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The potential for wind energy in lebanon


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Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Wind Projects Planning
May 9, 2013
Beirut, Lebanon

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The potential for wind energy in lebanon

  1. 1. The Potential for WindEnergy in LebanonBy Pierre El Khoury, B.E., M.E.M.Director- Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)RCREEE Event on Wind Energy9 May 2013Crowne Plaza Hotel- Hamra, Lebanon
  2. 2. 2National FrameworkDeclaration of theLebanese GovernmentPolicy Paper for theElectricity SectorNational Energy EfficiencyAction Plan (NEEAP)2011-2015PoliticalCommitmentStrategicVision for theEnergy SectorDetailedApplicableApproach
  3. 3. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy3Government ofLebanon• “ […] The reduction in energy demand through the use of energy conservation measuresand renewable energy applications”• “[…] The setup of a national road map built on environmental concepts to reach 12% ofrenewable energy by the year 2020”Ministry ofEnergy andWater• “ […] Demand growth control in order to save a minimum of 5% of the total demand”• “[…] Commits to launching, supporting and reinforcing all initiatives to adopt theutilization of renewable energies to reach 12% of renewable energy”LCEC• “ [..] NEEAP includes 14 initiatives in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectorsfor the period 2011-2015”
  4. 4. 4MEW Policy Paper and Lebanon’s NEEAP
  5. 5. 14 InitiativesEnergy Efficiency Renewable Energy Legal andAwarenessPromotion of PV and WindApplications in the Residentialand Commercial SectorsSolar Water Heaters for Buildingsand InstitutionsElectricity Generation from WindPowerElectricity Generation from SolarEnergyHydro Power for ElectricityGenerationGeothermal, Waste to Energy,and Other Technologies346789Adoption of EnergyConservation Law andInstitutionalization of theLCECBuilding Code for LebanonFinancing Mechanisms andIncentivesAwareness and CapacityBuilding2101112Banning the Import ofIncandescent Lamps toLebanonDesign andimplementation of anational strategy forefficient public streetlightingPaving the Way forEnergy Audit and ESCOBusinessPromotion of EnergyEfficient Equipment135114
  6. 6. 6• Ideal potential: 6,200 MW• Real potential: 1,500 MW• Target: 400-500 MW by2020• First parallel phases:• 50-100 MW- privatesector• 1-10 MW
  7. 7. 7Target and Next Steps• Target: 400-500 MW of wind energy by 2020• First parallel phases:• RFP for a 50-100 MW wind farm by the privatesector• EOI for a 1-10 MW wind farm by the public sector• Environmental concerns: EAI (migratory birds)
  8. 8. Thank You!8The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)Ministry of Energy and Water- Corniche du Fleuve- First Floor- Room 303Telephone: 01-56910101-565108Email: