Existing cdm potential


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RCREEE Member States: from the first movers for the NAMAs
16-17 November 2011

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Existing cdm potential

  1. 1. Existing CDM Potential and Perspectives for Carbon Finance in RCREEE Member States beyond 2012 Sonesta Hotel, Cairo, Egypt November17, 2011 Opportunities of mitigation actions in RCREEE MS Amel BIDA Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency www.rcreee.org
  2. 2. Objectives• speeding up the registration of the mature projects with the high potential ofGHG mitigation before the end up of Kyoto protocol period;• enhancing RCREEE member states in : - developing mitigation strategies, - identifying a NAMA portfolio, - supporting building capacity in the field of NAMAs, - mobilizing specific financing for climate change, - making the project developers familiar with the international negotiations and encouraging them to benefit from specific funds decided by Conferences of Copenhagen on 2009 and Cancun on 2010. www.rcreee.org
  3. 3. Conduct of the studyTechnical support: Consortium PERSPECTIVES/ ALCORProject staff: 2international experts + 2 regional consultantsDuration: July 2011 to October2011Study process Country missions 1 report Country reports (9 country studies) 1 regional report 3 www.rcreee.org
  4. 4. Mitigation opportunity in JordanCumulated emission reduction potential during the period 2009-2033 around 100 Million tCO2e Status of the CDM projects 2% 0% Proj status 18% 21% 2 registered 2 submitted 27% 32% 1 Under validation 2 PoA identified Primary energy (fuel switch) 3 projects could be registered before 2012 Energy efficiency Combined Cycle Power Plant, 386.96 MW Renewable Energy Waste water Wind farm of Fujeij and Wadi Araba (60 MW) Municipal solid waste Al kaider landfill, gas collection for power generation. Agriculture The estimated cost is around 210,000 €. www.rcreee.org
  5. 5. Mitigation opportunity in SyriaThe overall mitigation potential of GHG emissions is estimated at 64 MtCO2e for theperiod 2010-2030Emission reductions by sector in 2030 in Syria. Status of the CDM projects Proj status 3 registered 2 submitted 1 Under validation 2 PoA identified Registration before 2012 •Qatineh 50 MW wind energy project •Portland Pozzolana “Blended Cement” at Lafarge CementSource: Initial National Communication of Syria. www.rcreee.org
  6. 6. Mitigation opportunity in Libya According to the EIA, Libyas carbon emissions increased by 24% from 1997 to 2007 and the country’s energy-related emissions were estimated to be 55 MtCO2e in 2009. The dominance of fossil fuel energy sources implies that there is an important mitigation potential through the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Flare gas recovery 24% Combined Cycle plants 35% Fuel Switching to NG Wind Power Cogeneration from NG 16% Waste to energy Proj status 2% EF in building 5% 5% 1 Under validation 4% 4% 5% EF in Industry 1 PIN Other measuresThe mitigation potential in the energy sector can be estimated to around 35 MtCO2e by 2020 www.rcreee.org
  7. 7. Mitigation opportunity in Lebanon The emission reduction potential is around to 20 million tCO2e by year 2030 The energy sector contributes to 82% of this potential GHG mitigation in Lebanon for year 2030 Proj status 15% Energy 3% Agriculture 2 Under validation wastes 82% 4 projects could be registered before 2012 - 60 MW Wind Power Park in Aley region -Rehabilitation of Hydro-Power facilities of Qadicha, 20 MTCO2 Safa and other hydro sites; - Fuel switching to RDF in SEBLIN Cement Plant; - Waste to Energy generation at SICOMO paper plant The estimated cost is around 245 000 €. www.rcreee.org
  8. 8. Egypt Morocco Proj Status Proj Status 10 Registered (1PoA) 6 Registered (1PoA) 9 Under validation 5 Under validation5 projects could be registered before 4 projects could be registered before2012 2012- Naga Hammadi Barrage Hydropower -10 Wind farm for water desalination in Tan- Abu Zabal Landfill Gas Recovery and TanFlaring - Electricity generation from biogas produced- Waste Heat Recovery projects for gas by the waste water treatment station of Festurbine generators - Methane emission reduction in the waste- Shifting from Traditional Open-Pit Method water treatment station of a paper factoryto Mechanize - PV electricity supply in airports- Scrapping and Replacement program ofTwo-stroke Motor cycle The estimated cost is around 140 000 €. www.rcreee.org
  9. 9. NAMAs opportunity in the regionThe screening of NAMA potential in RCREEE member countriesshows that there is considerable opportunity for NAMA developmentin the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.The preliminary assessment identified several potential NAMA ideas,three promising NAMA ideas for further development are suggested:Tunisia - improvement of building insulation NAMA.as a unilateral NAMA, with supported elements related to technical assistance and capacity building.Moroccan residential buildings energy efficiency NAMA.as a comprehensive NAMA involving unilateral, supported and possiblycredited elements.Egyptian renewable energy investment NAMA. as a comprehensive NAMAinvolving unilateral, supported and credited elements, with the possibilityfor conceptualising as a sectoral mechanism www.rcreee.org
  10. 10. Further stepsDiscussion with stakeholders at workshop 17 November 20111/How to achieve registration before end 2012 - What kind of support do the projects need? -Who could support the projects and how2/Exchanging information and having feedback on suggested NAMA -Review of NAMA ideas based on participants feedback - Selection of 2 promising NAMAs for the region What will be the recommendations to Promoting the pilot NAMAs in RCREEE member states to international cooperation to find financial support from the international institutions like KFW, the World Bank, the African Development Bank… www.rcreee.org
  11. 11. Thank youAmel BIDARegional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE)Email : amel.bida@rcreee.org amelbida@yahoo.frwebsite : www.rcreee.org www.rcreee.org