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Alta Vista De Boracay


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Alta Vista De Boracay

  1. 2. Alta Vista de Boracay is the ONLY condotel-residential community in Boracay that offers a private, secured resort experience for those who want to be assured of a place to stay in Boracay – anytime of the year. Presently, it is the biggest condominium hotel-development in Boracay.
  2. 3. <ul><li>Alta Vista de Boracay is located at Brgy. Yapak (northern part of the Island) and is a few minutes away from White Beach and Puca Beach. </li></ul><ul><li>Its hilly terrain provides unit owners and guest complete privacy and tranquility so they could relax and unwind while on the island. </li></ul>
  3. 4. <ul><li>Why Invest in Alta Vista de Boracay? </li></ul><ul><li>Alta Vista de Boracay was developed not only to provide families a warm and welcoming vacation home in one of the world’s most attractive tropical paradise but also a very sound investment. </li></ul>
  4. 5. Why Invest in Alta Vista de Boracay? It offers these incomparable benefits : - Accessibility - Ambiance - Amenities and Features - Assurance - Leaseback Program
  5. 6. Accessibility It is also a minute drive to the private and secluded Puca Beach if you wish to seek refuge away from the island’s activities. Alta Vista de Boracay is a short 5 -minute drive to the world famous White beach and to the island’s commercial complex the D’ Mall.
  6. 7. Ambiance It is set atop a hilly terrain, a perfect backdrop for those looking for privacy and exclusivity amidst the mountain setting. The enthralling cool breeze is a milieu to a fantastic laidback atmosphere.
  7. 8. Amenities and Features Alta Vista offers complete resort-hotel amenities as well as recreational facilities. The units come fully-fitted and fully furnished, including LCD TV, beddings, refrigerators, etc.
  8. 9. Assurance You’ll always have a place to stay, all-year round, whenever you are in Boracay. Now you need not worry about making reservations or looking for accommodations. You’ll always find a welcoming home in Alta Vista de Boracay You can absolutely forget about the hassle of booking for a hotel and the dismay to the changeable hotel rates come peak season.
  9. 10. Leaseback Program It lets you earn from your investment without requiring any effort from you. The Leaseback program is Alta Vista de Boracay’s innovative approach to ensuring that unit owners get as much from their investment as possible.
  10. 11. ALTA VISTA DE BORACAY Project In Focus
  11. 12. Each building is strategically designed so that every unit has a breathtaking view of Boracay . Alta Vista De Boracay sits on a four-hectare of prime land and is made up of 17 elegant buildings, all gracefully spread out across a wide landscape of tropical mountains.
  12. 13. The Buildings were named after mountains because mountains connote majestic views and grand locations. Apo - highest point in the Philippines Blanc - the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe Circeo – isolated promontory on the southwest coast of Italy Dinara – a prominent mountain located on the border of Croatia and Bosnia Everest – highest mountain on Earth Fuji – highest mountain in Japan Galatea – a peak in the Canadian Rockies Hymettus – a mountain range in the Athens area Illiniza – a volcano in Ecuador Jade – highest point in Taiwan Keira – high point in Australia and a major local landmark Lhotse – fourth highest mountain on Earth Markham – twin peaks in Antarctica Olympus – highest mountain in Greece Pico – a volcano and the highest point in Portugal Quebec – a peak at the head of two glaciers in Canada Rigi - a mountain in Switzerland known as “The Queen of the Mountains”
  13. 14. Turnover Dates
  14. 15. Floor Plan Per Level
  15. 16. Lower Ground Level
  16. 17. Upper Ground Level
  17. 18. Second Level
  18. 19. Loft Level
  19. 20. Lower Ground Level
  20. 21. <ul><li>Each building consists of 3-storey walk-ups. </li></ul><ul><li>There are 10 units per floor </li></ul><ul><li>Single loaded corridors offers maximum privacy to the unit owners. </li></ul><ul><li>Ample water supply </li></ul><ul><li>The total development is perimeter-fenced and with 24-hours security </li></ul>BUILDING FEATURES
  21. 22. Unit Types & Features
  22. 23. PANORAMA (Approximately 45 sqm.) A cozy studio with warm and inviting interiors. Unit Area Dimensions: Living Area 32.50 sqm Toilet & Bath 6.50 sqm Balcony 6.00 sqm
  23. 24. Pinnacle 1-BR Loft (approx. 62 sqms). A trendy loft with a more contemporary use of space. Unit Area Dimensions: Living Area 31.50 sqm Toilet & Bath 7.50 sqm Balcony 6.00 sqm Loft 17.00 sqm
  24. 25. <ul><li>The Clubhouse includes the ff. features : </li></ul><ul><li>Main reception & dining area </li></ul><ul><li>Game room </li></ul><ul><li>Lounge area </li></ul><ul><li>Spa service </li></ul><ul><li>Viewing deck </li></ul><ul><li>Business Center </li></ul><ul><li>Audio-Visual Room </li></ul><ul><li>Snack bar </li></ul>
  25. 26. Infinity pool with gazeboes
  26. 27. Well landscaped surroundings and open spaces
  27. 28. Alta Vista de Boracay will be having its own shuttle service van, making for a convenient travel within the island.
  28. 29. Hotel Operation The entire operation, marketing and management of the hotel would be handled by a professional Hotel Management team assuring unit owners and guests a delightful experience whenever they visit Alta Vista de Boracay.
  29. 30. Turnover Finishes
  30. 31. A. Floor Finishes Living, Dining & Kitchen Wood parquet w/ baseboard Loft Wood parquet w/ baseboard Toilet Ceramic floor tiles Balcony Ceramic floor tiles B. Wall Finishes Interior walls Painted plain cement finish Toilet Painted plain cement finish above tile C. Ceiling Finishes Living, Dining & Kitchen Painted plain cement finish Toilet Painted moisture resistant gypsum board finish Loft Painted gypsum board finish D. Kitchenette China red granite countertop w/ cabinet system E. Door Entrance Door Solid wood panel type door on metal jamb Toilet Door Solid wood panel door on metal jamb Balcony Door Aluminum sliding door on analok finish F. Windows Aluminum on analok finish G. Finishing Hardware Schlage or approved equivalent privacy lockset for entrance door and toilet and bath door
  31. 32. H. Toilet & Kitchen Fixtures Water Closet Hawson one-piece elongated siphon-jet system or quivalent Lavatory Hawson under the counter wash basin on China red granite countertop Shower Faucet & Fittings 3-jet spray hand shower, chrome plated valve & faucet Soap Holder & Toilet Paper Holder 6”x6” wall recessed type toilet paper holder, 4”x8” wall recessed type soap holder Kitchen Sink Single bowl 20x21 stainless steel sink Bath Tub “Hawson” or approved equivalent COMMON AREAS A. Floor Finishes Stair Ceramic floor tiles Hallway / Corridor Ceramic floor tiles B. Wall Finishes Stairwell Painted plain cement finish Hallway Painted plain cement finish External Wall finish Plain and textured paint finish C. Ceiling Finishes Stairwell Painted finish Hallway Painted plain cement finish
  32. 33. Investment With a unit at Alta Vista de Boracay, you’ll not only have your very own home, you’ll also be getting an additional source of income through the Leaseback Program.
  33. 34. Investment Condotel units are available for people who will only use their rooms for a number of visits each year. They can enroll their unit under the Leaseback program, which means that it becomes part of a pool of units under the hotel management that will be rented out while the unit owners are away.
  34. 35. Investment The revenues generated from this and other rented out units will then be combined, and 30% of the revenues will be divided among the unit owners themselves. Under this program, you can stay in your unit for free for 15 days each year. But the rest of the time, your unit will be leased out to other hotel guests.
  35. 36. The great thing about this arrangement is that the hotel operator will take care of everything for you. They’ll be in charge of marketing and managing your investment.
  36. 37. No effort will be required from your part, except to collect your share of 30% of the revenue.
  37. 39. Also, the maintenance of your unit would be taken care of by the hotel operator, adding to the already attractive investment prospect.
  38. 40. Our Core Target Market
  39. 41. Full Nesters (35-55 yrs old/ Married successful families) Alta Vista Clubhouse Audio Visual room make up for a fun family get-together Viewing deck offers a good background to update each other’s life Country club-like amenities set amidst Boracay’s exotic nature setting is very conducive for family bondings Family Bonding To spend quality time with your family and do activities together that nurture relationship that would always be a memorable one. LINK TO PRODUCT/ AMENITY ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE BENEFIT EMOTIONAL NEED
  40. 42. Active Adults Invest a unit at Alta Vista Kite surfing in Balabag beach Parasailing at the white beach Nightlife that is unparalleled by any local beach in the country Alta Vista gets you close to distinctive activities that promotes the active lifestyle You get a chance to learn new sports and hobbies. Unwind to your heart’s content Active lifestyle To discover and experience new activities that revitalize interest in life and family LINK TO PRODUCT/ AMENITY ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE BENEFIT EMOTIONAL NEED
  41. 43. Balikbayans Invest in a unit at Alta Vista then enroll it in the Leaseback program Managed by a professional Hotel Operator Alta Vista de Boracay gives you fine hotel-like services and a home in one of the world’s best beaches Come back home to the Philippines To settle in a residence in scenic Boracay that assures worry-free ownership and hassle-free service LINK TO PRODUCT/ AMENITY ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE BENEFIT EMOTIONAL NEED
  42. 44. Investors Invest a unit and enroll it in the Leaseback program Enjoy a vacation home while you’re in Boracay, then earn from the dividend sharing from your unit. <ul><li>Given the steady economic outlook for Boracay, investing in the island is always a smart move. </li></ul><ul><li>When you’re looking to invest in Boracay, you should invest in Alta Vista because you’re assured(evidenced by a CCT),it comes fully-fitted and fully-furnished, and best of all, its by DMCI Homes. </li></ul>Secured Investment Desire for an investment which would definitely increase its value through time and at the same time earn from your investment while your away LINK TO PRODUCT/ AMENITY ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE BENEFIT EMOTIONAL NEED
  43. 45. What is a Condotel Concept? A condotel is a condominium project is operated as a commercial hotel eventhough the units are individually owned. It usually have a registration desks, that offer short term occupancy, food and beverage services, daily cleaning services What is the advantage of owning an Alta Vista de Boracay condotel? As the unit owner, you have the option to use your condo hotel unit when you choose. As a condotel enrollee, when you are not occupying your suite, you have the option of placing your unit in the hotel’s rental management program to which you can expect to receive a percentage of revenue. The management company is responsible for housekeeping, maintenance and rental services. How does Leaseback program differ from timeshares? Leaseback Program differs from a timeshare because here you possess whole ownership of the unit evidenced by a Condominium Certificate Title (CCT). At a time share, you are a very small owner of the property only enlisting a right to use. FAQs
  44. 46. How does the Condotel Operate? Alta Vista de Boracay, upon condotel operation and commercialization, will generally operate as a resort-hotel .Alta Vista de Boracay will allow a total of 15 days each year usage of the unit with special accommodation provision during the peak season. 3 weeks advance notice is required by the hotel operator to properly manage the room’s availability. Having it run by a professional operator, unit owners need not worry about maintenance, housekeeping and other concerns or problems common in conventional leasing.
  45. 47. Who will operate Alta Vista upon hotel operation and commercialization? Alta Vista’s hotel operation shall be managed separately by a professional team or operator to be determined at a later date. Common responsibilities of the operator include the room reservations and marketing, accounting & general housekeeping and maintenance, food and beverage operation and concierge services. How can my unit be qualified to enroll under the Lease-back Program (rental pooling)? Upon turnover of Alta Vista condotel unit, they may immediately lease-back their unit to the condotel/hotel operator.
  46. 48. What is the minimum period of having Alta Vista condotel units enrolled in the lease-back program? The minimum period you can have your unit enrolled in rental pooling is five (5) years. If a unit owner uses his unit more than the allowed number of days in a year, how does this affect their share in the rental income? What will happen if the unit owner was not able to utilize his fifteen (15) day benefit in a year? Under normal practice, the unit owner will have to pay the regular rental rates when they use their unit in excess of the allowed number of days. However, your payment will also be included in the computation for rental revenue share. Since the enrolled unit was unused, the unit shall continue to generate income as part of the rental pool program.
  47. 49. How does Alta Vista Condotel differ from Timeshares ? At a Timeshare Property, you are only a co-owner with a right to use the property for a certain period of time. When you own a unit at Alta Vista, you posses whole ownership of the condotel unit evidenced by a Condominium Certificate Title (CCT). How does the Lease-Back Program work? Alta Vista will follow a percentage sharing of 30% for the unit owners and 70% for the hotel/condotel operator. Enrolled unit owners may receive monthly income based on the size of their unit regardless of whether said unit was leased or not. This is because Alta Vista will pool together its entire total income from rental operations and distribute this to unit owners according to the percentage sharing based revenue. Are there any Association Dues or Rental Management Fees to be paid once the condotel unit is enrolled under the Lease-Back Program (rental pooling)? Once a unit is enrolled in the Lease-Back program, the condotel/hotel operator shall take care of the association dues, maintenance and security expenses to the Alta Vista’s Property Managements Office.
  48. 50. Are there additional expenses/fees a unit owner must pay upon enrollment in the Lease-Back Program? A joining fee is required to be paid by the unit owner upon enrollment to rental pooling. The joining fee will be determined later on by the condotel/hotel operator. The unit owner must also pay for the unit amenities (kindly refer to Alta Vista pricelist) If repairs are needed to be done in the unit of the owner, will it be shouldered by the condotel operator? Only minor repairs shall be shouldered by the condotel/hotel operator.
  49. 51. What are the other expenses to be paid by the unit owner upon purchase of a condotel unit? If a unit owner decides not to enroll his unit under Lease-Back Program, will the unit owners be charged of association dues and other fees? Yes, if a unit owner decides not to enroll his unit under rental pooling, the owner will be charged with the predetermined monthly association dues and maintenance fees. This will be handled by the property management office. Miscellaneous Fees (title transfer, documentary stamp tax etc.), Real Estate Property Tax and Insurance shall be on the account of the unit owner.
  50. 52. HAPPY SELLING!!! THANK YOU !!! and