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PCRF IT Overview

A 2014 IT Systems Overview

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PCRF IT Overview

  1. 1. 2014 IT Overview Internal Tools Email Usage (last 6 months) Google Docs Number of people working together (last 6 months)
  2. 2. Socialtext Management tool for Medical Missions and Patient Affairs Netsuite Cloud Based ERP storing Patient Data PCRF Patient Database currently has 4758 patients
  3. 3. ODK Open Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open­source set of tools that the PCRF uses as a mobile data collection solution. Forms currently hosted on ODK ● PCRF Gaza War Screening ● PCRF Gaza War Followup ● PCRF Humanitarian Projects ● PCRF Patient Screening ● PCRF Wheelchair Distribution Neon CRM PCRF’s Donor Database Accounts created in 2013 ­4328 Accounts created in 2014 ­16,945 Google+ PCRF’s Internal Social Network 100% usage rate for PCRF Staff
  4. 4. External Tools Website Comparing 2013 ­2014 to date Adwords Online advertising tool provided through a grant by Google for Nonprofits 2013 totals, paid for through the Adwords Grant 2014 to date, paid for through Adwords Grant Mailchimp PCRF’s mass email management software was brought online in March of 2014 March 2014 emails list: 7184 Current email list: 20,496 Breakdown of new emails added ● 7951 ­Neon Account Signups ● 2411 ­Opt­ins through main website social fundraiser ● 2846 ­Website Newsletter Signups
  5. 5. Chapter Mailing Lists Created or Added to Mailchimp ● Atlanta ● Boston ● Chicago ● Cincinnati ● Cleveland ● Columbus ● Indianapolis ● New Jersey ● Philadelphia ● UAE PCRF Social Media Accounts ­Maintained or supervised by Dalal Hillou Chapter Facebook Twitter Instagram Arizona X X X Atlanta X X X Bay Area­SF X X X Boston X X not yet Chicago X X X Chile *** X not yet not yet Cincinnati X X X Cleveland X X X Columbus X X X DC­Metro *** X X not yet Detroit X X not yet Eastern Carolina *** X not yet X Houston X X X Italy X X not yet Jordan X X X London *** X not yet X New Jersey X X X New York X X X Philadelphia X X not yet Qatar X X X
  6. 6. Rutgers X X X San Diego X X not yet Southern California X not yet not yet South Africa *** X not yet not yet Tennessee *** X X X Toledo X X X U.A.E X X X Washington *** X not yet X PCRF Google Plus X X X Main X X X Arabic X X X *** Newly Forming PCRF Internship Program ● Content Creation: Jane't Scott ­Kent State University ● Map Creation & Cloud Data: Joe Dister ­Kent State University