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Guerilla usability testing


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A talk from Akademy 2018, presenting how the KDE Community can apply Guerilla Usability Testing to improve the user experience of our products

Published in: Design
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Guerilla usability testing

  1. 1. Thomas Pfeiffer Guerilla Usability Testing How low-cost, low-effort user testing can improve KDE's products Akademy 2018
  2. 2. What is Guerilla Usability Testing? Guerrilla testing is a fast and low-cost way to gain sufficient insights to make informed decisions.1
  3. 3. What is Guerilla Testing Good for? ● Identifying clear usability issues ● Testing assumptions with real users ● Getting quick feedback when in doubt ● Best for short tasks needing no prior knowledge or experience
  4. 4. Whar is Guerrila Testing Not Good for? ● Komplex UIs or tasks ● Measuring things ● Extrapolating distribution of attitudes to the target audience as a whole (e.g. “60% of users prefer that variant”)
  5. 5. Who can Do it? ● Anyone who is at least somewhat – Outgoing and friendly – Observant – Patient
  6. 6. Who to Test With? ● Anyone matching the target audience ● Current users of the tested software if experience is needed ● For example – People met at a pub or café – Coworkers, fellow students, etc. – Friends and family (be sure not to always test the same people!)
  7. 7. What do we Need? ● A UI/UX design (anything from rough sketches on paper to a coded UI) ● A place with people matching the target audience ● Time ● Some money for incentives (e.g. a beer per tester) if testing with strangers
  8. 8. What to do? (1) ● Define your research question ● Define test tasks and/or questions ● Bring device or piece of paper with UI on it ● Ask people if they’d like to try it out for a few minutes (in exchange for e.g. a beer) ● Introduce what the UI is about (only as much as absolutely necessary)
  9. 9. What to do? (2) ● Explain test procedure, ask to think aloud ● If testing a full application – Give a few minutes to familiarize with the product ● Describe the task ● Watch users perform the task – Take notes – If possible, record voice, screen + interactions
  10. 10. Let’s Get Testing! ● When in doubt, do a guerilla test! ● Split the work among the team (e.g. five members do one test each) ● If you have questions, talk to me or send me an email ( )
  11. 11. Sources / further reading ● [1] adapted from ● All images CC0 from Further reading: ● ● ting-69a1411d34fb