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Research Data Management: Approaches to Institutional Policy

Invited short talk for JISC MRD and DCC RDM policy workshop in Leeds.

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Research Data Management: Approaches to Institutional Policy

  1. 1. JISC Managing Research Data & DCC Policy WorkshopLeeds, 12 March,2011Robin Rice, Librarian, University of Edinburgh RESEARCH DATA MANAGEMENT: APPROACHES TO INSTITUTIONAL POLICY
  2. 2. Policy content snapshot: Wordle
  3. 3. Purpose: explicit? implicit? University of Edinburgh: No explicit purpose statement in the policy itself, which is a one page statement of principles meant to be highly accessible, with a ‘background’ paper for those who wish to read more. (Also RDM guidance online, though written pre-policy.) Implicit, from University mission statement: “The mission of our University is the creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge.”
  4. 4. Purpose: Australian policies University of Melbourne: “The purpose of this Policy is to assist departments and individual researchers to fulfill their responsibilities with respect to the storage and retention of data and records associated with, and arising from, their research activities.” “Monash University recognises significant value in the data generated by its large investment in research.”
  5. 5. Purpose: American policies Johns Hopkins Univeristy: “The purpose of this policy is to protect researchers and the university.” University of Tennesee: “This policy protects the faculty’s and Universitys property rights by addressing definition, responsibility, control, and distribution of Research Data produced during activities supported by the University.” And: “This policy supports the academic freedom for free and broad dissemination of Research Data, consistent with University policy and needs.”
  6. 6. Purpose: other UK policies “The University of Oxford is committed to supporting researchers in appropriate curation and preservation of their research data, and where applicable in accordance with the research funders requirements.” “The University of Northampton recognises that good research is underpinned by good research data management.”
  7. 7. UK cont’d University of Hertfordshire: “The University operates in an increasingly complex, data- oriented, environment which requires the effective collection, management, analysis and dissemination of data. The data generated and held by the University are key assets that must be managed correctly to underpin University strategic development, essential functions and academic integrity.”
  8. 8. Tone: carrot, stick or mushyporridge? Compliance approach or partnership approach? Records management or research support? Mandatory or aspirational? “must”, “may” Policy, Strategy, Guidelines, Roadmap?
  9. 9. Edinburgh policy worldle
  10. 10. Roles, Rights, Responsibilities  Who will support your researchers planning?  Who has responsibility during the research project? Who has archival responsibility?  Who has rights in the data ? (What about collaborative research, what about subjects of research?)  What responsibilities fall to the individual researcher, PI, department, college, universit y?  Are students considered in the policy?
  11. 11. Edinburgh: Shared ResponsibilitiesUniversity Researcher / research unit Research data will be  Responsibility for research data managed to the highest management through a sound research data management plan standards throughout the during any research project or research data lifecycle as part programme lies primarily with of the University’s Principal Investigators (PIs). commitment to research  All new research proposals must excellence. include research data management plans or protocols that explicitly The University will provide address data training, support, advice and capture, management, integrity, co where appropriate guidelines nfidentiality, retention, sharing and publication. and templates for the research data management  Any data which is retained elsewhere, for example in an and research data international data service or management plans. domain repository should be registered with the University.
  12. 12. Edinburgh: Shared Responsibilities University Researcher / research unit The University will provide  Research data management plans mechanisms and services for must ensure that research data are storage, backup, registration, de available for access and re-use where posit and retention of research appropriate and under appropriate data assets in support of current safeguards. and future access, during and after completion of research  The legitimate interests of the projects. subjects of research data must be Research data of future protected. historical interest, and all  Exclusive rights to reuse or publish research data that represent research data should not be handed records of the over to commercial publishers or University, including data that substantiate research agents without retaining the rights to findings, will be offered and make the data openly available for re- assessed for deposit and use, unless this is a condition of retention in an appropriate funding. national or international data service or domain repository, or a University repository.
  13. 13. Seeking win + win + win + win + win……Where do I safely keep my How do we ensure we have How can ourdata from my fieldwork, as access to our research data research I travel home? after some of the team collaborations share have left? data, and make them available once complete? How can I best keep years worth of research data secure and How do we ensure accessible for when I and compliance to funders’ others need to re-use it? requirement for several years of open access to data? PhD individual research supra- university student researcher team university LEVEL Jeff Haywood, Research Integrity, London - Sept 2011 14