Do\'s And Don\'ts For Successful Incentives


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The best ways to insure a successful incentive program (especially with Gen X & Gen Y employees). Contact me for more detail. less

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Do\'s And Don\'ts For Successful Incentives

  1. 1. Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Incentive Program (especially for Gen Y & Gen X employees)
  2. 2. Employee Performance Management System Quality Monitoring Employee CRM Selection Application Application Snowfly’s Incentive Management Agent Workforce Program Scorecard Management & Analytics Dialer ACD
  3. 3. Snowfly Dr. Brooks Mitchell Successful entrepreneur CEO & Founder Aspen Tree Software University of Wyoming Nationally recognized speaker Professor of Management Aspect, Avaya, Noble, Pipkins Author Games, Work, and Human Motivation: An Applied Behavioral Approach to Employee Achievement and Recognition. Bet on Cowboys, Not Horses. Director of HR at PepsiCo Kipling’s Error III. Director of HR at Texas Instruments
  4. 4. We all can do better Dr. Aubrey Daniels R+ Incentive $ “Want-to-do” curve Performance Level 20% - 40% Discretionary Effort R- Base $ MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS “Have-to-do” curve Over Time…
  5. 5. Snowfly improves KPI’s 20% for 2 hours of labor cost per month Absenteeism Schedule adherence/availability Up-selling/conversion rate Fewer/shorter meetings Quality scores Dollars collected Attrition/turn over
  6. 6. How to turn data into action? Lots of data available KPI’s Agent analytics Balanced Scorecard Employee Review annual/quarterly/monthly Quality monitoring/coaching/mentoring
  7. 7. Typical Incentive Programs Many not measured 1/3 produce positive results Short lived Prior behaviors return No connection with agent score cards High maintenance Try to keep fresh Manual input & update results What prizes to buy
  8. 8. Do’s and Don’ts Do provide immediate and continuous feedback and rewards Do look at an incentive program as on-going Do break-down the components of activities Do offer choice of rewards
  9. 9. Do’s and Don’ts Do keep it positive, fair, fun and exciting when earning awards Do make rewards easy to earn and redeem frequently Don’t spread rewards too thin Don’t distribute rewards in regular payroll
  10. 10. Do’s and Don’ts Do keep it simple by avoiding conflicting goals and objectives Do measure the ROI Don’t overload yourself with program administration Do involve management
  11. 11. Do’s and Don’ts Do ask for feedback & keep it fresh Do brag about your incentive program Do participate in outside surveys Don’t spend more than necessary
  12. 12. Do’s and Don’ts Don’t accept high turnover, absenteeism and low schedule adherence as simply the cost of doing business
  13. 13. Snowfly: simple and proven ways to change behaviors. $ 50 $ 20 x 2 $ 10 x 4 $ 5 x8 $ 1 x 140
  14. 14. Why Snowfly gets better results (especially with Generation Y & Generation X employees) Rewards behaviors as they happen Provides fun and excitement Immediate and separate from regular payroll Gives choice of rewards
  15. 15. Let’s get started • Three reasons to conduct a 90 day test: Improvement of KPI’s Eliminates a huge administrative workload Snowfly fee is less than doing it on your own
  16. 16. Questions? Bob Cowen 248-324-1161 Thank you