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Essay 4 research paper self evaluation aug 02 2012


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Essay 4 research paper self evaluation aug 02 2012

  1. 1. Lambert 1(Robert) Curtis LambertEnglish 101Professor Bolton02 August 2012 Research Paper, “The Maligning of Media Piracy” Self Evaluation The research paper was the final installment of the essays I wrote for my compositionclass; English 101. I had tremendous trepidation going in to this project because the termresearch paper has always been one to make my hair stand on end. However, following myannotated bibliography, which did not excite me at all, it ended up being the single best tool Icould have had to formulate and compile the information, and then to convert that in tounderstandable, and hopefully readable, dialogue. I used my text analysis essay, “The PersistentPiracy Plethora,” as my jumping off point for my research paper, later titled, “The maligning ofMedia Piracy;” not quite as catchy, but I hated to re-use the title when I was re-using, andelaborating on, so much of the info from my text analysis. Part of the reason the paper was soimportant is because the subject, media piracy, is one that I have a good deal of knowledge andinformation about since it concerns me personally: I am a member of the combined actorsunions, SAG and AFTRA, and for the past 10 years media piracy, and how to disburse royaltiesand residuals, has been an endless topic; and still is! My goal with this paper was not only to show my understanding of the subject matter in abroader sense than I had done with Essay 2, but to convey the industry lingo and the judiciallegalese in a manner that was understandable for anyone who may read the essay. I feel Iaccomplished what I set out to do, and having twice as many words to convey my point certainlyhelped; in the end I was very pleased with the result. There is not much more I could have said or
  2. 2. Lambert 2referenced in the 3000 word range, therefore, I am happy with the final copy and had littlerevising to do following grading.