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Kalyan Hadoop


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Kalyan Hadoop

  1. 1. R.V.S. Kalyan Email : Mob : 93426 73469 Landline : 080-26593006 OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position in a progressive organization, demanding a high level of performance and commitment from its employees. A company where I can continue to make a positive contribution, and expect a good growth oriented environment. PROFILE: Over 19 years of experience in ERP field and 1.5 Years in Apache Hadoop development using HDFS, Hive, HBase, MapReduce, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume, Shell scripting, Yarn, to include designing, developing and deploying n-tier and enterprise level distributed applications. Work Experience ITTI Project Manager/ Hadoop Developer Apr 2014- May 2016 Canary’s Technical Manager April 13 – Feb 14 Incadea India Pvt Ltd. Team Lead Mar 12 – Mar 13 Atharvan Business Consultancy Team Lead / Manager June 11- Feb 12 Congruent Info Tech. Practice Head Jun 10 – May 11 Vision People Technical Lead Mar 08 – Jun 10 BlueStar InfoTech Ltd. Technical Consultant Jul 06 -- Feb 08 Fujitsu Services – Dubai Functional Consultant Sep 2005 – Jul 06 Bluestar InfoTech Ltd. Technical Consultant May 1999 – Aug 2005 Baan Info Systems – Hyd Associate Software Engineer Jul 1997 -- Mar 1999 Technical Skills Skills Details Operating System HP - UNIX , WINDOWS – NT, WIN 98, Win 2000, Win XP, Linux (Centos) Hardware Sun Solaris, HP 9000 RDBMS Oracle 7.3, MSSQL Server 2005 ERP Packages BaaN IV and BaaN ERP, Navision 3.xx , Navision 4.xx , LS Retail 4.10 SP1, NAV 2009, NAV 2013 R2. R.V.S. Kalyan Page 1 of 13
  2. 2. Tools BaaN Tools ( IV & V ) ,C/Side Languages C, PASCAL, C++, COBOL,VB, C/AL, Java Web Technologies HTML,DHTML, XML ,CSS Hadoop Eco System: Hadoop Distributions Cloudera & Hortonworks Scripting Shell Scripting Data Warehousing Script Hive, Impala, Pig NoSQL Database HBase Job Scheduling Tool Oozie Data Transfer Tool Sqoop Testing Framework MR Unit, Hive & Pig Unit Testing UI Hue IDE Eclipse Educational Qualification: MCA, Osmania University, 1994-97 B.Sc. (Electronics). Gulbarga University, 1989-92 Certifications: Microsoft Business Solutions Navision – Essentials. Microsoft Business Solutions Navision – C Side Introduction. Microsoft Business Solutions Navision – Solution Development. Microsoft Business Solutions Navision – NAV 2009 Core Setup and Finance. Work Experience: ITTI: PROJECTS PROFILE: Company : ISKCON Project : ISKCON Sales Analysis. Deals with more than 10 TB of data and 6 node clusters. We use to analyze historical sales information and generate reports on Weekly, Monthly basis and compare sales between months, compare sales of different product categories, analyze growth and decline in sales, generating weekly, monthly and yearly report for the same. Doing forecast for future sales on also comparing the target achieved or not for weekly and yearly basis. When selling products in order to prevent products stock out due to the uncertainty events, enterprises usually reserves a certain amount of safety stock. The amount of safety stock is directly related to inventory costs and no. of sales and determining the amount of future safety stock as per the previous sales report. Environment : Apache Hadoop on Hortonworks platform, HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, Oozie, HBase, Sqoop, LINUX, MS-SQL Server 2005. R.V.S. Kalyan Page 2 of 13
  3. 3. Environment Tools : Java Map Reduce (Parse Test files and do calculations), Sqoop, Hive & Pig, Queries on Imported Files Team size : 6 members Role : Hadoop developer. Contributions: 1. Involved in developing the Pig scripts 2. Involved in developing the Hive Reports. 3. Developed the Sqoop scripts in order to make the interaction between Pig and MySQL Database. 4. Hadoop MR jobs Can be done depending upon the Data Set size Using this Class - (1) Without Combiner (2) With Combiner 5. Moved all data flat files generated from various retailers to HDFS for further processing. 6. Developed the LINUX shell scripts for creating the reports from Hive data. 7. Completely involved in the requirement analysis phase. 8. Raw Html data extracted from Code Repository using PIG Regular expressions and used in Hive 9. Using Sqoop exported Hive external output processed data into MySQL. Project : ISKCON ERP Description: ISKCON project has been split into 4 companies namely, Goloka Seva Trust (GST), ISKCON, Touchstone Foundation –Gifts ( TSG) and Touchstone Foundation – Foods ( TSF). As a project manager, I have lead the implementation project by involving in end to end activities – system study, requirement analysis, FRD preparation, Gap Fit Analysis, Design documents and also preparing weekly schedules and reviews and part of Steering committee meetings. All the above projects were conceived as Vanilla implementation with customizations arising during the GAP fit for each entity will be taken up as separate project. Along with this, integrations with existing legacy systems and also bank payment integrations. Project : CELIO Fashions Limited Celio already implemented MS Dynamics NAV 2011 Retail version across all its stores across India and would like to get the use Hadoop platform for decision making analysis for Campaigns, Promotions, End of Season Sales and also to arrive customer preferential buying nature. Environment : Hadoop, Apache Pig, Hive, SQOOP, Java, LINUX, PHP, MySQL Role : Hadoop Developer. Hardware : Virtual Machines, LINUX. Contributions: R.V.S. Kalyan Page 3 of 13
  4. 4. • Writing Hive queries to read from HBase. • Writing Shell scripts to automate the process flow. • Writing Hive, Pig Queries and UDF’s on different datasets and joining them. • Used Sqoop for data transfer between MSSQL and HDFS • Serializing JSON data and storing the data into tables using Hive. • Schema definition for JSON File. • Hive Data sampling, Buckets and Cluster methods for schema. • Writing the Hadoop Job workflows & scheduling using Oozie Also, overseeing support to the following projects. 1. MAF 2. Snow-white 3. HSW Canary’s: As a Technical Manager, my role involved in communicating with the clients and also understand the design aspects and preparation of specification documents and getting the deliverables done. Cenium: Cenium is leading PMS (Property Management Systems) provider for Europe and US. We are providing the support and off shore development Cenium PMS: Environment : NAV 2009 R2 RTC to 2013 RTC Description : This project is based on migration of objects developed in 2009 to 2013 RTC. Cenium Sales & Catering: Environment : NAV 2009 R2 RTC to 2013 RTC Description : In this project, we have provided a separate vertical of Sales & Catering module which has been part of PMS for business purposes and this project has been developed on 2013R2 (RTC). Atharvan Business Consultancy: As a Team Lead and Project Manager, it’s my responsibility to complete the assigned projects with in the given timelines by optimizing the resources and also preparation of Technical Design and support in both technical and functional aspects to the team along with support to Pre-Sales team to close the deals. Project : ACWA Automatics Environment : NAV 2009 R2 RTC R.V.S. Kalyan Page 4 of 13
  5. 5. Description : As Project Manager and tech lead, I have played versatile role in ensuring that the project will be delivered on agreed time lines. Project : SportsNest Pvt. Ltd., Environment : NAV 2009 R2. Description : Along with Implementation of the project, we have developed XML integration with other 3rd party systems. Project : Karnataka State Cricket Association. Environment : NAV 2009 R2 RTC. Description : Technical support based on customer queries and new developments based on customer requirements. Project : Maiyas Environment : NAV 2009 R2. Description : We have started to work on integrating IPOD systems with NAV using web services. However this is still ongoing project. Incadea India: As a Team Lead my duty is to interact with clients and understand their requirements and design and get developed by the technical team with in given timelines by optimizing the efforts and resources. Project : Saad Buzwair Environment : Nav 3.x (Incadea Version) Description : Microsoft has moved from MBL Licensing to BRL License. Using Renumber Tool, we have to renumber the old objects to be executable in the latest BRL License. Project : BMW – FIFO Based pricing. Environment : (Incadea Version) Description : BMW wants to have all their dealers across India to issue the parts as per MRP on FIFO basis. We have developed this functionality across Purchases, Sales, and Service. Project : BMW – Upgrade – from NAV 4.0 to NAV 2009. Environment : (Incadea Version) Description : BMW India looking to upgrade from their current version having Indian localizations of 4.0x to Incadea Global with Standard NAV 2009 R2 IN. Project : BMW – Support. Environment : (Incadea Version) Description : This is support project comprising of DMS (Dealer Management Systems) and their day today support. Project : VW Environment : (Incadea Version) R.V.S. Kalyan Page 5 of 13
  6. 6. Description : Design and development of the customer specifications and also providing all India roll out support. Congruent Info Tech – Chennai: As a Practice head, it’s my duty to ensure that to establish a team with technical and functional skills and ensure that my division is profitable with quality products delivered to the customer and getting good feedback on customer surveys and establishing the team with sufficient self- backup to overcome attrition and also identifying the backup line of dependency and providing the support the Pre-Sales team to close the deals. Project : VeePee (France) – Support in Navision 4.0. Environment : Navision 4.0 Description : Developing a customized module where Sales order process will be changed in order to suit customer requirements along with dynamic filter concepts. Project : Auscomp (Australia) – Impl’n and support in 5.0 Environment : Navision 5.0. Description : Support for this project which has been implemented 1 year back. Project : FocuBiz (German) – Support in Nav 2009. Environment : Navision 2009. Description : Technical support based on customer queries and new developments based on customer requirements. Project : Exakis (France) – Support in Nav 2009 R2. Environment : Navision 2009 R2. Description : Migration of Reports from classic client (Navision 2009) to RTC Reports in Navision 2009 R2. Project : Noble Steels (VKG) - Chennai. – Impl’n and support in Nav 4.0 Environment : Navision 4.0 Description : Post implementation support and customizations. Vision People India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Project : INCADEA (International Car Dealer Application) Environment : Navision 3.7 Role : Techno Functional Tectura Automotive Group (TAG) is implementing Dealer Management System across India roll outs for Volkswagen and Audi variants and this project deals training and implementation. We have developed a vertical in Navision which will integrate with ELSA (for labor) and ETKA (for parts) through NAS. Project : Northern Technical LLC – Abu Dhabi. Environment : Dynamics – Navision Team Size : 4 R.V.S. Kalyan Page 6 of 13
  7. 7. Role : Senior Technical Lead. Role : Preparation of functional specifications and training to the user’s w.r.t. product and development and customization. Project : Dynamics Ship Supplier Environment : Dynamics – Navision Team Size : 4 Role : Senior Technical Consultant Dynamics Ship Supplier has been designed and developed in MBS Dynamics – Navision as a vertical which caters shipping industry with integration to Lloyd Fair play management and also taking international shipping standards. My role is to coordinate with the functional team and leads the team w.r.t customizations. Project : SCHAAR-NIEMEYER (FAR EAST) – SNFE Environment : Dynamics – Navision. Team Size : 4. Role : Senior Technical Consultant. My role in this project is enhancement to the existing project with new functionality added up w.r.t. Sales return process and further support on the base product. Blue star InfoTech Ltd – Bangalore: Blue star Infotech is a global software solution and service provider in diversified fields inclusive of Banking verticals, ERP specializations like. BaaN, Microsoft Business Solutions- Nav operations. Project : Karnataka Hybrid Micro Devices (KHMD) Environment : Dynamics – 4.0 SP3, MS-SQL 2000 Team size : 4 Role : Senior Technical Lead. Provided support in Finance, Sales & Receivables, Purchase, Quality. Migration Projects: I have handled 6 different projects w.r.t. Migration ranging from 3.60 to 3.7 and 3.70 to 4.0 SP1, 3.70 to 4.0 SP3 and 4.0 SP1 to 4.0 SP3. Sanofi Synthelabo : Migrated from 3.60 to 3.70 Essel Propack : Migrated from 3.60 to 3.70 TDPS : Migrated from 4.01 SP1 to 4.0 SP3 Nordson : Migrated from 4.0 to 4.0 SP3 R.V.S. Kalyan Page 7 of 13
  8. 8. KHMD : Migrated from 4.0 SP1 to 4.0 SP3 Project : MILLTEC Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Description : Milltec Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of Milling Machinery and Roller flour Mill Cleaning Machinery. MBS Navision modules like Finance, Human Resources, EXIM and Quality Control are customized as per the business process of the Milltec. Role : Project Manager Team Size : 4 Modules worked : Finance, Sales & Receivables, and Purchase & Payables Understanding the customer requirements and Preparation of functional documents and designing and getting the deliverables by the team. Project : United Breweries Limited Description : It is Today, at the apex of the UB Group. A group that believes in leadership and creation of abiding value. Has MBS-Navision 3.70. They had some locking issue during the month-end. Role : Senior Technical Lead Team size : 3 We have worked on the issues related to Performance & locking. Project : EFD Induction Ltd. Description : EFD Induction group is a world's leading supplier of heating induction equipments. Role : Senior Technical Consultant. Understanding the customer requirements and designing and developing the same by customization of the existing standard product. Fujitsu Services – Dubai: Project : FUGRO Fugro Middle East B.V. Provides a complete range of geotechnical investigation onshore and offshore, construction material testing, and topographic surveys throughout the Gulf area, India and Pakistan. FUGRO ME has different home made heterogeneous systems which needs to be integrated with one another and with MBS – Navision, we were able to integrate their HR, Projects and Equipments tracking and Lab Information system with Navision along with standard modules – Finance, Sales & Receivables, Purchase& Payables. Role : Techno Functional consultant R.V.S. Kalyan Page 8 of 13
  9. 9. Team Size : 1 Modules worked : Finance, Sales & Receivables, and Purchase & Payables Understanding the customer requirements and designing and developing the same by customization of the existing standard product. Project : Al MANAL Al Manal Development is into Real Estate business in the UAE market. Modules implemented: Finance, Sales & Receivables and Purchase& Payables. Along with this, we have developed integration with CRM system which captures real estate business information and using MBS Navision, we provided interface to pull the data from CRM system into Navision Database also implemented PDC (Post dated cheque) module. Role : Techno Functional Consultant. Team size : 1 Modules Worked : Finance, Sales & Receivables. Understanding the customer requirements and designing and developing the same by customization of the existing standard product. Project : PDI (Paper Distribution International) PDI majorly deals with Order management and trading which provides link between Sales to Purchase. Role : Functional + Technical Consultant. Team size : 1 Modules worked : Finance, Sales & Receivables, and Purchase & Payables. Understanding the customer requirements and designing and developing the same by customization of the existing standard product. Apart from the above, involved in providing functional training to the following Customers: 1. Alshamsi ( finance, Sales & Receivables, Purchase and Payables & HR ) 2. AlDafra ( finance, Sales & Receivables, Purchase and Payables ) Project : CIPLA CIPLA is a well-known Pharmaceutical company across the world. They have different systems maintained individually at each location and combining them under one umbrella is an arduous task. Using MBS – Navision, which acts as centralized database which pulls the data from all the locations using Biztalk and Citrix server, so that all the data will be available at the HO on regular basis. The main task is to integrate with different systems using Biztalk and also data to be maintained in Navision. Integrations with the following systems: R.V.S. Kalyan Page 9 of 13
  10. 10. 1. DMS - Depot Management systems 2. Mahavir Sales 3. CIPLA Flow 4. OLRM Integration 5. IMPEX Integration 6. IMS (Inventory Management Systems) 7. PPS (Purchase and Payables systems) 8. LLIMS ( Loan Licensee IMS) All the integration will be happening through Biztalk Server. Each location will upload the data into a File Server which in turn will be picked up by the Biztalk. Biztalk then will push the data into specific folders. In Navision using Scheduler, the data will be imported directly or indirectly depends on the option available. Role : Team Leader. Team Size : 3 Project : UB Has worked as senior technical consultant for designing crucial issues like Location Wise Automatic No.Series generation and also Planning Engine. Planning engine : In Standard Navision, the production forecast is not working properly. So we developed a parallel system in which we do all the forecasts and integrate the same with the standard Navision. Role : Senior Technical Consultant Team Size : 5 Project : Hawco Hawco is leading manufacturer of Synthetic Resins; Metal processing, Coil Coating and Sealants. They have gone for Navision to consolidate all their Location data to their Centralized database situated at HO. The mode of connectivity has been using Citrix with multi-location and multi company concept. Modules Implemented: Finance, Sales & Receivables, and Purchase& Payables. My role was to design and development and uploading all the masters and part of the CRP session and system installation. Scheme master and location wise No.series generation was major contributions. R.V.S. Kalyan Page 10 of 13
  11. 11. Role : Senior Technical Consultant Team Size : 4 BSIL - BSIL has started implementing Navision as its Premier Solution center and provided much needed integration across its organization to bring all the internal products under one centralized database. This was started as piloting Finance implementation and extended the same to various other modules including of Marketing, HR, Resourcing, IRP , Jobs and Resources and Projects module. Here we have implemented internally the following modules for In house purpose. 1. Projects module 2. HR Module 3. Jobs and Resources Module 4. Marketing 5. Finance. Project : Sanofi Synthelabo Sanofi synthelabo (now known as Sanofi Aventis) was leading pharmaceuticals across the world. The modules implemented at Sanofi are Modules Implemented: Finance, Sales & Receivables, Purchase& Payables. I was involved in installation and off site support technically and database administration and maintenance. Role : Technical Consultant Team Size : 3 Projects Done In BaaN: Bluestar ACPD : This is project management solution in BaaN projects package in BaaN 4c3. This project mainly helps in project planning, scheduling, tracking, invoicing and progress reporting of Material Items in BaaN. Project according to the Customer specifications. Also worked in BaaN Distribution and BaaN Finance for the same. Role : Technical Consultant with trouble shooting, Development and customizations. Emco Transformers : This is project management solution in BaaN projects package in BaaN 4c3. R.V.S. Kalyan Page 11 of 13
  12. 12. This project mainly helps in project planning, progress reporting of Project items in BaaN Project according to the Customer specifications. Role : Technical Consultant with trouble shooting and Reports & Customizations. Japan Localization : This is a project based on BaaN ERP and exclusively for Japan covering the technical and functional requirements in tax related issues. This project is extension to the Global Localizations. Role: Key developer with overall responsibility for understanding the functional designs, Development of the code, Technical unit testing and functional unit testing, required enhancements, acceptance from Japan. Nordic Localization : This is a Localization project for four of the Scandinavian countries viz., Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Involved in upgrading the Localization Software developed with a lower version of BaaN IV b2 to a higher version of BaaN IV c. Role: Product enhancements and Testing the functionalities and technicalities. Global Localizations : This is a project based on BaaN ERP and is the flagship product covering various technical And functional requirements. This project is aimed at clubbing of individual localizations Relating to various countries into one single product whereby cross section of functionalities in One place and ease of use are achieved. The project had the development of new code and also enhancing the existing standard code in Order to suit the specific requirements of various countries. Major involvement was in “ General Ledger” module of Finance. Role : Key developer with overall responsibility for understanding the functional designs, Development of the code, Technical unit testing and functional unit testing, required enhancements, acceptance from the respective country. Professional Skills Training: • Undergone LS Retail 4.10 SP1 training From LS Retail. • Undergone 2 month training from Navision India. • Undergone an extensive 4 months training in the BaaN tools at BaaN in the Distribution [logistics] area. Also, had an advanced training on Distribution functionality with an intensive case study with presentation. Attended the technical optimization techniques course conducted by the in-house Optimization wing of Baan. Conducted and taken part in the internal Knowledge transfer sessions for the Distribution and Finance functionalities. • Behavioral Training Program on Communication Strategies for effectiveness. R.V.S. Kalyan Page 12 of 13
  13. 13. • Behavioral Training on Business Etiquette. • Creative Problem Solving, Assertive Skills, Time Management. • Technical training of Navision to Internal team members and also to Hawco. Personal Information : Date of Birth : 30-06-1972 Marital Status : Married Passport : Holder of Valid Passport Permanent Address : 11-55, Subbappa Compound R.T. Street Guntakal - 515801 Anantapur. (Dist) A.P - India Ph.: 08552 – 228680 R.V.S. Kalyan Page 13 of 13