Surrealist Project Presentation


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Surrealist Project Presentation

  1. 1. Surrealist Artwork
  2. 2. • Ms. Compton• Visual Art I• Surrealist Artwork using value and imagined landscape•• Procedure: Students will use value to shade the mannequin forms in an imagined environment to create a Surrealist artwork.• Students will apply the skills learned from the value lessons to shade the mannequin. Mannequin composed of geometric shapes. Must use at least (1) whole Mannequin (from head to foot) in the composition. Students can use another whole or partial mannequin if they choose.• Students must use one other object in the composition, your choice. This will help students to deal with proportion and composition. The other object can be in color or use value to describe. You may use more than one other object if they choose.• Background will be an imagined environment; students need to be creative and inventive with background. Students may also use patterns to make the background Surrealist or a combination of both.• Students must use the entire paper and arrange objects to make an interesting composition; must apply previous knowledge of foreground, middle ground and background to composition.• Must show evidence of care and effort to produce a creative an interesting artwork.• Artwork demonstrates interesting composition while using the entire area of the page.• Artwork expresses a complete idea and is completed by due date.• Artwork clearly reflects the influence of Surrealist art movement based Surrealist PowerPoint.•• Materials: Large Grey paper, graphite sticks, white pastels, color pastels, sketching pencils (if necessary).
  3. 3. Surrealism:• A artistic style that uses visual imagery from the subconscious mind to create art without the intention of logical comprehensibility• The artistic style of surrealism began as an official movement shortly after the end of the first world war. In its infancy, it was a literary movement, but soon found its greatest expression in the visual arts.• Surrealism was a means of reuniting conscious and unconscious realms of experience so completely that the world of dream and fantasy would be joined to the everyday rational world in "an absolute reality, a surreality."In general, the style focuses on psychological states which resemble dreams and fantasy.
  4. 4. • The major Surrealist painters were Jean Arp, Max Ernst, André Masson, René Magritte, Yves Tanguy, Salvador Dalí, Pierre Roy, Paul Delvaux, and Joan Miró and Giorgio de Chirico.
  5. 5. • Link to Giorgio de Chirico images
  6. 6. David Salle• David Salle (born 1952) is an American painter and leading contemporary figurative artist.• Salle was born in Norman, Oklahoma. He earned a BFA and MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, where he studied with John Baldessari. Salle’s work first came to public attention in New York in the early 1980s.• His paintings comprise what appeared to be randomly juxtaposed images, or images painted on top of each other with deliberately ham- fisted paint handling. His subject matter tended toward the popular, the gratuitous, and the pornographic, and was combined in ways that appeared deliberately incomprehensible. His work was called "cynical", "calculating", and "cold".• In the next few years he and his contemporaries — termed postmodern — achieved a succès de scandale with their work. He also turned his hand to set and costume design, photography, and directing mainstream cinema.