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Welcome Speech                        By Ms. Bente Schiller, Embassy of Denmark                 At the opening of the RCRE...
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Welcome speech bo_t-danida


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RCREEE 1st Board of Trustees (BoT) Meeting
3 February, 2009

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Welcome speech bo_t-danida

  1. 1. Welcome Speech By Ms. Bente Schiller, Embassy of Denmark At the opening of the RCREEE Board of Trustees Meeting 3rd February 2009Your Excellency, Minister of Electricity and Energy of Egypt, Your Excellencies Ambassadors,Dear Friends from the RCREEE countries, Ladies and Gentlemen,On behalf of the Ambassador of Denmark, Mr. Christian Hoppe and on my own behalf, I wouldlike to first of all wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and then to warmly welcome allparticipants in this Board of Trustee Meeting. Finally, we are together again in order tocontinue our joint efforts within the Renewable Energy Sector to the benefit of all RCREEEmember countries! I would like to express our appreciation of the enthusiasm and high degreeof commitment, which you have shown prior to this BoT meeting.As this is just a brief welcome address, I will limit myself to wishing this BoT Meeting lots ofsuccess in our work the coming days, let us have open and frank discussions as usual amongfriends. And last but not the least, we will also have enjoyable social get-togethers.Encore une fois: BIENVENUE A TOUS, BEAUCOUP DE SUCCÈS AU TRAVAIL - et dans cettemonde en crise et de souffrance de la guerre, profitons nous de cet occasion pour renforcer lesliens et l’amitié entre nos pays et entre nous comme personnes. Je vous remercie.