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@Sales & Marketing 2013 Mid-year Review


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We've been busy. See what recent accomplishments have made our latest highlight reel. You can always find new developments on our facebook page at

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@Sales & Marketing 2013 Mid-year Review

  1. 1. • Founded January 1998 – Effective and Economical Resource Serving • Startups • Early Stages Organizations • New Business Opportunities in the Enterprise • Internet Centric Companies • Global Markets – Addressing Core Company Needs – Sales Revenue, Business Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Marketing Communications
  2. 2. • Only Senior Level Partners – Every Principal • Started a Business • Headed Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations • Has 25+ Years Experience • Raised Venture Capital • Well Versed in Web, Mobile, Brick & Mortar • Has Extensive Consumer Packaged Goods Experience
  3. 3. BOB CITELLI BERNIE SLOME Principal Founder @Sales & Marketing Principal @Sales & Marketing Vice President Marketing ImproveNet VP Business Development ICC Decision Services Vice President Sales & Marketing Books That Work Managing Director Dooley Associates Vice President Sales & Channel Marketing MySoftware Executive Vice President Webmaster USA Director, Affiliated Labels Sales Director Epyx Computer Software President BSR Associates Co-publisher, Editor In Chief Home Electronics Product News Executive Vice President X-Axis Technologies Editor In Chief Leisure Time Electronics LTE Reports VP Sales & Marketing President & CEO ABCO Distributors
  4. 4. • Current and Recent Clients Served
  5. 5. Business Development SupportSpace is a virtual tech support marketplace. It offers Remote Services in the cloud. Its Virtual Expert Network is the most effective way to deliver premium services remotely. End users select Agents who remotely optimize, detect and repair a variety of PC, iPod, digital camera or network issues. @Sales & Marketing facilitated this relationship with Best Buy’s GeekSquad where SupportSpace powers all online inquiries.
  6. 6. Business Development In February 2013 Arvato launched the ebay download direct digital portal. @Sales & Marketing secured premium home page placement on ebay deals for multiple clients including products from Lucion Technologies, SelectSoft, Topics Entertainment, Viva Media, N3V Games and PlayWay.
  7. 7. Business Development @Sales & Marketing expanded its reach into the Nook marketplace in February 2013 with placements of three N3V Games titles into the Barnes & Noble digital store. N3V Games is a leading Australian developer of train simulations and apps. It’s products are broadly distributed on leading portals offering Android, iOS, PC and Mac software. @Sales & Marketing has served N3V Games for over four years.
  8. 8. Business Development @Sales & Marketing eBook efforts include work for eBook publishing services provider Allzone Digital. Our efforts resulted in Affiliate Marketing campaigns with the World Public Library, Small Publishers Association of North America and the International Thriller Writers Association. We also delivered contract work from publisher Bardolf and Company.
  9. 9. Business Development @Sales & Marketing secured premium positions within Toshiba’s App Place market in early 2012 for various mobile titles from SelectSoft. SelectSoft is a leading developer of family-friendly games and apps. It created best-selling games for Nintendo DS and Wii, iPhone, Android and PC. @Sales & Marketing represents SelectSoft’s mobile, PC, Mac and video products to digital resellers around the world.
  10. 10. Business Development @Sales & Marketing secured a launch position with N3V Games’ DoJo Madness release on Fuhu Inc’s Nabi tablet, the first full- featured Android tablet made for kids. It was initially available exclusively at the Toys"R"Us® and Babies"R"Us® stores. N3V Games Android releases are also regularly promoted on Samsung Apps Mobile site. N3V Games is a leading independent entertainment software publishers based in Australia.
  11. 11. Business Development Digital distribution is more than fun and games. There’s a serious side to selling software too. Lucion Technologies’ File Center software is award winning paperless office software and available in single user and professional versions. @Sales & Marketing placed Lucion Technologies’ products in business-centric online sites including, Office Depot, the Intel Digital Marketplace and many more.
  12. 12. Business Development Prior to the Summer of 2012, Mastiff had yet to crack the code of digital distribution for its core games and first person shooters. After @Sales & Marketing signed on to represent Mastiff, the Company quickly gained prominent placements on leading digital distribution portals including, GameStop, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, Iplay and many more.
  13. 13. Business Development @Sales & Marketing played a prominent role in Topics Entertainment’s entry into digital sales in 2011. In addition to spearheading the development of its own internal store, @Sales & Marketing secured distribution of Topics’ Instant Immersion™ line of instructional language titles on Lenovo’s App Shop for Windows, among other placements.
  14. 14. Business Development When Denmark-based OnePlay launched its subscription service and digital distribution portal, @Sales & Marketing was hired to help secure content. To date, we delivered partnerships with National Geographic, City Interactive, Bit Composer, JumpStart/Knowledge Adventure, Southpeak Games, Warner Entertainment, and Game Mill, among others.
  15. 15. Web Development MarCom @Sales & Marketing serves as Country Manager for telemetrics mobile app provider Track My Truck Online. Its service is now available on both Android and iOS. In addition to tactical field sales we provide web oversight, copywriting, direct mail, newsletter and public relations services to this Australian-based fleet management software provider.
  16. 16. MarCom @Sales & Marketing provides copywriting, direct mail, newsletter and public relations services. To the right, we provided web copy for America Italiana upscale doors and windows; sell sheets for MOVIETRAY, and a sales representatives’ newsletter for Petite Motifs scrapbooking products. .
  17. 17. Public Relations @Sales & Marketing provided public relations services to DIY Academy when it was in its very early stages. The home and garden school needed local and targeted coverage @Sales & Marketing stepped in to help promote the business to homeowners and contractors. We assembled a targeted Bay Area, CA press list and supplemented media outreach to a variety of targeted web sites.
  18. 18. Public Relations @Sales & Marketing provides public relations services to clients on a low-cost, project basis. StadiumTRAY came to us as a startup for a variety of Marketing Communication services. As seen here, our efforts garnered StadiumTRAY front page coverage in the Atlanta Business Chronicle and a solid review from
  19. 19. Public Relations @Sales & Marketing provides expert public relations services. When N3V Games headed to E3 with new titles across multiple formats we helped create pre- show buzz. We quickly crafted timely copy and distributed the release to nearly 1400 entertainment editors garnering significant exposure for the client.
  20. 20. Advertising Print Campaign @Sales & Marketing was asked by StadiumTRAY to utilize our expertise in copywriting and advertising services to promote their business in print. Here are two trade ads we prepared for StadiumTRAY that appeared in Street Sports Journal, a leading publication for sports marketers.
  21. 21. Advertising Direct Mail @Sales & Marketing provides copywriting, direct mail, newsletter and public relations services. We helped introduce StadiumTRAY to the trade with a direct mail campaign supplemented with a press conference in a box as follow-up. Here are two postcards we prepared for StadiumTRAY as part of a four week direct mail campaign to entice advertisers.