CDM programme on solar water heaters in tunisia


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RCREEE Member States: from the first movers for the NAMAs
16-17 November 2011

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CDM programme on solar water heaters in tunisia

  1. 1. Regional workshop on CDM Programme of Activities (Rabat) CDM Programme on solar water heaters in Tunisia
  2. 2. Presentation of Prosol Prosol is a national loan support programme implemented by the National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME) for thedevelopment of solar energy for water heating in Tunisia mainly in three sectors:Tertiary Industry Residential PoAInstallation of 460 000 m2 of domestic SWH in households throughout Tunisia from 2007 to 2011
  3. 3. Prosol origin and background The Prosol residential mechanism was implemented in order to overcome the two main barriers to the development of SWH : National subsidy granted High initial1 Investment cost by the FNME on the purchase price of the SWH High payback period A refundable credit over 5 years through the STEG2 compared with conventional invoice technologies
  4. 4. Role of the ANMEThe ANME acts as a coordinator between the different stakeholdersinvolved in the programme:• The households willing to install a SWH• The SWH suppliers and installers certified by the ANME• The Tunisian government granting a subsidy to the householdsthrough the FNME• The private bank (Attijari bank) which grants loans to thehouseholds• The STEG - Tunisian Electricity and Gas Utility (Société Tunisiennede l’Electricité et du Gaz), that allows the repayment of the loanthrough its electricity bills over 5 years.
  5. 5. 2 Credit file (STEG -Client)/signed contract The success of the programme is 4 Subsidy request Approved files Settled filesbased on a tight partnership between Suppliers 3 5 7 the different actors: Bank transfer Payment on a fixed schedule o A strong membership of the STEGo Real support of the banking sector 1 • Contract signature by the Bank (Attijari Bank) client • Fees payment • Installation of the SWH 6 Clients Payment of suppliers
  6. 6. PROSOL & CDMFrom 2006, the ANME has decided to consider the CDM for the implementation of PROSOL-2 residential Reduction of GHG emissions due to the use of solar energy instead of conventional energies for water heating (LPG, NG and electricity) Prosol is a scattered programme Time Space 2007- 2011 Throughout TunisiaJune 2007 : Clarification of the CDM programmatic rules Adoption of programmatic approach
  7. 7. PoA stakeholders ANME Project proponentGTZ (German Financing of the CDM processCooperation) (From the PDD to the registration) Elaboration of the Programme designEcosecurities documents (PoA-DD ; CPA-DD real case ; CPA- DD generic) Alcor Technical Assistance to the ANME ORBEO Bayer of CER
  8. 8. PoA presentationCoordinating Managing Entity ANME 23 January 2007 Starting date of the programme (Date of signature of the convention between the ANME and the STEG) Starting date of the 30 January 2009 validation Registration date June 2011
  9. 9. Benefits of the PoA Funding of the maintenance system Contribution to the funding of training sessions and capacitybuilding Contribution to the funding of the communication actions improvement of the financial autonomy regarding themanagement of the programme
  10. 10. DifficultiesTunisia was among the first mooverPlusieurs difficultés rencontrées
  11. 11. 1rst dificulty Can not be before the date of theStarting date of a CPA PoA registrationThe date of starting of 23 January 2007the firts CAP However PROSOL was not registered yet Can not include the CPA before the Prosol registration
  12. 12. Pressure on EB….  PoA can include all CPAs with starting EB 47 Article 72 date beteween: - 22 june 2007Exemption of PoA with - The strating date of the validationvalidation starting of the PoA.before 31 December  The List of CPA have to submitted to DOE2009 and UNFCCC before 31 december 2010 Prosol is eligible to this derogation but need to change the starting date of the PoA 23 January 2007 22 June 2007
  13. 13. Second difficulty DOEDemand of clarification to Authorization to change the starting datethe UNFCCC secretariat
  14. 14. 1st demand 30 July 20091st reminder 27 August 20092nd reminder 22 September 20093rd reminder 23 December 2009 Positive answer on 11 january 2010
  15. 15. Challenges of the PoA 1. Early mover 2. Starting date of the CPAs 3. Debundling4. Slowness of the EB answers regarding clarification requests5. Liabilities of DOE DOEs very reluctant