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Sshs eateries


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powerpoint on eateries by st.stanislaus high school.

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Sshs eateries

  1. 1. EATERIES
  2. 2. What is Eateries? • Eateries means a restaurant or a café. In our area Bandra which is also known as the 'Queen of suburbs"there are many international standard restaurants / cafeterias like Hard Rock, KFC, Mac Donalds etc most of the people enjoy eating in these restaurants. However, there are still many local / traditional roadside dhabas / canteens some of which maintain clean and hygienic surroundings.
  3. 3. • In some of these canteens, there are only few old wooden benches for the customers to sit, floor is just Earth / ground smeared with fresh cow dung paste with rangolis (floor designs) and even the roof is not concrete but thatched ones or of tiles. These canteens open early in the morning where mostly fresh foods are offered. In some of the roadside canteens, there is even no provision for sitting inside but you just have to sit on a rock / raised platform under a tree in a local / village atmosphere with cool breeze. Even some of these canteens do not provide steel / molded plates but use eco-friendly plates / bowls made of dry leaves which can be disposed easily. • Most importantly, these canteens provide fresh and tasty food which is comparatively much cheaper. To add to the point, in these canteens only radio is played in which you can listen to the old golden hits which takes you to a completely different world. Though such local canteens are dying, yet these are still existing.
  4. 4. RESEARCHMETHOD Interview with the hotel owner of a renowned hotel “SHIV SAGAR.”
  5. 5. 1) Since how many years, is your hotel serving food to the people? Ans: It has been 12 years, that I along with the help of my chefs and waiters , are serving the delicious food to the people. 2) Which type of food does this hotel provides the customers? Ans: It provides different varieties of cuisines to the people. Veg and non-veg . Later under veg there are Various varieties available in paneer and rice Under non- veg , you will get various varities in chicken and also continental food is available here. Apart from this , we also provide Italian , Chinese and mexican food as well. 3) What food you would suggest the customers to have? Ans: Well , I would like you all to try the varieties in chicken . As I being a non vegetarian , is a hard core non vegetarian.And trust me , you will not be ashamed to lick your fingers after tasting the chicken here.
  6. 6. 4) How does your hotel stands unique from the rest of the hotels in the ares.I mean to say , what makes it different? Ans: The service that we provide. The ambience of the hotel. And last but not the least we provide quality with quantity and that too at an affordable rates. It is not that we have only rich class of people who enjoy our food. The thing is , we have every kind of people visiting our hotel . iI think this makes it unique. 5) What do people ask the most from the menu? In other words , what is famous in your hotel? Ans: Here in this area we have many youngsters and teenagers as we have many schools and colleges nearby. So the most asked food from the menu is Italian and Mexican food. You can say they are the speciality of the hotel. 6) How hygienic do you all keep your pantry? Ans: We treat our pantry as like our own kitchen. We keep it clean in the same way how we keep our own house kitchen clean.
  7. 7. 7) Is the food served and prepared with bare hands or gloves? Ans: As I earlier said , our first preference is hygiene. So the food is served as well as prepared with clean gloves.
  13. 13. PRONTO
  15. 15. 1) What kind of people visit these places? Ans: People those who like to eat a lot outside, who go daily to eat food in restraunts, who are passionate of eating food go to these places frequently. It also depends on what type of a restraunt it is. If it is a south indian restraunt then south indian people visit these places more offen. People go to places of a particular cuisine they like. 2) Are the people of your region satisfied with the various eateries and their menu? Why? Ans: Majority of the people are satisfied with these joints. But if some the people are not satisfied these joints because the places are not clean or the food is not enough tasty or not as per the peoples likes. Some times they do not like the menu in the joints. 3) Does your school have a canteen? Is the food hygienic? Does it need improvements? Ans: Yes, our school has a fantastic canteen. But it still needs improvements like it needs to be more arranged and particular. The food is hygienic enough.
  16. 16. CONCLUSION We hereby draw the conclusion by saying that just like Indian culture, food in India has also been influenced by various civilizations, which have contributed their share in its overall development and the present form. Foods of India are better known for its spiciness and also tastier as compared to others