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Six Use Cases for Edinburgh DataShare


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Presentation at Repository Fringe, Edinburgh: 1st August, 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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Six Use Cases for Edinburgh DataShare

  1. 1. Robin Rice EDINA and Data Library, University of Edinburgh Repository Fringe 2013: 1-2 August, Edinburgh *
  2. 2. *The data repository and University RDM policy “9. Research data of future historical interest, and all research data that represent records of the University, including data that substantiate research findings, will be offered and assessed for deposit and retention in an appropriate national or international data service or domain repository, or a University repository.”
  3. 3. * Edinburgh DataShare is seen by the RDM Steering Group as one of the key RDM services offered by Information Services, and as such has challenged us to meet the requirements of a number of pilot submissions from a range of different types of research communities with particular types of data.
  4. 4. * Single item deposit, the dataset behind an article. Desire to get students to deposit their data from theses as norm - need unambiguous deposit workflow. Fieldwork in NHS means much data is „sensitive‟. Permanent embargoes? Dr. Nuno Feirrera, Teaching Fellow
  5. 5. * Dr. Bert Remijsen Chancellor’s Fellow Village of Fafanlap, Indonesia, on Bert‟s home page Dinka Songs of South Sudan collection, 62 items. Used Dspace collection template for metadata; files uploaded by assisted deposit. Also deposited in Max Planck specialist language repository. Annotations in specialist format, requiring software from Max Planck to read. User happy with download statistics, referring colleagues.
  6. 6. * *The Listening Talker collection identified for deposit, ongoing. *Very large video files plus software as VM image. Tar gzipped files containing millions of files. Several GB in size. *Desires user registration, non- standard licenses and checksums with downloads. Prof. Simon King
  7. 7. * *Lots of „omics data: not as many subject repositories to hold these as thought – storage cost concerns. *Interested in push-pull of metadata to websites, from CRIS *Spearheaded by Data Manager Dolly the Sheep
  8. 8. * *Fish4Knowledge EU-funded research project *Long-term sustainability issues for observational data *Search engine maintained on their website – using METS feed to locate items *Testing SWORD implemen- tation, 5% sample >10K files, video + sql rows (3 TB) *Efficiency & performance Prof. Bob Fisher
  9. 9. * *New member of University *Digital asset management needs *Nature of research data in the arts *Streaming & display requirements (high quality desired)
  10. 10. * *Usability & user education *Encouraging user to document and future-proof *Relationship of IRs and and subject repositories *Closed collections, length of embargoes, user registration in an open access service *Enhancing repo. functionality while developing new systems (storage, data asset registry) *Repository as golden copy/format *Preservation procedures and SIPs, AIPs, and DIPs