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LAC Group - Corporate capabilities


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Who is LAC Group?
The skilled professionals of LAC Group deliver the expertise you need, when you need it, bringing over 30 years of knowledge and information management experience and reliable service to every client engagement.

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LAC Group - Corporate capabilities

  1. 1. Corporate capabilities
  2. 2. About LAC Group ● Trusted leader in optimizing information, both digital and analog, by leveraging world-class talent and expertise. ● 30 years of knowledge and information management experience and reliable services for managing and leveraging information.
  3. 3. Core capabilities Digitization & digital asset management Preservation & archiving of film, paper and tape Metadata, data lifecycle & other data management Recruiting, staffing & talent acquisition and management Library & knowledge management Research support Indirect spend management & cost containment Enterprise content management Our team becomes an extension of your team, with experience and services for content, research, talent and consulting to meet all your information needs:
  4. 4. What we do Information People
  5. 5. Benefits of managed services model Expand your information resources and capacity Gain access to information skills and experience Mitigate risk through sharing and accountability Spur innovation and performance Respond to change with greater speed and agility
  6. 6. Research & intelligence Competitive intelligence: Monitoring for strategic planning and tactical action. Financial research: Due diligence and other financial information needs. IP & copyright research: Reduced liability and risk of copyright violations. Legal research: Comprehensive support for all legal information needs. Virtual support: Remote research and reference team available online, as-needed.
  7. 7. Knowledge & information management Library services: Information science skills and support via our Library as a Service® model. Knowledge management: Services to maximize the use and value of internal knowledge and experience. Library collection management: Support for organizing and optimizing any digital or physical content. Planning and mapping: Guidance for keeping pace with rapidly advancing technology and changing requirements.
  8. 8. Spend management Category spend optimization: Deep-dive, total cost of procurement analysis of expenditures in specific categories. Procurement transformation: Strategies to improve purchasing processes, activities and supplier relationships. Strategic sourcing: Systematic approach to sourcing for greater cost-effectiveness and value creation. Pre- and post-merger and acquisition: Capturing procurement synergies, savings, optimization and department creation. Managed spend: Augmenting or administering operational aspects of the procurement process.
  9. 9. Content management Archival storage: Specialized cold storage for preserving motion picture film and other high-value media. Film digitization: High-speed, high-resolution scanning for moving and still image film assets. Film restoration and preservation: Inspection, cleaning, repair, metadata and other services. Curation and monetization: Maximizing value for monetary goals, historical missions and IP protection.
  10. 10. Industries we serve Fortune 500 corporations Major law firms Federal government Media & entertainment
  11. 11. Why LAC Group We transform content into long-term assets and information to actionable knowledge. Our people make the difference. Our approach means you get the support and expertise you need for however long you need them.
  12. 12. Contact us