Twin Cities Eloqua User Group - October 30, 2012


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Summary presentation for the monthly Twin Cities Eloqua user group held the last Tuesday of every month at the Relationship One office - for more information.

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Twin Cities Eloqua User Group - October 30, 2012

  1. 1. Twin Cities Eloqua User Group October 30, 2012
  2. 2. today’s agenda start end Updates & R1 @ EE12 Monthly Monthly Best Practices: Ask the Open Announcements Feature: Feature: A/B Split Consultants Discussion Cloud Cloud Testing Connector Component
  3. 3. Updates & Announcements
  4. 4. updates and announcements‣ Eloqua Experience 2012 - starts Tuesday 11/6‣ Eloqua R4 release scheduled for mid December...scope still TBD ‣ Eloqua Chatter ‣ Insight report enhancements ‣ Industry specific versions launching (e.g., finance asset management)‣ Beware of Chrome bugs (when in doubt, use Firefox)‣ Next user group will be on “C” level (we have gotten too big)
  5. 5. R1 @ EE12
  6. 6. r1cares charitable giving Vote for Charity We are doing something different this year, instead of giving away an Apple iPad, iPad mini, car, trip, boxes of stuff that light get the TI O N S HI P idea...we are giving back. We have selected three charities: A O REL NE CA RES Our Contribution: $1,000 per charity Your Votes: $500 Additional
  7. 7. vote for charity S T IO N H I P A O REL NE CA RES Get your badge Brag Collect your scanned or tweet (tweet, tweet, R1Cares Pin to #R1Cares tweet...#R1Cares) ➊ ➋ ➌
  8. 8. new services Ri Cd Pa cloudEloqua integration Custom cloud Launch of with CRM and connector and performance analyticsbackend systems - application services including simple monthly development Tableau and hosting fee GoodData
  9. 9. Cloud Connectors & Components
  10. 10. cloud connectors vs. cloud components‣ Connectors - app that extends Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas. Functionality to send/retrieve data from outside systems and/or perform a function‣ Components – Extends the functionality of Eloqua Landing Pages in E10. It pulls content or logic from 3rd parties, and displays it on a landing page, such as Twitter Feeds or Facebook Single Sign On
  11. 11. cloud connectors vs. cloud components‣ appcloud vs. cloudconnector websites ‣ - marketplace to learn about available apps ‣ -site where connectors and components actually live, this is where they are configured and run‣ Must create a user account on (separate login)‣ Must have credentials for Eloqua User w/API access
  12. 12. Cloud Connector Feature: Cloud2You
  13. 13. Cloud Component Feature: LinkedIn Social Sign-On
  14. 14. Adding Cloud Components‣ You must have administer level access on your instance‣ Step 1: Click on the Setup icon‣ Step 2: Click on the Cloud Components icon‣ Step 3: Find a component youd like to use and hit the Enable button‣ Step 4: You will now see the component you enabled in your landing editor‣  Step 5: Rinse and repeat, to add more components!
  15. 15. Social Sign On‣ Eloqua offers Social Sign On with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The following fields are returned from those sites: ‣ Linkedin: LinkedIn ID,First Name, Last Name, Headline, Location Name, Industry, Number of Recommenders, Number of Connections, Picture URL, Specialities, Associations, Interests, Honors, Date of Birth, Address, Company, Company Type, Company Industry, Current Position Title, Current Position Start Date, Current Position Summary, Skills ‣ Facebook: Name, Email, Location, Gender, Birthday ‣ Twitter: Twitter Handle, Name, Screen Name, Location, Profile Image URl, URL, Followers Count, Following Count, Language, Verified, Description, Time Zone, Tweet Count
  16. 16. Demo: Linked In Social Sign-On
  17. 17. A/B Split Testing
  18. 18. A/B Testing - What is it?‣ A/B testing compares the effectiveness of two versions of a web page or email to determine which has better response or conversion rate.
  19. 19. Email Considerations‣ Day/Time‣ Subject Line‣ From Name‣ Personalization‣ Headline‣ Body Copy‣ Closing Text‣ Calls to Action‣ Offer‣ Testimonials‣ Layout
  20. 20. Metrics‣ What Should Be Tracked?‣ Open Rates‣ Click-Through Rates‣ Unsubscribe Rates
  21. 21. Best Practices - Emails‣ Start with a clean list‣ Split list 20/20/60% – Winner gets 60%‣ Test A and B list simultaneously‣ Only test one variable at a time‣ Test early and often‣ Audience behavior changes (e.g. mobile)‣ Believe the data, do not go on instinct‣ Compare against your company benchmark
  22. 22. Best Practices - Landing Pages‣ Evaluate pages with low visitor-to-lead conversion rates‣ Consider:‣ Image placement and size‣ Copy length‣ Form length‣ Location of Call to Action buttons and links
  23. 23. A/B Split Testing Demo
  24. 24. 8009 34th Avenue South, Suite 300Minneapolis, MN 55425P: 763.355.1025E: info@relationshipone.comW: