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On the 29th and the 30th of January 2008, a regional workshop on the MENA Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (MCREEE) was held in Cairo.

The stated objectives of the workshop were to screen / confirm the willingness of the MENA Region countries to cooperate with the new Centre, as well as to exchange opinions and suggestions of the legal and administrative structures of the centre in order to guarantee independency.

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Session1_ report mcreee

  1. 1. Report on the Regional Workshop on the MENA Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (MCREEE)On the 29th and the 30th of January 2008, a regional workshop on the MENA Centre forRenewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (MCREEE) was held in Cairo.Objective: The stated objectives of the workshop were “to screen / confirm the willingness of theMENA Region countries to cooperate with the new Centre, as well as to exchangeopinions and suggestions of the legal and administrative structures of the centre inorder to guarantee independency”.ParticipantsRepresentatives from 10 MENA countries participated in the workshop, upon invitationby the Minister of Electricity and Energy, Dr. Hassan Younes . These countries wereMorocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Yemen besideEgypt. Representatives of the Governments of Germany, Denmark and the EuropeanCommission (EC), committed to support the MCREEE also participated. Theconsultants Mr. Claus and Mr. Mostert who jointly had prepared studies concerning theCentre mandated by the German and Danish governments respectively, assisted in theworkshop as resource persons and advisors. Experts and officials from Egypt andother countries attended the workshop. (see List of Participants in Annex I) Theworkshop was organized jointly by the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)from Egypt and the German Development Cooperation (GTZ).Agenda and ProcessThe workshop process followed closely the proposed agenda (see Annex II):Day one:o The Egyptian host and representatives of the three external development partners Denmark, Germany, and EC gave courtesy introductions and expressed their offer of support for the Centre.o Representatives of development partners presented features, experience and lessons learnt from other international and regional initiatives in the fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency., as well as available support instruments.
  2. 2. o The consultants presented the general features and the main results of the consultations and studies carried out in preparation of the Centre.o The representatives from each of the participating MENA countries presented the current situation of RE development in their respective countries and gave first comments to the proposed Centre.Day twoo Based on a specific presentation of the consultants and a presentation on the related EC project, the workshop discussed the objectives, type of activities and time frames of the future MCREEE and the mode of responding to the demand of the MENA countries.o Similarly based on a specific presentation of a proposal from the consultants and the Egyptian host (NREA), the institutional setup including legal framework, organization and financing of the future Centre.o Finally, the workshop discussed the Cairo Declaration of Intentions on Establishment of MENA Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency “MCREEE”, based on a draft, which had been send by the host to the participants before and modified during the course of the workshop. This session was chaired by the Egyptian host and the Cairo Declaration was adopted unanimously by the participants from MENA countries.ResultsThe outstanding result of the workshop is the adopting of Cairo Declaration of Intentionson Establishment of MENA Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency“MCREEE” by all participants from the MENA countries and the sponsoring partners.(see Annex III) This declaration is the basis for the next steps. With this result, theobjective of the workshop was largely attained.Other important outcomes of the workshop, and the way forward.1) Representatives of donor countries and participating Arab countries agreed upon thecreation of two working groups to: A- Examine the legal status and the organizational form of the MCREEE,this group includes 5 members (proposed: Algeria, Egypt, and Lebanon GermanyEU,).This examination will be based on the proposal presented during the workshopand the discussions.
  3. 3. B- Examine the MCREEE’s activities and a develop two year work plan.This group will include between 5 and 10 members from MENA and sponsor countries(proposed: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Palestine, Germany,and Denmark).2) It is suggested to carry out two studies already during the initial period. All countriesrequested to send their ideas and proposals on the two subjects before the 20th ofFebruary 2008. 3) The German consultant Mr. Claus, together with an international law consulting firm,will prepare the study on item 2A; while the study on item 2 B is to be prepared by theDanish consultant Mr. Mostert in cooperation with Mr. Kamel, currently from the DanishLaboratory UNEP/RISO. The two consultants will prepare their preliminary reports byMarch 2008, for discussion in a preparatory workshop to be held in April 2008. (AnnexIV includes elements for the two working groups) 4) Libya announced that the proposed preparatory workshop scheduled for April 2008to present the two draft studies will be hosted by Libya. 5) A workshop will be organized in Cairo in June 2008 to declare the outcomes of thetwo above mentioned studies, and to start the MCREEE’s activities. 6) The working group previously formed to prepare for the regional workshop in Cairoin January 2008 (which includes representatives from the New & Renewable EnergyAuthority (NREA), GTZ office, Danida , the European Commission in Cairo, Algeriaand Libya ) will assume the role of the secretariat for all present activities, and until thefinal workshop scheduled June 2008 in Cairo.Further observations and comments from the workshopThe presentations by the MENA countries in the workshop confirmed the conclusion ofthe consultants, that the issue of renewable energies has received significantlyincreased attention, and that now all the participating countries have specific authoritiesin place with official competence for renewable energy, some of which were created inrecent month.In the course of the workshop all participants from MENA countries showed highinterest and had a supportive attitude.In their comments and interrogations, the representatives of participant countriesstressed on their expected financial obligations .The current available funds insured thefull financing of the MCREEE for the first five operational years,
  4. 4. Representatives of participating countries discussed also the Centres activities andcapabilities to fulfil the needs of any country in certain area or to add new fieldsaccording to set priorities .They also discussed means of communicationThe workshop took place in a harmonious working atmosphere. All countriesparticipated actively presenting the current situations in their respective countries andchairing sessions as well as in the technical discussions and the negotiations andadoption of the declaration.