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O'Sullivan cover letter


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O'Sullivan cover letter

  1. 1. February 23, 2011Mr. Ryan GeistPentavision52303 Emmons Rd., Suite A-4South Bend, IN 46637Mr. Ryan Geist:After taking many courses in Ball States University Telecommunications program, I know that Iam ready to further my knowledge and skills as an intern for your company, Pentavision. For thepast four years I have been studying production and have created many videos, DVD designs, andaudio recordings for various projects here at Ball State. Like Pentavision, I listen and understandthe client so I can make the best possible product that will go beyond their expectations and fulfilltheir needs.This internship will give me much needed experience, not only with creating a good project, butalso understanding the business aspect of production. I have directed music videos and shortdocumentaries. I also have acted in many short films and documentaries. I recorded foley soundsand ADR for the Ball State HD summer movie, Revisited, which will be released on DVD lateron this year. I understand that Pentavision creates websites and does some graphic design workfor clients. My knowledge of programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver will helpexpand this area of the business. I have also become very familiar Protools HD and Final Cut toenrich my passion for video and audio.I already have relationships with not only yourself but also most of all the other owners of thecompany. I have worked for you with recording Notre Dame Football games and helped youcreate the weekly series “Notre Dame Primetime.” I believe that I will be able to bring a young,positive attitude to your company and will have knowledge and experience with the newesttechnology in a field. My experience with video recording and the ear for high quality sound for aproject will be an asset for your company. I always have a positive attitude and I am very easy towork with. I look forward to creating rewarding project for the clients and I am looking forwardto knowledge that I am going to gain from working with your company.I have attached a copy of my resume to this letter and I am looking forward to having aninterview with you to discuss my background and my experiences more in depth. I have includedmy email address and my phone number, so I can be reached at anytime. I would like to thankyou for your consideration and the amazing opportunity that you have presented me with. I hopethat you consider myself as a valuable inter for the summer of 2011.Sincerely,Robin O’Sullivan4147 Spring Hill CourtSouth Bend, IN 46628(574) 229