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Rc freshwater bay v4 i22

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 22 2nd -9th December 2011 Meeting 30th November Pride of Workmanship Award Claremont Christmas Carnival Induction of Members Meeting 7th December Hon. Member CMF Project Board Nominations Elham Teimouri Major Donor’s Recognised Community / Vocational Service Items for Hamper Meeting Presidential Citation Pasta and Sauce for Manna Meetings recommence in New Director for Community January MG Maiti Nepal /Vocational Committee Christmas Function 22nd Interact Club Working with Children’s Card December National Youth Science Forum Social Activities Clive Boddy Dinner Birthdays a meeting in the East on John’s disadvantaged schoolMeeting 30th November Wednesday, returning to his Bellfield Primary School around meeting after the function on the and he has since been workingThe usual meeting of the RC of FB midnight flight. with most State Governments towas replaced by the Annual Rotary turn around the results of studentsFoundation Dr Ken Collins in schools throughout Australia.Address. The function was well Meeting 7th December The Club is expecting about 20attended by members and spouses guests next Wednesday, mainlywith around 170 attendees in total. John Fleming from Victoria, who teachers, some of whom haveRIPE Sakuji Tanaka was the main has reformed teaching in Australia implemented John’s methods withspeaker on the Rotary Foundation, is our speaker on Wednesday next. outstanding results.Alumni speaker was MP Ben Going back to good old fashioned This will be a Vocational ServiceWyatt, with Chairman of the RF teaching and learning turned meeting in the area of TeachersTrustees PRIP Bill Boyd providing and theiran update on Polio. MC for the profession.night was former State Governorand PP RC Perth, Dr. Ken Michael.Other guests included Deputy of BoardMission Mr Masahiro and Mrs NominationsYumiko Takagi, who attended onbehalf of the Japanese Consul Final day toGeneral. receive writtenWhilst the effort of all members nominations forwho attended was greatly the Board forappreciated, special mention and 2012-13 is thisthanks go to Gordon Hay who Wednesday, 7thkindly acted as interpreter for December.Kyoko Tanaka both on arrival at Any positions notthe Airport and at the Rotary filled can receiveFoundation Address. Also the nominations fromsupreme effort put in by Graeme the floor at thePrior who flew back to Perth from meeting of 14th,Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. where the Board will be officially Pride of Workmanshipelected. The Interact Club of Freshwater Award Bay will be holding its Changeover at the Christmas Function DinnerCommunity / Vocational A Pride of Workmanship Award on 22nd December, where Pres. Service Meeting will be presented to Hospitality Truman Forrest will hand over to Manager at Bethesda Hospital, PE Kathleen Elliott. Hamish Roh Siriwardena for not only hisA meeting for this Committee will Mackie, ably assisted by Jen, has assistance to us at our weeklybe held immediately after the done a great job with organising meetings, but for his everregular meeting of the Club on and looking after the Interactors helpfulness to Manna IndustriesWednesday, 7th December. Please since the Club was formed in April. cooking up their meats formake every effort to attend, as Christmas, the constant littleCommittee meetings are where the Clive Boddy fundraisers he runs to fund variouswork of Rotary takes place. needs, collections of items for Our former member Clive Boddy, hampers, the assistance given toMeetings recommence in whom many members will recall, the Hospital in Sri Lanka and the January returned to live in the UK last year. many, many ways in which he Members who were present for quietly contributes to creating a Clive’s extremely enlightening better world.After the Christmas function on22nd December the Club will take a presentation on Corporaterecess until mid January. Meetings Psychopaths will be pleased to Induction of Memberswill recommence on Wednesday, know that his long awaited book is18th January at the Cafe, Bethesda now available. He is being sought New members Pam Reynolds andHospital 5.45pm. out for interviews and emailed Sec. Vanessa Wood will be officially Di the following link to a YoutubeChristmas Function 22nd inducted into the Club this coming on a recent interview. It Wednesday. Good to see you and December and Interact commences on the screen which other newer members all attend changeover immediately presents itself, the RF Address last Wednesday however, there is an overflow evening. It is by stepping out ofWould all members please put the ‘second’ part to the interview a our Clubs that we learn moredate for the Club’s Christmas little lower down on the about Rotary and get a feel for thefunction in their diary. Details connection. organisation.are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?vVenue: Nedlands Golf Club, =tj1pGtlXxooMelvista Ave, Nedlands Hon. MemberDate: THURSDAY, 22ndDecember, 2011 WA Chief ScientistTime: 6.30pm for Lyn Beazley has7.00pm Dinner accepted Hon.Cost: $50 per Membership ofperson (three the RCFB.course) with bar Delighted to haveservice available you as a memberPlease invite of the Club Lynspouses, friends and look forwardand family so to seeing you atthat it is a meetings,successful night. functions andPre Payment is fundraisersrequired so whenever youplease pay at an have theupcoming opportunity to domeeting or by so.Direct Deposit Working andinto the RCFB communicatingWestpac with Lyn on aOperating A/c regular basis, it isBSB 036034 A/c obvious herNo. 304015 schedule isThe speaker is Faith unbelievably busy.Richardson, who is She is a reala light hearted inspiration withspeaker.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. what she achieves and energy and appetisers, with 7.15 -she continues to pour into all 10.20pm dinner. Cost isactivites. $30 per person. There is a 110 limit for Rotarians/partners Elham Teimouri attending the dinner with priority going to thoseIt was reported in last week’s providing home hosting forbulletin that Elham has been students on Sunday 15thdiagnosed with MS. She has January.improved, is again walking, The Collins’ and Carothas been discharged and Collins’ have hosted tworeturned to Iran for four students each for the pastweeks. two years where studentsAll good news and we look spend the Sunday mid wayforward to Elham returning to through the NYSF for a catchmeetings in the New Year, up on laundry and rest foralong with her friend Maryam the day. It is not a day forwho has gone to Malaysia for sightseeing and activities.a month. Sec. Di has the Dinner booking form so please Items for Hamper Foundation. contact Di ASAP if you wish to US$ 20,000 was contributed by register to attend. HE & Mrs McCusker for PolioDirector Wilma is asking members Eradication giving them Level Oneto bring in items on Wednesday to status. Claremont Christmasmake up a hamper for a young lady Pres. RC Midland Franziska Forrer Carnivalwith advanced Alzheimer’s and her husband Franco wereDisease. Request has come presented with a Level Four The Shelter Box and moneythrough Dir. Jenny Gill. Crystal for their regular monthly spinner did not bring in a vast contribution which has now sum, however, it was a good PR Pasta and Sauce for reached in excess of $100,000. exercise for Rotary at the recent All donations are tax deductible Claremont Christmas Carnival on Manna and the RF is Rotary’s Foundation 24th November. for Peace, and the major arm of itsCarina Marshall is collecting educational end humanitarianpackets of pasta and bottles of programs. CMF Projectsauce for distribution by MannaIndustries, so once again, would A number of members willmembers please bring in pasta and National Youth Science remember Calum Foulner who hassauce for Carina at Wednesday’s Forum Dinner a NGO called Communitiesmeeting. Moving Forward. Calum was the The NYSF Dinner will be held at Club’s participant at the last RYLA MG Maiti Nepal Currie Hall on Friday, 13th January (Rotary Youth Leadership Camp) at 6.30 (registration), soft drinks and he has a NGO which is assisting a remote school inThe RF Matching Grant Nepal.application for equipment The CMF Project’s Annualfor Maiti Nepal Foundation Christmas Party 2011 will beis ready to go as soon as the held on 18th Decembersignatures of the District 4pmto 7pm at 53 WatkinsGovernor and the District Road Dalkeith. Cost $50Rotary Foundation are per ticket. Come along andadded to the form. assist Calum with hisWell done Gillian. fundraising - a raffle and Major Donor’s auction. Auction items Recognised include a Kimberley cruise and jewellery from Phillipa Lamont.During the visit to Perth of Contact Calum for tickets onRIPE Sakuji Tanaka, he 0439 847 390 or emailpresented two Major Donor calum@thecmfproject.comCrystals to couples who have Calum’s project will also becontributed significant seeking a RAWCS (Rotaryamounts to the RotaryRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. Aust. World Community Service) Community /Vocational arranged in the New Year atlisting through the RCFB for tax Committee after election of new roughly six weekly intervals so thatdeductible purposes. Board on 14th December. As we can all benefit from regular Gordon Hay has accepted social activities in the club. It is nomination for the position in thought that around 4-6pm of a 2012-13, Pres. Bryant has asked Sunday afternoon would be a Presidential Citation Gordon if he will step into the popular time to hold these position after 14th December. functions. Watch this space forA reminder to all members that further information.every member is required to makea personal contribution to the Working with Children’sRotary Foundation (tax Card Birthdaysdeductible) for the Club to achievea Presidential Citation this year. Sec. Di has forms to apply for a A very Happy Birthday to MignonTo date 16 of our members have Working With Children Card. Cost Shardlow for 6th and to Meryldone so, and all are requested to is $10 and it is essential to have a Gould for 12th. Hope your day ismake some kind of contribution WWC Card to participate in the special ladies.prior to 30th March. majority of New Generations activities. At the first Board meeting this year it was recommended that ALL members apply for a WWC Card. This New Director for continues to be theCommunity /Vocational recommendation by the Board. Committee Social ActivitiesDir. Wilma has decided to stepaside as Director of the A range of social activities will beRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Dec 2011Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks7th December John Fleming Gordon Hay Ken Collins Di Collins Alistair Brown7th December Community / After Regular Voc Cttee Club meeting Meeting14th Bernard Bowen Jim Gould Sue Hassell Jill Henderson PaddyDecember Ramanathan22nd Faith Rex Evans Jim Gould Bill Hassell Sue HassellDecember RichardsonCHRISTMAS NEW YEAR BREAK NB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12Bryant Stokes – President Jim Gould – Membership President-Bryant Stokesbstokes@bigpond.net.au Director E-mail james@bizsuccession.com.au bstokes@bigpond.net.auDi Collins – Secretary Mobilecollinsd@bigpond.net.au Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director 0419 919 572 jennypgill@gmail.comToni James – Treasurertonipjames@hotmail.com Bill Hassell – Vice President Bulletin Editor hassell@arach.net.au Clifford Yudelman/Di CollinsRex Evans –Club Service Director,President Elect Club Details Websiterevans@powerplus.net.au The Rotary Club of Freshwater www.rotaryfreshwaterbay.org.auGordon Hay - Community/ Bay, Inc.Vocational Service Director PO Box 168, Facebookgordon.hay@dsd.wa.gov.au Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 http://www.facebook.com/freshwKen Collins – International aterbayrotaryService Director Meetingscollinsk@bigpond.net.au Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pmHamish Mackie – New Café, Bethesda HospitalGenerations Director Queenslea Drive Chartered 19 December 2008hamish.mackie@optusnet.com.au Claremont, 6010Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5