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Rc freshwater bay v4 i18 pdf

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 18 3rd – 10th November 2011 Meeting 2nd November Christmas /3rd Birthday Subiaco Primary School Function Meeting 9th November Four Way Test Speech Contest Rotary’s Logo and Projects Announcement by PM on Polio John Fleming Funding AG Simone Carot Collins Birthdays Documents provided to all Annual RF Dr KCA Members RC Perth Annual Vienna Pops ConcertMeeting 2nd November Meeting 9th November Announcement by PM on Polio FundingSpeaker last meeting was Dr Next week’s meeting is the AGMsStephanie Rainey-Smith who gave of both the RCFB Charity Fund PRIP Glen Kinross and PRID Kenan overview of some of the world and the RCFBI. All Directors are Collins attended CHOGM onleading research with Alzheimer’s requested to present reports on Saturday, 29th October where PMthat is taking place here in WA. what their Committees are doing Julia Gillard announced that the and plan to achieve in the 2011-12 Aust. Government will give $50Stephanie is working with Prof. Rotary year. million over four years to PolioRalph Martins team at Edith Eradication. A video of Bill GatesCowan University and at the was shown where he committed aMcCusker Alzheimer Research further $40 million and the BritishFoundation in Nedlands. PM doubled the contribution pledge by the UK Government from 40 to 80 million pounds. The only person to mention Rotary’s involvement in the Polio Eradication Program was the Canadian PM. Documents provided to all Members In advance of the AGM next meeting, Sec Di has sent via email, an Agenda for the meeting, copies of Audited Accounts for both the RCFBI and RCFBCFI, the Annual Report for 2010-11 and a copy of the RCFBI Constitution to all members A Nomination Form has also been distributed via email to members for Nominations for the RCFBIRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. Board for 2012-13. them on our ownMembers prepared to Rotary projects.”take on the position ofPresident, Secretary, AG SimoneTreasurer or any of the Carot Collinsfive Directorships,please ensure you are Last weekend AGnominated for the Simone travelled toposition you are happy Sydney to run ITto serve on. Workshops for D. 9690 Pre PETS and forCompleted Nomination Rotarians from allforms are to be with Clubs in the District.Sec. Di by 7th Decemberas the Election of Barbara Wall, daughterOfficers will take place of former member Enidat the meeting on 14th is currently a ClubDecember. No President in thatnominations can be District, attended theaccepted in writing workshop and reportedafter 7th December, very positively onhowever, if required, Microscope Project, which is an Simone’s workshop.nominations can be taken from the excellent example of ‘partnering’floor at the meeting on 14th correctly. The microscopes are all Barbara learnt of Interplast whenDecember. engraved with the Rotary logo and visiting our Club. She has raised in the manual sponsored by excess of $40,000 for this project, Watercorp also carries the Rotary has been on two Interplast Teams, Logo and gives credit to the RCFB has become District Chair forChristmas /3rd Birthday for initiating the project. Interplast and would like to shareFunction her enthusiasm with us by For too long, Rotary has suffered a speaking at one of our meetingsThe Nedlands Golf Club has been decline in profile and membership. when she is in Perth next January.booked for Thursday, 22nd This has largely been due to theDecember to celebrate both fact that Rotary has too frequently Both Simone in Sydney and GlenChristmas and the Club’s 3rd ‘given away its power’ by not Kinross here in Perth for theBirthday. Further details will be undertaking its own projects and CHOGM Polio announcementprovided as soon as they are has lost much of its visibility in the were caught up in the QANTASavailable. In the meantime, please community. Too often Clubs Airline stoppage, delaying theirput the date in your diary and also present a cheque to another arrivals home by several days.invite friends and family to attend organisation who then takes theas the greater the number that can credit for such things as providingbe encouraged to attend, the Christmas Hampers or whateverbetter. their organisation does with the Annual RF Dr KCA funds donated to them by Rotary. Rotary is ‘gobbled up’ so to speak November is Rotary Foundation and hence the general public is month in the Rotary calendar.Rotary’s Logo and largely unaware of what Rotary This is the reason the AnnualProjects does. Address on the Rotary Foundation is held each November. To quote our own Australian PRIPIt was noted during the visit of the Glen Kinross when he was The Rotary Foundation is Rotary’sDistrict Governor that she said President of RI in 1997/98 major arm in bringing aboutmany Rotary Clubs work withother organisations and their World Understanding and Peace “Rotary is not the community through their many humanitarianprojects cash cow for other groups. and educational programs. Let them do as we do, raiseThis is correct, however, the RCFB the funds for their projects. To achieve a Presidential Citationagreed, at the suggestion of a now Stop funding for other this year ALL members of the Clubformer member, to only support people’s dreams and projects are required to make a personalprojects which carry the Rotary unless they are compatible contribution to the RotaryLogo. That is not to say that the with your own Club plans. Foundation. A number ofClub cannot ‘partner’ with other Let us raise funds then spend members have already done so, fororganisations as it does withSTAWA and Watercorp with the which they are thanked sincerely.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. The Semi Final will be hosted by the RC of Hillarys during their regular meeting at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. The time is 6.30pm for 7.00pm and the cost is $27.00 for the buffet meal. Our Club is required to cover the cost of Tiffany and her teacher Suzy Bayne to attend the meeting and we wish Tiffany every success. To support Tiffany, any members who are able to attend are encouraged to do so. John Fleming Our speaker at the meeting on 7th December is John Fleming who for 10 years was Principal of Bellfield Primary, a very disadvantaged school in Melbourne. This schoolIf you have not yet contributed, VIP area at interval for nibbles and went from results that had theyou are asked to consider doing so. drinks. Book by emailing your school at the lowest end of theAll contributions are tax requirements to Ian Mickle state-wide testing to the very top ofdeductible and go towards creating ian.mickle@colliers.com the State. Bellfield was the firsta better world. school in Victoria to be accredited as a High Performing School underThe Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay the Blueprint for Educationhas already benefited significantly Subiaco Primary School initiative.from the Rotary Foundation. Thiswill be expanded upon in the next Principal Carolyn Press wrote in John is working with almost allBulletin, the Subiaco Primary Newsletter State Governments throughout “Diane and Ken Collins, from the Australia on Education Reform –Reports have been received that Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay developing new models ofsome members have experienced presented the school with 30 schooling with outstandingdifficulties attempting to book on microscopes as part of the success.line. Sec. Di has sent the most Microscopes in Schoolsrecent flyer along with the ‘link’ for Project. I’d like to take this He is now Deputy Principal ofbooking to all members. opportunity to thank the Rotary Haileybury, an elite private school Club of Freshwater Bay for the in Melbourne with 3,500 students. microscopes, as this initiative will give Subiaco Primary School Please invite teachers and friendsRC Perth Annual Vienna additional opportunities to along to the meeting to hear JohnPops Concert explore science and nature first as he is an inspiration and we are hand.” privileged to have him as aTickets for the Annual Vienna Pops speaker.Concert on New Year’s Eve at thePerth Concert Hall are available atall BOCS outlets. Prices vary from Four Way Test Speech‘A’ Reserve $100 to ‘C’ Reserve $65 Contest Birthdaysplus there are Concessionsavailable. Tiffany Chua from MLC, is going Only celebration in the coming forward from the RCFB to compete week is Di Collins on 10thJoin other Rotarians in the Gold in the Semi Final of the Four Way November.Reserve area, tickets are just $110 Test Speech Contest on Monday,each and this includes access to the 21st November.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Oct / Nov 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 9th November AGMs –RCFBCFI Wilma McBain Jenny Gill N/A N/A & RCFBI16th November TBA Bill Hassell Mignon Shardlow Margaret Stuart Rob Pearce23rd November TBA Clifford Gillian Yudelman Toni James Warren Milner Yudelman30th November RIPE Sakuji Annual Dr Ken Laguna Veneto 7.00pm Book on line Tanaka Collins Address Club, Mt Lawley 7th December John Fleming Jim Gould Ken Collins Di Collins Alistair Brown NB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12 Jim Gould – Membership President-Bryant StokesBryant Stokes – President Director E-mailbstokes@bigpond.net.au james@bizsuccession.com.au bstokes@bigpond.net.au MobileDi Collins – Secretary Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director 0419 919 572collinsd@bigpond.net.au jennypgill@gmail.comToni James – Treasurer Bill Hassell – Vice President Bulletin Editortonipjames@hotmail.com hassell@arach.net.au Clifford Yudelman/Di CollinsRex Evans –Club Service Director, Club Details WebsitePresident Electrevans@powerplus.net.au The Rotary Club of Freshwater www.rotaryfreshwaterbay.org.au Bay, Inc.Wilma McBain - Community/ PO Box 168, FacebookVocational Service Director Nedlands,williemac241@hotmail.com Western Australia, 6909 http://www.facebook.com/freshwKen Collins – International aterbayrotaryService Director Meetingscollinsk@bigpond.net.au Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pmHamish Mackie – New Café, Bethesda HospitalGenerations Director Queenslea Drive Claremont, 6010 Chartered 19 Decemberhamish.mackie@optusnet.com.au 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4