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Rc freshwater bay v4 i26


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Rc freshwater bay v4 i26

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 26 19th-26 January 2012Meeting 18th January Welcome to Leonie StillFirst meeting for 2012 was and Bob Nicholsonattended by a number of visitorswho specifically came along to Leonie Still was officially inductedhear MLC ‘old girl’ Barbara Wall last Wednesday, A. Professortalk about Interplast from a non from UWA, Leonie has the time tomedical view point. now become involved with Rotary.When visiting the RCFB 2 ½ She holds the classification ofyears ago, Barbara heard PP Steve Business Development and all herWeychan from the RC Kenwick contact details can be found in thetalk about ‘Climb for a Smile’. updated and recently distributedThis was the first she had heard of Membership List.this Rotary project, was totally We are also pleased to advise thatcaught up by his enthusiasm, former RF Ambassadorial Scholarreturned to her Club in the Blue Retired Federal Court JudgeMountains in D. 9690 and set Robert Nicholson has acceptedabout raising in excess of Honorary membership of the$40,000 to fund an Interplast Club. Bob is still involved with soTeam. Speaker Barbara Wall many different positions andBarbara has now been on two activities he is unable to take onInterplast Teams, the last was a Loee Chenery, Toni Mahoney, Jan ‘Active’ membership. Lookspecialised team specifically to Mapley and Wendy Wardell. It forward to a visit from you andtreat burns victims which went to was a delight to have all of you Lynne soon Bob so that you canFiji. A slide presentation was with us. be presented with your Club nameshown of just four patients and badges.their ‘miracle’ transformations at Next Week’s Meeting Welcome to Leonie, Bob andthe hands of the skilled volunteer Lynne. All members look forwardplastic surgeons and nurses. She to extending the hand of Rotaryis now District Chair of Interplast Our speaker next week will be 2011 Rostrum’s WA Speaker of friendship to you.and is looking forward topresenting the Interplast story to the Year, Wendy Wardell. Wendyall the Clubs in her District. is employed in Marketing and Maiti Nepal Communications and she will giveBarbara was introduced and a light hearted, satirical The RF Matching Grant No,thanked by two of our members presentation on health. It will bewho are well experienced with the 76236 has been approved for a change of pace for members, US$30,000.00 which will provideInterplast project – Rob Pearceand Ken Collins. A sincere thanks and unfortunately, a number will equipment, baby food and other be away as some are stillBarb for your passion and vital necessities for the girls who travelling and the City ofcommitment to Interplast and are being rescued at 10 bordermay those who benefit from your Nedlands Naturalisation crossings from Nepal into India, Ceremony is on at the same timedrive and enthusiasm enjoy a The girls, as young as 7 years of as the Rotary meeting, which will age are being trafficked into thefuller and more fruitful life. also take members away from the sex trade, and due to Anuradha’sVisitors last meeting were former Club. efforts some 50-60 are beingPeace Scholar Susa Carew, former rescued daily. The money for themember Enid Wall, Wong and Matching Grant is being fundedJoyce Lee, Claudia Renner, Sabine by Clifford Yudelman’sErika, Myra Hutton, Sally Lamey, photographic exhibition and newRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. Hon. member Bob and sponsored by the Club toLynne Nicholson. A huge participate. There is athank you to both couples. dinner on 2nd FebruaryAnuradha, CNN’s Woman which some members willof the year in 2010, is attend. The Sciencecoming to Perth in early Experience to which theMarch for International club has sponsored fiveWoman’s Day. Whilst she students from Christis here she will speak at the Church Grammar will alsoRCFB on 7th March to be taking place.hopefully, a large number, Newman College hasso would all members advised that it wishes toplease commence inviting have a further 200 Yr 11as many as you can to students participate inattend on that night. RYDA in 2012.Gillian and her committee With the commencementare working on a large of the new school year,fundraiser , which Gillian Interact will bewould like all members to Warren Milner, Margaret Stuart, Joyce and Wong Lee recommencing under thesupport. Presidency of Kathleen Whilst all present heard a Elliott. fascinating story, along with Hamish would welcome members interesting slides, his most interested in serving on the veryNational Youth Science valuable message to the students rewarding New GenerationsForum was to ‘follow your passion’. committee to join him on the committee. He needs assistanceThe NYSF has been held in Perth badly and would like a few New Generationsover the past two weeks, attended volunteers, otherwise membersby 144 of Australia’s top science Committee will have to be coopted to thestudents commencing Year 12 this committee.year. Under the Directorship of HamishOur members the Marshalls, Mackie, January is an extremelyCarot Collins and Collins all busy time for the New Club Service Committeehosted students last Sunday and Generations Committee.attended the dinner on Friday, The NYSF has been happening, Gillian Yudelman has just taken13th in a very hot and humid RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership over as Chairman of the ClubCurrie Hall. Students hosted by Camp) will commence at Bickley Service Committee. In the veryCarina and Luke were Matisee Campsite on 28th January for a near future she will be sending outand George, Simone and Marcos week. Stuart James has been a questionnaire to all membershosted Cameron and Ryan whilst requesting feedback on all aspectsKen and Di had Caitlin, Taylor of the Club, including your inputand Shanthi. It was Carina’s first on fundraising and socialexposure with the NYSF, which activities.she enjoyed and has expressed There is an urgent need tointerest to Greg Thurston, the proceed with a fundraiser asDistrict Chairman, that she would quickly as possible. Withlike to become more involved with assistance from Mignonthe project next year. Shardlow, Gordon Hay is lookingThe speaker at the dinner was into a film night in the comingAdjunct Prof. Dr. Michael month or so.McCarthy, Curator, Dept ofMaritime Archaeology, WA Community/VocationalMuseum & School of Arts andSciences, the University of Notre DirectorDame. Michael, a former teacherhad a passion for ship wrecks. He Gordon Hay, a very new butwas able to turn that passion into enthusiastic Rotarian, has takenhis job and by gathering a team of over early as the Director ofexperts around him, they have Community and Vocationaldiscovered countless shipwrecks Service. He will be contacting allaround the globe. members of the Club who are not on the International or New Susan Carew, Leonie Still and Claudia Renner Generations Committees veryRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. soon as he is keen to move the Scoop Special fromactivities of this committee District PR Chair PDGalongPlease attend Committee Ian Murraymeetings as this is where thereal work of Rotary takes place. Rotary International is celebrating the birthday of Rotary on February 23rd.January What is your club doing to celebrate the 107th birthday ofIn the Rotary calendar January our great organisation?is Rotary Awareness month. Celebrate ROTARY together.It’s up to each member to talk Some suggestions include:about and promote the work of  Holding a birthday partyRotary. It is still a well kept in the week of the 23rd.secret, which needs spreading if Make it a gala event.suitable people are to be  Have a ‘cut the cake’encouraged to join Rotary in its ceremonywork to create a better world.  Invite a great ROTARY speaker to talk on a great Rotary program. InformRotary Theme for your members of the2012-13 fantastic opportunities and programs that there‘Peace Through Service’ is are in Roary.the theme that RIP 2012-13  In the Rotary calendarSakuji Tanaka has chosen for his District 9455 Rotary’s birthday isyear as International President. Conference Geraldton World Understanding andSakuji has decided to make ‘Peace’ Peace Day. Invite ahis emphasis next year and will be The District 9455 Conference will speaker to address theholding three Presidential Peace Club on ‘Peace’. be held in Geraldton 20-22ndConferences during that time. April. Tristan Kolay M 0412  Make a press/media 732329 release outlining some ofInternational E. is your great projects. Tell coordinating a display of your Club story.Convention Bangkok  Start a new project in the laminated posters of projects from the clubs throughout the District. name of Rotary’sThe International Convention is Birthday. Make an All clubs are being encouraged tobeing held 6-9th May in Bangkok, participate. announcement.Thailand. Speakers alreadyfirmed up are a former RotaryPeace Fellow Amanda Martin who Peacefull theworldis working as a public peacehealth curriculum sustainabilitycoordinator and teacher ina refugee camp on the clownborder of Thailand andMyanmar. Along with Susan Carew (akaAmanda, Nobel Peace Prize Peacefull), who attendedwinner Mahammad Yunus the RCFB last Wednesday,who started the Grameen was a Rotary Peace(Village) Bank to assist Fellow, at Chulalongkorndesperately poor women in University in Bangkok indeveloping countries to set 2008.up small businesses and Susan has relocated toHugh Evans, Young Perth from MelbourneAustralian of the Year in and has a mission to bring2004 and cofounder and Peace to the WorldCEO of the Global Poverty through children andProject will both be on the humour. She was invitedprogram on Monday 7th to Russia with the famous Hosts and Students RCFB – NYSF dinner Currie HallMay. Dr. Patch Adams and has travelled the worldRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. clowning in 20 countries,clowning on streets, hospitals andin schools.Susan has an amazing project forPeace she would like Rotary tobring to fruition. RIPE SakujiTanaka’s theme of Peace ThoughService fits perfectly into Susan’sproject.Visit her websitewww.worldpeacefull.comUpdate on MembersA number of members arecurrently travelling or leave nextweek for overseas.Good to have Rob Pearce back onhis feet (so to speak) and with us.Rob spent two weeks, includingChristmas in St John’s Subi withback problems.Ken Collins took a taxi straight tothe NYSF dinner last Friday fromSt John’s Subi where he hadundergone a couple of procedures. Leonie Still and President Bryant StokesBirthdays andAnniversariesA very Happy Anniversary to Jimand Meryl Gould for 21st January.No birthdays for a couple ofweeks.The 19th December was the thirdbirthday of the RC Freshwater Bayand it was also Gillian Yudelman’sbirthday on 22nd. There were 63present at the function onThursday ( members, spouses,Interactors, potential members,friends and guests). Althoughpredominantly a social event,much loved former actor FaithRichardson (nee Clayton) gave alighted hearted presentation,using her acting skills to bring invarious accents, in an entertainingpresentation of stories andditties.All in attendance enjoyed Faith’ssense of humour and ditties, alongwith great fellowship in a relaxed Visitorsatmosphere, bringing a change ofpace from our usual ‘business’style meeting. A sincere thanks toFaith and her daughter June forattending our Christmas functionand your time and talent withyour address Faith. It wasappreciated by all.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Jan/Feb 2012 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks25th January Wendy Wardell Jim Gould Jenny Gill Gordon Hay Jill Henderson1st February Maiti Gordon Hay Paddy Graeme Prior Pam Reynolds Foundation Ramanathan Clifford & Gillian Yudelman8th February TBA Wilma McBain Leonie Still Vanessa Wood Alistair Brown15th February Joe Porter Rex Evans Margaret Max Hipkins Toni James Stuart 22nd Koro February Scholarship Project – Alistair Brown & Mignon Shardlow29th February Mike Griffith – Manager, St Louis VillageNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6
  7. 7. Board Rotary 2011-12 Jim Gould – Membership President-Bryant StokesBryant Stokes – President Director MobileDi Collins – Secretary Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director 0419 919 jennypgill@gmail.comToni James – Treasurer Bill Hassell – Vice President Bulletin Clifford Yudelman/Di CollinsGillian Yudelman –Club Service Club Details WebsiteDirector, President The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Inc.Gordon Hay - Community/ PO Box 168, FacebookVocational Service Director Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 aterbayrotaryKen Collins – International MeetingsService Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Café, Bethesda HospitalHamish Mackie – New Queenslea Drive Claremont, 6010 Chartered 19 DecemberGenerations 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 7