Thailand- RECOFTC IFRI Report 2013


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Thailand- RECOFTC IFRI Report 2013

  1. 1. IFRI-SESYNC MEETING October 28-31, 2013 + Local People Hold the Key to Healthy Forests Strengthening and Expanding Community Forestry in the Asia Pacific
  2. 2. IFRI’s newest CRC November 2012
  3. 3. Our mission: enhance the necessary capacities at all levels to enable local people to manage Asia-Pacific’s forest resources for optimum social, economic and environmental benefits.
  4. 4. Donors Core Project 4
  5. 5. Brief Organizational Background • Founded in 1987 with support from FAO, Government of Switzerland (through ADB) and Kasetsart University, Thailand. • Gained international organization status in 2000 • Engages with governments, international and UN agencies, NGOs, research and educational institutes, civil society, the private sector and local people • Trained over 20,000 people from more than 27 countries over past two decades
  6. 6. Guiding Principles Clear and strong rights Essential for local people to actively engage in and benefit from forest management, and ensuring they have incentive to do so. Good governance Essential for the development and implementation of ‘community friendly’ national forest policies, programs, and regulatory frameworks. Internal governance must be inclusive, participatory, transparent and accountable. Fair share of benefits Essential to help reduce poverty and motivate active participation in forest governance and management. Ensuring everyone gets a fair share will promote equity and social inclusion for all stakeholders, irrespective of their gender, social status or economic and political power 6
  7. 7. Thematic Areas Maintaining and expanding community forestry • RECOFTC country programs work with partners in local communities, national and local NGOs, and all levels of government to set up and maintain community forestry initiatives • Keys lessons are shared nationally and internationally to accelerate the scaling up of community forestry’s impacts • RECOFTC advocates for pro-poor climate change strategies and policies and works to ensure that all forestry stakeholders, especially those at the ‘grassroots’, People, forests, understand and are prepared to meet the social, economic and financial challenges and climate that lie ahead change • Mitigation through conserving and enhancing forest carbon, and adaptation through improving community resilience Transforming Forest conflict • By better understanding conflict dynamics, RECOFTC promotes lasting solutions at both the policy and community levels, to help mitigate and prevent the destructive impacts of conflict. • RECOFTC’s work on livelihoods seeks to realize the full potential of forest-related Enhancing Livelihoods and markets resources by developing the opportunities and tackling the constraints of local people’s access to market-based forest activities and promotion of alternative livelihoods. • Ensuring that all local people have the skills and knowledge to engage meaningfully in opportunities for the long-term sustainability of community forestry 7
  8. 8. Where we work Countries in the Asia Pacific Country Program Offices Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand (HQ), Vietnam, Myanmar Well-established partnerships China, India, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines Other countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and some countries in Africa 8
  9. 9. IFRI Data Collection 2013  Three Sites in Cambodia during Feb-April 2013
  10. 10. IFRI Data Collection 2014  Indonesia (2 sites)  Myanmar (1-2 sites)  Vietnam (2 sites)
  11. 11. IFRI Data Collection 2014 Indonesia- Bantaeng, South Sulawesi One of the first Village Forests in Indonesia Collaboration with Government, University, Village Officials Village Forest Honey Coffee Clove
  12. 12. IFRI Data Collection 2014 Indonesia- Meru Betiri, East Java REDD+ Pilot Site Rehabilitation area Collaboration between National Park and local community Rehabilitation Area Medicinal Products Women Preachers teach about climate change
  13. 13. IFRI Data Collection 2014 Vietnam- 2 sites in Hue (Central Vietnam) Possible collaboration with Hue University (IFRI trained faculty)
  14. 14. IFRI Data Collection 2014 Myanmar- Scoping visit planned Jan 2014  1. Southern part of Rakhine where RECOFTC worked together with Oikos/Banca/RCA organizations for CF development, 5 year old CF  2. Pyapon township, Ayeyawady Delta, CFs in mangrove areas, more than 10 year old CF
  15. 15. IFRI Data Collection 2014  Indonesia (2 sites)  Myanmar (1-2 sites)  Vietnam (2 sites)