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Sustainability. As the global economy slowly returns to growth, ‘sustainability’ has become the new buzzword. Agile companies that can swiftly respond to these new market, and customer, conditions will not only be sustainable – they will build a solid platform for growth.

During the extensive research and development for the 2010 Enterprise Information Management Exchange, CIOs told us that sustainability, and profitability, hinges on aligning IT with business owners, enhancing business intelligence and producing trusted, reliable and accurate data that ensures better planning, reporting and analysis.

Taking place in London October 11th, 12th and 13th, the exclusive EIM Exchange will be bringing together the world’s leading minds in data and information management. For two days CIOS and Vice Presidents responsible for investing in IM applications will be meeting with leading technology and service providers to learn how to:

Optimise data for better planning, reporting and analysis
Leverage business-driven enterprise solutions and drive business transformation
Drive operational business intelligence with BI analytics and make the right decisions – at the right time
Harness BI to increasing per-customer profitability, reducing operating costs and improving regulatory compliance
Transform the “data supply chain” and achieve true efficiency in data integration
Establish a company-wide culture of data ownership to minimise business interruption and improve business confidence
Develop a holistic data governance framework to reduce risk, sustaining growth and improve business agility and forecasting
Build a solid growth platform with MDM: Enabling ‘act on fact’ decision making
The executives attending this year’s EIM Exchange know that governing, protecting, maintaining and leveraging information, and using it to drive effective actions, is key to accelerating organisational agility, increasing operational efficiency and securing future growth and success.

Join us in London in October and have the unique opportunity to be a part of this exclusive invitation-only event. Find out if you qualify to attend today.

Find out more at www.eim-exchange.com

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Enterprise Information Management Exchange

  1. 1. Delegate InformatIon Pack OCTOBER 11-13, 2010 Royal hoRseguaRds hotel london, uK exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  2. 2. Collaboration and networking opportunities like this are not out there - the exchange sets the platform to put these principles in practice OCTOBER 11-13, 2010 ROYAL HORSEGUARDS HOTEL LONDON, UK Head of Technology E&P, Petro SA Welcome to the 2010 eim exchange As the global economy slowly returns to growth, ‘sustainability’ has become the new buzzword. Agile companies that can swiftly respond to these new market and customer conditions, will not only be sustainable - they will build a solid platform for growth. During the extensive research and development for the 2010 Enterprise Information Management Exchange, you have told us that sustainability and profitability hinge on aligning IT with business owners, enhancing business intelligence and producing trusted, reliable and accurate data that ensures better planning, reporting and analysis. Taking place in London on October 11, 12 and 13th, the exclusive EIM Exchange will be bringing together the world’s leading minds in data and information management. The executives attending this year’s EIM Exchange know that governing, protecting, maintaining and leveraging information - and using it to drive effective actions - is key to accelerating organisational agility, increasing operational efficiency and building a platform for growth. Join us in London in October and have the unique opportunity to be a part of this exclusive invitation-only event. Why you cannot afford to miss the enterprise information our featured expert faculty includes: management exchange 2010 Paul coby, edwina mcDowall With a number of subtle but highly impactful changes taking place across CIO and Head of BA Services CIO the Exchange portfolio, EIM 2010 will offer you truly unique learning British Airways PLC Cable and Wireless Worldwide & networking opportunities: Jean-Paul Isson federico trovato VP, Global Business Intelligence Vice President Consumer • Unique invitation only event which will only feature senior and Predictive Analytics & Market Intelligence executives from leading European companies Monster Worldwide Philips Consumer Lifestyle richard Beaven Ian Jackson • Unsurpassed formal and informal networking opportunities to Global Head of Change Programmes, Global Information Management share and exchange ideas and concepts Thomson Reuters Architect BAE Systems • Benchmark your current strategies and initiatives with other marc anné David montgomery leading corporations in our exclusive Think Tanks Vice President Customer Insights Head of Data Management and & Advocacy, Continuous Improvement Orange Business Services RWE npower • Meet the leading service and solution providers relevant to your business needs, in focused one-on-one meetings federico cesconi Johann muller Director of Business Intelligence Head of Group Architecture Cablecom Anglo American • A wide range of conference and discussion sessions led by peer-level presenters sharing case-studies, best practices and David evans nigel turner unique updates that are most relevant to your current priorities Chair, DAMA UK Head of CRM Competence Centre Lead IM Consultant, BT BT • Maximise your time out of office by customising your own itinerary. Select the conference sessions, Think Tank Dr. martin curley maurice tayeh discussions and business meetings that match your initiatives Senior Principal Engineer and Director Senior Vice President and CIO and current business needs, so that you are in charge of how you Intel Labs Europe Technip Intel Corporation spend time at this Exchange Key topics being discussed this year include: • Optimising data for better planning, reporting and analysis • Leveraging business-driven enterprise solutions and driving business transformation • Delivering operational business intelligence with BI analytics and make the right decisions, at the right time • Harnessing BI to increase per-customer profitability, reduce operating costs and improve regulatory compliance • Establishing a company-wide culture of data ownership to minimise business interruption and improve business confidence • Developing a holistic data governance framework to reduce risk, sustain growth and improve business agility and forecasting • Building a solid growth platform with MDM and enabling ‘act on fact’ decision making 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  3. 3. enterprise information management exchange 11-13 october 2010, Royal horseguards hotel, london, uK your time is Valuable Who you will meet? Which is Why you are in the driver’s seat eim exchange delegates • Customise your itinerary to reflect your current initiatives, priorities and future strategic objectives • Your itinerary will consist of conference sessions, one-on-one business meetings and our signature To ensure Exchange offers the highest degree of relevancy for Think Tank discussions attendees, only VP and C- level executives and departmental decision makers are invited. This exclusive format allows you to connect with those peers whose insights you respect most - conference sessions through exceptional networking,business meetings and strategic information sharing sessions. The highly crafted conference sessions reflect the strategic issues that CIOS, VPs data, IT and senior IT & IM executives have identified as priorities during our lengthy research process. You will choose from a selection of Heads of It, Data and Business owners & plenary and concurrent sessions covering a myriad of issues that will create the foundation of your agenda. Infrastructure including: operational Unit Heads • CIO Including: • Chief Data Architect / Steward • VP/Head of Customer one-on-one Business meetings • Global Data Owner Experience/Insight/CRM • Head of Data Systems • VP/Head of Business An integral part of your agenda is the one-on-one business meetings with leading Service Providers. • VP/Head of Master Data Intelligence When you register for the EIM Exchange, you are asked to identify the solutions and services you are currently Management • VP/Head of Production considering. We then invite leading experts who can supply problem-solving prescriptions for your business. • Chief of Technology • VP/Head of Process Excellence Applications • VP/Head of Projects Prior to the Exchange, you will be able to assess the service providers who will be attending and select 6-8 who • VP/Head of Data Quality • VP/Head of Marketing offer solutions that match your initiatives and priorities. • VP/Head of Data Management • VP/Head of Procurement • VP/Head of Data Architecture Your selections are then incorporated into your customised agenda. These private 30 minute one-on-one • VP/Head of Enterprise meetings give you the opportunity to hear from leading specialists, whose industry knowledge and experience Architecture enable them to make a valuable contribution to the requirements of your business. They offer objective, flexible • VP/Head of Information and relevant strategies for success. Management This unique aspect of the EIM Exchange serves to simplify the process for sourcing new solutions; switch you on • VP/Head of Information to answers that are working for others and offer you early previews of emerging technologies. Strategy • VP/Head of Information Systems • VP/Head of IT think tank discussions Our signature Think Tank sessions encourage discussion, debate and learning in an unscripted and informal setting. You can choose to participate in these interactive roundtable style sessions on topics which are top of eim exchange solution mind issues. You will be able to select from a range of Think Tank topics which will be incorporated into your providers personal itinerary. These 30 minute discussions will be moderated to ensure that the discussions stay on- Solution Providers are invited based on the requirements of attending course and deliver maximum benefit to you. Ask questions, share experiences, ideas and find the right answers delegates. The solution providers at the enterprise Information to your immediate concerns. management exchange specialise in the following areas: • Application Development • Database Management • Application Integration Systems • BI Analytics • Electronic Discovery • BI Data Mining • Enterprise Content • BI Performance Management Management • BI Reporting • Enterprise Information • Business Intelligence Solutions Integration our past attendees say it best • Cloud Computing • Information Lifecycle • Customer Data Management Management Fantastic experience-given me enough ideas to scope the next 18 • Dashboards and Scorecards • Integration Platforms • Data Analysis • Master Data Management months worth of work - T-Mobile • Data Governance • Middleware • Data Integration • Mobile Data Management Some very interesting solutions to think about – Amway • Data Migration • Mobile reporting / data • Data Processing information • Data Quality • Product Information Excellent event with very good presentations. I particularly valued • Data Security Management the time you built in for networking which made it a hugely valuable • Data Storage • Service Oriented Architecture • Data Warehousing (SOA) experience - Parcelforce Worldwide • Database Administration 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  4. 4. enterprise information management exchange 11-13 october 2010, Royal horseguards hotel, london, uK day one - monday, octoBeR 11, 2010 16.00 Registration opens monday, october 11, 2010 17:00 Bringing technology and business together to enable the employee monday, october 11, 2010 and customer-driven enterprise • Redefining the role of IT: why “there are no IT projects, only business projects” • Glueing it all together: IT achieving operational excellence, delivering IT projects and improving business processes that make a difference to the business • Developing a services culture for IT as part of a shared services transformation Paul coby, CIO and Head of BA Services British Airways PLC 18:00 ice-Breaker networking monday, october 11, 2010 Branded as “the best networking session I’ve ever attended” by a number of past Exchange delegates, this structured networking session is the ideal opportunity for you to capitalise on your time out of the office by speaking to each of your international peers in attendance. This unique session allows you to find out - within just five minutes - if it’s worth meeting up with someone later in the day or whether there’s a possibility of a future business relationship. Nowhere else will you gain such an in-depth understanding of who is within your global network, and where their short and long term priorities lie, offering you a great chance to benchmark your own development. 19.00 Welcome drinks Reception & dinner monday, october 11, 2010 day tWo - tuesday, octoBeR 12, 2010 08.00 chairman’s Welcome & introduction tuesday, october 12, 2010 enteRpRise inFoRmation management 08.15 aligning it with the wider business to turn data into information and tuesday, october 12, 2010 increase operational efficiency and effectiveness • The journey to align IT with the wider business • Business expectations and the increasing use of information and analytics • Optimising data and information management for better planning, reporting and analysis edwina mcDowall CIO Cable and Wireless Worldwide 09.00 one-to-one Business meetings tuesday, october 12, 2010 10.00 i2d, the ideas-to-demand framework: optimising cycle times for tuesday, october 12, 2010 adding value from customer information and insights • Establishing a new information management process that accelerates innovation and maximises customer value • Why traditional information management decelerates innovation and destroys customer value – and what you can do about it • Mapping the corporate decision making process to sustain the flow of innovation and customer experiences • Timing the Idea-to-Demand cycle times to discover bottlenecks, disconnects and distractions within your organisation: Simple steps for getting started • Selecting processes and systems that minimise the time to deliver the right insights to decision-makers Dr robert Shaw Professor of Marketing Metrics Cass Business School 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  5. 5. enterprise information management exchange 11-13 october 2010, Royal horseguards hotel, london, uK 10.45 one-to-one Business meetings tuesday, october 12, 2010 im compliance and RisK management 11.45 identifying data compliance gaps and vulnerabilities and reducing them tuesday, october 12, 2010 to acceptable levels of risk • Minimising risk, maximising compliance: Managing an information governance framework on a global scale • Balancing data provision to meet conflicts in cross-border legislation • Determining organisational requirements, processes, controls and technologies for effectively governing data on a global scale Ian Jackson Global Information Architect BAE Systems 12.45 seated networking luncheon tuesday, october 12, 2010 ensuRing it and Business alignment 13.45 managing information technology for business value: practical strategies tuesday, october 12, 2010 for it and business managers • Identifying business practices necessary for optimising IT business value: Employing win-win investment thinking • Ensuring business and IT alignment: Understanding “closed loop management” • Running IT like a business: Strategically managing your resources: • Customer account management • IT strategic procurement • Customer segmentation • IT marketing • Using IT chargeback: Managing supply and demand and empowering your internal customers to truly achieve IT business value Dr. martin curley Senior Principal Engineer and Director Intel Labs Europe Intel Corporation 14.30 one-to-one Business meetings / think tank tuesday, october 12, 2010 thinK tanK topic: it Value management: achieving and measuring value from it investments • Increasing the accuracy and confidence in your ROI estimates for IT investments • Developing of a set of frameworks and roadmaps to help IT and business executives deliver and demonstrate more value for IT • The Information Technology Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) - Find out how to: • Extend the definition of business value beyond productivity • Measure the business value of IT investments • Choose the best IT investment proposals • Deliver competitive advantage • Manage IT investments for optimal business value Think Tank Leader: martin Delaney IVI Technology Leader, Innovation Value Institute Business intelligence 16.00 modern Business intelligence: unlocking the power of fact based decision making tuesday, october 12, 2010 • Extracting maximum power from your data sources to build superior market knowledge and insightful business analysis • Driving the cultural change towards fact based decision making • Integrating multiple data sources to improve data reporting • Creating a data support infrastructure to facilitate access and analysis • Standardising the analytical approach: An analytical model for root-cause analysis and benchmarking federico trovato Vice President Consumer & Market Intelligence, Philips Consumer Lifestyle 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  6. 6. enterprise information management exchange 11-13 october 2010, Royal horseguards hotel, london, uK 16.45 one-to-one Business meetings tuesday, october 12, 2010 17.45 generating representative and meaningful customer data and metrics to tuesday, october 12, 2010 maximise customer loyalty excellence • Find out how to conduct an in-depth root-cause analysis of customer feedback by: • Choosing quantitative customer satisfaction measurement tools • Assessing loyalty drivers • Finding and using competitive benchmarks • Conducting an in-depth root cause analysis of customer insight • Properly advocate and action customer insights by using customer data to make tactical account improvement actions and overall structural and process improvements • Overcome key obstacles to creating and maintaining long term enterprise customer partnerships marc anné Vice President Customer Insight& Advocacy Orange Business Services 18.30 chairperson’s closing remarks and conclusion of day two tuesday, october 12, 2010 18.30 – 19:30 Free time tuesday, october 12, 2010 19.30 evening Reception tuesday, october 12, 2010 day thRee - Wednesday, octoBeR 13, 2010 08.00 chairman’s Welcome & day one Recap Wednesday, october 13, 2010 masteR data management 08.15 designing a roadmap for master data management: enabling ‘act on Wednesday, october 13, 2010 fact’ decision making • Master Data Management as part of the information maturity journey: Challenging and changing principles • Increasing the accuracy and reliability of MDM: Creating a real-time, unified view of any Master Data • How to develop a tools led approach to speed up learning • Addressing the challenge of multiple data types in resources companies Johann muller Head of Group Architecture Anglo American 09.00 one-to-one Business meetings / think tank Wednesday, october 13, 2010 thinK tanK topic: Reframing and redefining information quality for data governance to ensure sustained success • Shifting the thinking at all levels in your organisation to ensure effective quality management of your high performance information assets: • Assessing data quality challenges and gaps within your own organisation • Identifying tools you can use to address these gaps • Information as an asset: Taking it beyond the slogan and embedding data quality management into the hearts and minds of the business • Identifying and avoiding common pitfalls in data quality measurement • Reward information quality as an enabler of proactive data protection compliance Think Tank Leaders: arnt-erik Hansen Daragh o’Brien former Executive Director, Head of Group Partner Convenor Data, UBS and Director, International Association International Association for Information and Data Quality for Information and Data Quality 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  7. 7. enterprise information management exchange 11-13 october 2010, Royal horseguards hotel, london, uK 10.30 using master data management to translate your business vision Wednesday, october 13, 2010 into reality: how mdm is facilitating the thomson Reuters merger • Using MDM to meet the business challenges of the Thomson Reuters merger: 50,000 employees, 100 countries and two companies with major data quality challenges • Embedding data quality principles into applications to ensure the MDM project is a success: Why MDM cannot work without data governance • Striking the right balance between technology and governance and organisational and process management • Understanding the role of data integration, data quality and MDM in data governance richard Beaven Global Head of Change Programmes Thomson Reuters Markets data quality 11.15 establishing a culture of ’data ownership’: leveraging information Wednesday, october 13, 2010 quality for competitive advantage • Connecting data management with process improvement to increase data ownership and governance • Utilising a data dashboard to measure data quality across the value chain • Drive competitive advantage by controlling data movement and assessing data quality at the source • Establishing a governance structure and culture of data ownership: Building accountability and responsibilities David montgomery Head of Data Management and Continuous Improvement RWE npower 12.00 seated networking luncheon Wednesday, october 13, 2010 13.00 enterprise data quality: proving the link between data quality and the Wednesday, october 13, 2010 consistent customer experience • Developing the data quality principles, methodologies and governance structures to achieve measurable cost savings • Securing senior business buy-in to data quality improvement initiatives including data cleansing, enterprise data warehousing and Master Data Management (MDM) • Utilising a successful data quality programme to facilitate the implementation of MDM • How to move data quality and governance to the heart of your organisation’s CRM and customer experience strategies David evans nigel turner Lead Information Management Consultant, Head of CRM Competence Centre BT and Chair, DAMA UK BT 14.00 one-to-one Business meetings Wednesday, october 13, 2010 Bi analytics and data mining 15.00 using Bi analytics to gain a deeper understanding of customer Wednesday, october 13, 2010 behaviours, increase marketing Roi and drive growth • Following the Monster Worldwide global BI evolution: How Monster used BI to go from good to great • Creating global competitive power with business intelligence: Making the right decisions at the right time • Avoiding common change management challenges in sales, marketing, customer service, and products • Developing a BI vision and implementing it: Successful business intelligence implementation models • Using predictive analytics as a business driver to stay on top of the competition Jean-Paul Isson VP, Global Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Monster Worldwide 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  8. 8. enterprise information management exchange 11-13 october 2010, Royal horseguards hotel, london, uK 15.45 using voice of the customer and social media to transform the customer Wednesday, october 13, 2010 experience and increase loyalty • Linking CEM (Customer Experience Management), analytics and data mining to create a single predictive enterprise • Defining “customer experience” and linking it to business growth and profile • How social media impacts CEM: Another channel or a new channel? • Uncover practical steps for including social media in your CEM strategy • Providing more timely, thorough and actionable insight into customer behaviour with effective CEM • Develop a clear understanding of the link between CEM and an increase in customer life time value federico cesconi Director of Business Intelligence Cablecom data goVeRnance 16.30 Realising information and data as a corporate asset: creating an Wednesday, october 13, 2010 information governance culture by moving from raw data to real value • Applying the same management principles to data that are used to manage other corporate assets • Identifying what you need: Defining the information resource, drawing boundaries and prioritising and what can and should meaningfully be used • Information and data value chains: Finding and resolving breaks in the chain • Integrating data, knowledge and information management systems • Creating a strategy: Drafting a statement of principles, setting policies and standards, and conducting an annual strategy review maurice tayeh Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Technip 17.15 chairperson’s closing remarks and exchange adjourns Wednesday, october 13, 2010 our past attendees say it best An interesting and interactive two days in which I learnt many new concepts and strategies and made some valuable contacts along the way - Scottish Power High level of executive attendees – Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts Informative and thought provoking forum for learning and exchanging knowledge – Eurostar Informative and well organised - Fujitsu Technology Solutions 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com
  9. 9. enterprise information management exchange 11-13 october 2010, Royal horseguards hotel, london, uK What your participation includes: media partners This exclusive event is strictly for senior executives. If you haven’t received an invitation to this event and would like to know if you qualify to attend please call +44 (0) 207 368 9484, email exchangeteam@iqpc.com or fill in an invitation application online at www.eim-exchange.com Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) is a global publication that two-day exchange Pricing provides decision makers and end users with the information they need to early Booking rate Standard Price succeed in the ever-changing field of business technology, from developing strategy to making cost-effective purchase decisions and managing their £599 +Vat £799 +Vat organization’s projects. ETM does this through independent world-leading analysis and vendor thought-leadership in the form of original white papers, To apply for an invitation, please contact the Exchange team: podcasts, analyst research, and case studies detailing up-to-date industry telephone: +44 (0)20 7368 9484 trends and data. www.globaletm.com online: www.eim-exchange.com email: exchangeteam@iqpc.com participation for qualifying delegates includes: The Innovation Value Institute researches and develops unifying frameworks and road-maps for IT and Business executives to create more value from IT and • 2 nights accommodation at the venue resort* better deliver IT enabled innovation whilst validating that these frameworks/ • Access to the secure pre-event website to customise your schedule for the Exchange tools have a broad applicability across differing industries and contexts. To • Selection of Thinks Tanks, keynote presentations and conference sessions address the need for an over-arching IT business value framework, IVI, under • Selection of one-on-one business meetings with solution providers the core themes of IT Value and IT Innovation, will advance methodologies, • Breakfast, lunch and refreshment tools and practices that will allow organisations to optimally manage their • Networking Dinner on Day 2 IT capability to answer the needs of improved IT value delivery and IT driven innovation. IVI, through its consortium, facilitates a collaborative community * Please note we have a limited amount of free accommodation so please secure your place early to avoid paying of like-minded peers committed to investigating, advancing and disseminating the frameworks, tools and best practices associated with managing IT Value the Venue and IT enabled Innovation. http://ivi.nuim.ie/ lonDon’S lateSt 5-Star Hotel - royal HorSegUarDS Hotel Located near Trafalgar Square and near the Strand, The Royal Horseguards hotel in London has graced the sponsors banks of the River Thames for more than 100 years. Situated on Whitehall Place, The Royal Horseguards hotel is close to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey as well as near Buckingham Palace and near Covent Garden. Intellisearch’s strategy and business is to make relevant and wanted information available to corporations and individuals. We do this by The architectural heritage of The Royal Horseguards has earned it Grade I listed status, and made it one delivering corporate search solutions – addressing all information access and of London’s most iconic buildings. Following an extensive refurbishment The Royal Horseguards 281 distribution needs. Our solutions are based on our award-winning Enterprise bedrooms and suites have been transformed into state-of-the-art luxury hotel rooms. Many of these 5-star Search Platform. The solutions are typically used in 6 areas: Enterprise Search, Website Search, eCommerce Search, Competitive Intelligence, Online luxury bedrooms enjoy stunning views over the River Thames to the London Eye, and masterfully blend Media and OEM Search (embedded in third party application). tradition with technology. http://www.intellisearch.no/ Guests have a variety of dining options from the AA rosette restaurant, the bar, the lounge or the stunning al fresco terrace overlooking Victoria Gardens. And confirming its place among the capital’s most luxurious 5-star hotels, The Royal Horseguards has recently been invited to become a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. For transportation, this central London hotel is immediately near Embankment Underground Station and is also Scanmar delivers business intelligence solutions targeted at marketing and located near both Charing Cross Station and Waterloo Station on the rail lines. marketing research applications. We’ve helped our customers to organize, analyse and report the complete flow of internal and external marketing information. We implemented integrated marketing information platforms at 2 Whitehall court, many well-known (multi)national companies, e.g. Heineken, Philips, Unilever, london. SW1a 2eJ FrieslandCampina, Mars, British American Tobacco. Research agencies like tel: 0871 376 9033 / +44 845 305 8332 GFK and Millward Brown choose our BI solutions for their capability to deal fax: 0871 376 9133 / +44 845 305 8371 with marketing research data. Scanmar is one of the few solution providers with in depth experience in bringing together multiple marketing data sources map & Directions: in an integrated environment to make Fact-Based Marketing come true. http://www.guoman.com/en/hotels/united_kingdom/london/the_royal_horseguards/location/index.html www.scanmar.nl Call: 44 (0) 207 368 9484 Email: exchangeteam@iqpc.com Apply for an invitation online: www.eim-exchange.com 44 (0) 207 368 9373 exchangeteam@iqpc.com