Jonah Chapter 4: Jonah Rejected the Lord


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Nineveh repented, God relented but Jonah rejected God's mercy. Jonah ran from God and then tried to run God. God is holy and just, but He is also voraciously merciful.

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Jonah Chapter 4: Jonah Rejected the Lord

  1. 1. Journal: Day 10 – 30 Days to Judgment I am havingtroublewith the Lord. He doesn’t seem to get it. What kind of God is He? God’s Will Wasn’t My Plan!
  2. 2. Journal: Day 11 – 29 Days to Judgment I prayed today. Angrywith God. God’s Judgment Wasn’tMy Justice!
  3. 3. Journal: Day 12 – 28 Days to Judgment I prayed again… well it was kind of a whinesession – a lament. I asked God to kill me. God’s Purpose Wasn’t My Desire!
  4. 4. Journal: Day 39 – 1 Day to Judgment God is good. I havea good spot to see the destruction. Fire from heaven should be awesome. I havea nice vine and shade! God is Patient! Yessss!
  5. 5. Journal: Day 40 – Judgment Day! What?!! My vine died – no shade. Nineveh is still standing. I am dying here. God – kill me now if you won’t killthem! God is a Teacher????
  6. 6. Journal: Day 41 – MercyDay! Children? Cattle? ReallyLord? What could they possibly do for you? I thought religion is about doing stuff to makeyou happy. Wow! I reallydon’t know you… God is Merciful, Slow to Anger, Abounding in Steadfast Love…