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Metalwork Design

  1. 1. 金工設計 Metalwork Design
  2. 2. Fashion Craft & Design cultural emotional functionality technology production individual
  3. 3. Industrial Product Design cultural emotional functionality technology production team
  4. 5. Inspired by a Dali sculpture of Alice in Wonderland at Montmartre in Paris, Anna Sabino's cutout series of necklaces entitled Dreaming are for women who love feeling like a girl with elegant but dainty charm s such as those pictured above. Of all the piece s in the collection , none quite evokes the joy of childhood like the necklace that incorporate s a chain for a girl's jump rope as a cleverly whimsical stand. 剪紙 小飾物 古怪的 喚起
  5. 7. Originally a part‐time glassblower , Sabino began working with metals and switched to a full‐time jewelry designer after working as a market analyst on Wall Street. While the two profession s may seem quite the contrast, it comes as no surprise as Sabino is a fan of opposition and can usually be found sporting classy attire with funky accessories . jewel 珠寶 配件
  6. 9. Erica Weiner has created a small jewelry empire from her Lower East Side apartment, making eye‐catching, affordable pieces that are delicate and tell an intriguing story . One piece that caught our attention (as well as that of many fashion bloggers) is the Waldorf Astoria necklace ($85). Erica created a hand‐cast replication of a cocktail pick used in the 1930s‐50s at the Waldof Astoria Hotel. A beautifully nostalgic necklace, it would fit seamlessly into any downtown‐meets‐uptown wardrobe. 手鑄 nostalgia 懷舊
  7. 10. Another one of our favorites is the Pretzel Knot Necklace ($30). Made of matte brass and is clasp free, it features two small pretzel s that can be worn layered with other necklaces or by itself for a daintier look. "In short, we try to make cool, affordable jewelry out of base metals , repurposed materials, and vintage chain and charm s. … I would say almost half of our materials come from closeout lots from the '70s and ‘80s; this stuff just sits around for years in dusty boxes until we get our hands on it. …” 無光處理過的黃銅 古老的 清倉貨 a pretzel
  8. 11. Formless most accurately describes the new Le Blob jewelry line by São Paulo's Fernando Akasaka, which recently debut ed with a collection of an ambitious 200 pieces.
  9. 12. Akasaka, if you recognize the name, produces furniture and other conceptual pieces under his F. Akasaka Design brand. After earlier this year sharing with me his desire to realize his ideas in metal on a smaller scale, it's apparent that the versatile designer has fully given into the jewelry design itch . 概念性作品 癢 多才多藝
  10. 13. The ring s, pendant s and earrings of Le Blob boast high-quality metals — 18K gold and sterling silver — that take on a variety of shapes , from elongated blob s to blobs pierced all over with holes. A few recognizable shapes too, like claw and bone rings, still feel organic and fierce-looking like their abstract counterparts . Akasaka describes his pieces as "exciting, provocative " and "wild," an aesthetic that's so peculiar and visually interesting that they immediately work as easy conversation icebreakers . 掛飾 團狀物 有機的 撩人的 special
  11. 14. These golden serpent nail rings are the latest creation from New York‐based jewelry designer Bijules. Part of the "Serpensive" collection , the nail rings are available as a set or individually and can be adjust ed for a custom fit . 毒蛇
  12. 16. Jewelry designer Tasha West's inventive Astro cuff s sleek ly interpret the twelve zodiac symbols , subtly revealing the wearer's celestial personality. Beginning with a sketch of the symbol, the New York‐based designer twist s its form into a 3‐D rendering to create the sculptural accessory. bracelet 手鐲 expression
  13. 17. While shown in sterling silver , the cuffs come in a multitude of metals— including gold, brass , bronze and copper . At two inches wide, the cuffs make great statement piece s, but their matte finish and continuous lines keep them from overpowering wrists. Having created custom jewelry for Erykah Badu over the past several years, West acutely understands the art of designing knockout pieces that blend seamlessly with a look. 無光處理 expression impressive
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