A  Million  Miracles Story
  12. 12. A  Million  Miracles Amazing  stories,  delivered   through  digital. • Streaming  live  surgery • Social  Media • Field  videos • Email • PR  +  media • Traditional  advertising.
  13. 13. Content Marketing Strategies
  14. 14. Content  marketing  strategies 1. Reaching  new  audiences   • Engagement   • Branding  +  awareness • Relationship  building • Nurturing  (preparing  for  conversion/  acquisition) 2. Retention  &  relevance • Relationship  management • Loyalty  and  repeat  visitation/  purchase • Cross-­sell  and  upsell.
  15. 15. Keep  it  simple
  16. 16. Who  are  you  creating  content  for? Getting  inside  your  user’s  head •Who  is  the  audience? •What  do  they  care  about?  Why  are   they  connected  to  your  organisation? •What  are  they  trying  to  do  when  they   visit  your  organisation  online? •What  is  their  story? •How  is  your  message  or  story   relevant  to  their  lives?
  17. 17. Website  Persona’s UNSW ENGINEERING WEBSITE USER CURRENT UNDERGRADUATE AIDEN KNELLER Age: 19 Technology usage: PC, tablet, mobile Access environments: UNSW campus, home Social media usage: medium level Facebook/Twitter user WHAT AIDEN NEEDS FROM THE WEBSITE  Make my day easier by giving me what I need, when I need it.  I need easy access when I'm on the go.  Let me know when there are events on that I might be interested in.  I need to make the right re-enrollment decisions throughout my program.  Help me to feel connected to the university and my school.  If I need to contact someone, make it easy for me. AIDEN IS AT THE TYREE CAFE GETTING HIMSELF SORTED OUT FOR THE YEAR It's the first few days into second year and Aiden is still getting his head around things. Definitely easier the second time around, he reflects. Anyway, this place feels like home. Collecting his coffee from the barista, he finds a table in the morning sun, takes out his iPad and settles in for a quiet session. The first thing he needs is a replacement for that hard copy OHS declaration he'd somehow managed to lose. No way I'll be getting into the lab tomorrow without that. He's got a pretty good idea where to find it. Swinging straight through the faculty website to the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy, he finds it and then sends it to himself to print at home tonight. Wait, where is the lab anyway? He checks the room number with the site's indoor mapping. Here it is: 409. One less thing to chase up. This time last year I was getting lost right and left. Aiden sits back and sips his coffee, thinking about the next task. Over the break, he was thinking about getting involved in a research project this year. That one at the Photovoltaics
  18. 18. Nurturing  prospects   into  customers Engagement Education Awareness Emotional   connection Relationship  Building Keep  content   focused Keep  adding  to  the   story Grow  their   empathy/  rage/  fear Convert  to  customer Pose  questions   Ask  them  to  do   something Give  them  a   compelling  reason   to  do  it  NOW
  19. 19. Converting  with  content • Content  marketing  is  not  a  direct  response  channel,  its  about   influencing  opinions  and  behaviour through  information • We  use  content  marketing  because  its  more  subtle   • We  use  content  because  it  can  get  us  access  to  audiences   and  partners  whom  we  may  not  be  able  to  reach  in  any  other   way • Its  important  to  place  soft  call  to  actions  within  the  content,   but  it  should  be  secondary  of  the  integrity  of  the  content  itself   which  is  about  telling  a  story  and  adding  value  to  the  viewer/   reader/  participant.
  20. 20. Integrating  online  with   offline  strategies Websites Print   Media Radio Direct   Mail TV Social   Media Email  
  21. 21. What  is  a  customer  journey? • Building  an  emotional  relationship  with  your  subscribers   through  a  planned  series  of  touch-­points  and  channels,   specifically  to  engage  them,  warm  them  up  for  sales  and   nurture  and  retain  them  once  they’ve  become  customers. • The  objective  is  to: • Grow  database  (sign  petitions,  join  email  newsletter) • Build  trust • Develop  an  emotional  connection • Convert  from  Subscriber  to  Customer • Convert  from  one  off  customer  to  repeat  buyer • Lifetime  valued  relationship  (retention). You  need  great  stories
  22. 22. The  results  content  can  produce Our  results:   50,000+  new  supporters 1267 new  regular  givers 29%  lower  $CPA  than  F2F   92%  first  gift  completion   (only  3%  cancellation) Doubled  donor  retention   1.74  ROI  in  Year  1
  23. 23. If  you’re  keen  to  learn  more…
  24. 24. ²Digital  Academy  Learn  &  Implement   starts  23rd  September,  5  days,  once  a  week ²Google  Grants  Adwords  Introduction 13th  October,  half  day ²Digital  Marketing  without  Budget 10th  November,  half  day Upcoming  courses
  25. 25. Questions?
  26. 26. Thanks