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ECOnomic Housing


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ECOnomic Housing

  1. 1. ECOnomic housingAffordable homes for healthy planets
  2. 2. ECOnomic housingWelcome to ECOnomic Housing.Everybody has the right to feel at home. Home is an important place to feel good, itsa place to gather with family or friends and for moments of restful retreats.ECOnomic Housing is developed to provide comfort with respect for budget andenvironment. It contributes socially, economically and ecologically to a balancedcolourful and stronger society, enabling to adapt in time.ECOnomic Housing offers everybody freedom in creating their own home. Home iswhere one is welcome, we welcome you to the ECOnomic Housing.
  3. 3. ECOnomic housing IntroductionECOnomic Housing is the new approach foreconomical and sustainable urban development.Quality homes, industrially manufactured withhealthy materials, transported to the job site andlocally assembled with a minimum of resources.This innovative process contributes to faster projectcompletion and a significant reduction of building anddevelopment costs.ECOnomic housing follows the life style of itsinhabitants. It adapts to any region in the world andcan transform with respect to size and appearance.
  4. 4. ECOnomic = ECOlogic +ecoNOMIC
  5. 5. ECOnomic housing Industrializedconstruction system for housing and utility buildings.
  6. 6. ECOnomic housingSmart Adaptive Ecological EconomicalModular Curriculum Less emission Less materialOpen source Re-locatable Less energy Light handlingIndustrialized Transforming Places Hardly any waist Logistical footprint
  7. 7. ECOnomic housingIndustrialized:Platform thinking
  8. 8. ECOnomichousing
  9. 9. Family Homes
  10. 10. ECOnomichousing
  11. 11. ECOnomichousing
  12. 12. ECOnomichousing
  13. 13. Utility Buildings
  14. 14. ECOnomic housingECOnomic office
  15. 15. ECOnomichousing
  16. 16. ECOnomic housingRelocatable Hangarfor Airbus 400 – C30 Hercules Dutch MOD
  17. 17. ECOnomic housingECOnomic Sports Halls
  18. 18. The Angola Project
  19. 19. ECOnomichousing
  20. 20. ECOnomichousing
  21. 21. ECOnomic housing9
  22. 22. ECOnomic housingFirst floor kitchen dining living balcony corner
  23. 23. ECOnomic housing Second floor Bath room Bed room 3 / study Bed room 1 Bed room Stair case 2 2009 ECOnomic 23Housing for The Republic of
  24. 24. ECOnomic housing1st floor, view from the dining corner 24
  25. 25. ECOnomic housingShopping under the Economic House
  26. 26. ECOnomic housingThe ECOnomic Quarter with Biological Waste water treatment
  27. 27. ECOnomic housingStapelbare en schakelbareBungalow 100 m2
  28. 28. ECOnomichousing
  29. 29. ECOnomic housingECOnomic Villa
  30. 30. Sustainable neighborhoods 2009 ECOnomic 30 Housing for The Republic of
  31. 31.