DINAMICA EGO APPLICATIONS AT FAN-BOLIVIA                                                  E.Armijo1, May 2011The Fundación...
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Dinamica EGO applications at FAN-Bolivia


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Advanced course on Dinamica EGO. Belo Horizonte, Brazil. June 2011.

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Dinamica EGO applications at FAN-Bolivia

  1. 1. DINAMICA EGO APPLICATIONS AT FAN-BOLIVIA E.Armijo1, May 2011The Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (Friends of Nature Foundation, FAN) is a private nonprofit organization (dedicated since 1988 to the conservation of biodiversity in Bolivia. FAN’s actions are guided by scientific bases,technical feasibility, social participation and administrative transparency.As part of its climate change and conservation planning projects, there has been a need at FAN to use toolsthat provide a better understanding of landscape past dynamics and future trajectories. Since 2009, theDinamica EGO environment has been applied at FAN to model land use processes in the Amazonian basin ofBolivia and Southeast Cameroon.In Bolivia, Dinamica EGO has supported the development of baseline scenarios for a pilot sub-national REDD of subprogram in Northern Beni and Southern Pando departments (states), in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon. Atthis time, the modeling exercise has been completed with a “business as usual” projection of deforestation. defore Examples of Dinamica EGO applications in Bolivia (left) and Cameroon (right), developed at FAN.In 2010, in the context of an initial phase for a national REDD program of Cameroon (Central Africa), FAN wasinvited to provide technical training on baseline development. Dinamica EGO was the tool selected for the landuse simulation workshop, held in the city of Yaoundé, in French, and to carry out a preliminary modeling of , Yaoundéforest dynamics in the East Province. orest1 E-mail: earmijo@fan-bo.org