Rural Marketing pdf by Experiential Marketing company rc&m india


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Rural Marketing pdf - An idea which would bring customers for all categories under one roof (initiator influencer, buyer & user, all interact with the brand together) to create the right sales & promotion mix. RC&M India one of the best Experiential Marketing and Rural Marketing Company in India. Rural marketing for multiple brands like bajaj, tata chemicals, wipro idea, Kodak etc.

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Rural Marketing pdf by Experiential Marketing company rc&m india

  1. 1. BackgroundBrand Name Multiple brandsCategory Rural Marketing Program of the yearClient Multiple - Bajaj, Tata Chemicals, Wipro Idea, Kodak etc.Title “Grameeno ke Beech” By Experiential Marketing
  2. 2. “Grameeno ke Beech” Experiential MarketingBrief & Objectives: An idea which would bring customers for all categories under one roof (initiator influencer, buyer & user, all interact with the brand together) to create the right sales & promotion mix. A simple most cost effective idea which would yield maximum participation and interaction with the brand and the villager cherishes the memory of his association with the brand in that time frame. Create an ambience for the TA that is relatable yet unique & afresh Make the TA feel important and persuade them graciouslyTarget Audience: Every one from a school going child, rural women to a mature farmer was our TG. Target groups from different age groups and category were invited so as to reinforce the feeling of oneness and an image of family.Backgrounder for Concept: My life is dull & revolve around day to day chores There is hardly any source of entertainment Rural extravaganza at held at district level on annual basis only 2
  3. 3. Experiential Marketing Marketing efforts so far have been restricted to the extent of running short campaigns that lacked the element of interaction. The need was to bring together and run a syndicated activity which will yield better results and bring more sales benefits to the brands. The trend from marketers across industries had always been stand alone initiatives. Rural customer is more community specific and decisions are taken in togetherness rather than a single mind purchase. The influencers like peers, relatives, neighbors, youth and affluent farmers etc who are consulted for different purchases Any company who is promoting its product faces a tough competition with other players. Main challenge has always been recall as the rural TG is exposed to different promotions happening in his village. The challenge is how to build up strong recall of his experience with the brands.Hence, the need of the hour, as explored by agency was to reach out with just the rightentertainment package which defined the foundation for the concept. An in-house initiative to bring all brand closer to the rural consumer under on roof. A family entertaining, commercial fair by itself. A unique “Har Ghar Mein ek Product” approach, which eventually led to an increase in product trials. It aimed at involving the entire family, for the full day in an atmosphere created to enjoy, interact, understand & breathe the products displayed by the Corporates for higher trials & brand recall. 3
  4. 4. Customization: Experiential Marketing GKB Branded Venue BAJAJ Demonstration & functional stall Embroidery competition for women, to design logo of Bajaj on a hankerchief for their husbands CADBURY Inflatables, bouncing stall with chochlates & confectionery to attract children KODAK One minute, photo challenge at Kodak Stall training of how to click a photo NIRMA Stain removal demos games TATA CHEMICALS Live demos of quick dissolving feature of Tata salt 4
  5. 5. Scale: Experiential Marketing IDEA SCHEMES Free Simcard provided to TG for a trial to give live product experience BAJAJ DISCOVER SCHEMES Free lubricant oil & Oil free change coupons with purchase of Bajaj Discover bike worth Rs. 47000 KODAK SCHEMES Free 1 ultra max film roll with purchase of camera worth Rs. 500 . Taught the TG how to click photographs PARLE SCHEMES 1+1 offer (Ek biscuit pe ek aur free) (Ek biscuit ke saath Ek kismee toffee) WIPRO SCHEMES Santoor soap & CFL Lamps sold on discounted rates 5
  6. 6. Result: Experiential Marketing Villages covered 2190 Audience Intrection 62.70 lakh Retail Outlet 10K Villages Covered in every 4 States Haryana, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Maharasthra (2 months in each state) Every third participant undertook Product Trial Some indicative figures to endorse the success of GKB Bajaj generated around 15k enquires and did spot sales of 2500 bikes ITC, Parle, Cadbury, Tata salt generated sales for 5000 per day per company Merchandising at 500 corporation market called Haats 1000 anganwadi centers covered New Outlets Opened No of Retail Outlets Merchandised No of Indirect Reach 4200 25K More than 50 Lacs 6