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New Horizon


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New Horizon

  1. 1. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Last week’s Sponsorship for Group Study Duty Roster Update on meeting Interact – can you Exchange Board Meeting Members People Who Care help? Applicant Meeting for Birthdays Page 1,2 Storm the Stage Aust-Japan Youth Wednesday, 5th Page 4 Page 2,3 Group Exchange October Page3, Page 4Meeting 31st August following 3. Dredging 6. No protection disadvantages: disturbs sediments – from prevailing south-Our own member river pollution west windsTown Planner Max 1. High costHipkins gave us a very scheme 4. Loss of 7. Impacts oninteresting presentation parkland heritage and ANZACon three proposals for 2. Tall buildings Day paradesthe Perth Waterfront to pay for inlet - 5. RiversidePlan. overshadowing Drive cut 8. Siltation risk to inletThe first wasdeveloped by Max 9. Salt waterwhen he was with the intrusion damagesCity of Perth, the vegetationsecond by the former 10. 10 CommercialState Labour buildings add to trafficGovernment and the and parking problemsmost recent by thecurrent State Liberal 11. No people / carGovernment. This is separationthe one which has beengiven the green light to The alternative planproceed and it would which Max wasappear that unless responsible forsomething happens to developing has theencourage the Premier following advantages:to change hismind, work on this 1. Low costwill commence straight schemeafter CHOGM. The 2. Low buildingsdesigner for this is – no overshadowingfrom the Eastern Statesand from Max’s expert 3. No dredging –opinion it has the Speaker Max Hipkins no river pollutionRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. 4. No loss of Swanbourne and Rob Pearce has made are there but it is likely toparkland Elham Teimoori who contact with this be something of a similar is currently at the organisation and matter, to improve the5. Riverside McCusker Alzheimer’s received an invitation standard of living for theDrive retained Foundation doing her to a dinner next locals and their future. PHD. Elham is from Wednesday, 7th6. Protection We would like to offer a Iran. Hope to see more September. As he willfrom prevailing winds cash prize to the winner of Anna and Elham. be overseas Directors Jenny Gill and Wilma of the show in order to7. No impact on McBain will attend the attract performers with function after our substantial talent. So far meeting. we have $200 of our $400 aim pledged to us by a Look forward to local business. It would learning more about be, if possible, a great People Who Care from assistance to our cause if Jenny and Wilma after you could publish a notice the event. in your Rotary Bulletin asking for anyone who could provide the remaining amount, to Sponsorship for come forward. Visitors Anna Hughes and her mum Rotarian Pat Interact – can you Shalhoub from the UK help? Thank you very much.”heritage The following email Any members able to Meeting 7th September has been received from assist the Interactors8. No siltation VP Bill Hassell has Liam Nuttall with this request,risk invited Gemma Unwin (liam.nuttall@hotmail.c please contact Directors of the Government of om) one of the Hamish, Ken or Sec.9. No salt water Interactors from the Western Australia Di.intrusion Interact Club of Department of State Development. Ms Freshwater Bay.10. Residentialemphasis – less traffic Unwin is the Project “The Interact Club as you Storm the Stageand parking issues Manager (CHOGM) know is putting on a International Trade and Interact PE Kathleen talent show to raise funds11. People / car Investment. She has Elliott competed in the for Matapwilli village inseparation kindly agreed to speak heats of Storm the Tanzania. A Scotch and to the Club on Stage last Saturday, 27thWould appear to be a PLC group of students Wednesday about August. Kathleen has‘no brainer’ to those of are travelling to visit the CHOGM and the not heard any results,us hearing the village later next year to efforts of the State however said thepresentation. What can provide assistance to the Government to use the standard wasthe people of WA do to community. On the last opportunity to foster outstanding and that itprevent a costly expedition, the group business ties and was a tremendousdisaster when there is a helped rebuild the local connections. Do not experience to have thebetter alternative senior school and miss it! It is bound to opportunity to beavailable? provided numerous text be a very informative involved. books and other school talk.Visitors at the meeting supplies that werewas Rtn. Pat Shalboub unavailable to thefrom Godalming, UK locals. It is not confirmed Four Way Speakingand her daughter Anna People Who Care what task the group will ContestHughes who lives in be completing whilst theyRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. owing to the Club for David Gulland, a these units. All have Pharmacist at St John been requested to remit of God Hospital in as soon as possible as Subiaco is the RCFBs the Club has an invoice applicant for the Group in hand from the Study Exchange to Science Teacher’s Georgia in May/ June Association of WA for 2012. in excess of $20,000 for the 1700 units collected The interviews will be last Thursday. held next Sunday, 11th September. David is a Chief Scientist Lyn fine young man who Beazley has been busily would be a great asset Jenny Gill and Elham Teimoori attending Rotary to the Team so we wishThree contestants from phone a number of meetings and last him every success.MLC will compete on schools to ask if they Wednesday addressedWednesday, 21st will promote it to their a combinedSeptember. students. meeting after which Aust-Japan Youth the following email Group ExchangeKen and Hamish are Sec. Di has been in was received.organising the contact with around 20 The next AJYGE will beadjudicators (specified schools that she has Hello Di, from 27th January toby the District been dealing with who 12th February, We had Prof. Lyn BeazleyCommittee) who must have either received or 2012. Cost $3,500. An speak at Karrinyup’sbe two members of the are receiving exchange for young Club meeting thisClub experienced in microscopes, and she adults aged 18-30 years evening with membersPublic Speaking as well has received a number between D. 9455 and D. from Balcatta, Osborneas someone registered of positive responses 2570 Saitama, Japan. Park & Westernwith Rostrum. from them to say they Endeavour joining us. will put it in their Open to sons andA $50.00 book voucher Newsletter. daughters of Rotarians Lyn spoke of manyto be presented to the along with other wonderful subjects andwinner on the night. To familiarise yourself interested mentioned with pride the with the activity, youth. Please contact Microscope Project – my members who have not District Chair Garry congratulations on your already done so, please LawrenceYoung Cook efforts there you have take a look at the done magnificently.Dir. Jenny Gill has sent website which isa ‘Press release’ to the We have 90 out to threePost on this au schools so far and are outfundraiser. Hopefully for will appear in the Duty Rosternext edition. Well done! Microscopes in Schools Project Would members whoGillian and Clifford Peter Durrant are unable to fulfil theirYudelman and Debbie The microscopes have rostered activity Director D9455 NewCash have taken off the finally arrived and all PLEASE arrange for Generations Committeelists of schools who 1517 have been someone else to swaphave been sent letters distributed. Recent with Jenny and her father orders have beenon the Young Cook invoiced, however, Group Study The ‘Duty” activity isCompetition, and will there is around $5,500 Exchange Applicant to set up the venueRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. before and to pack Board are asked to via the site shown on be home from overseasaway venue after the please do so. the attached flyer. Ken travel and we lookmeeting. The majority has a table booked for forward to them bothof members rostered the club and those who being with us.for this do not appear have not yet paid him Meeting forto be fulfilling this role. for the ticket are asked Wednesday, 5th to please remit as soon October Birthdays a possible.Board Meeting The regular meeting for Max Hipkins Wed. 5th October will celebrated his birthdayTo be held on be transferred to the Update on Members on 2ndThursday, 8th End of Polio Breakfast September. Hope youSeptember at 5.30pm at at the Perth Good to have Debbie had a great day Max.the home of Ken & Di Convention Centre that Cash back from herCollins, 1 New Court same morning. time in the USA Charter Member andGreen, Mt Claremont. now Friend of the Time is 7.00am to Rob Pearce will be RCFB Roger MarstonAny Board Members 9.00am and the cost is overseas next week. has a birthday on 8thwho have not $50 per person. If not September. A verydistributed reports to already booked for the Paddy Ramanathan Happy Birthday to youthe President and function, please do so and Warren Milner will Roger. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of August / Sep 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 7th September Gemma Unwin Max Hipkins Sue Hassell Paddy Ramanathan Debbie Cash Dept of State Development (CHOGM)14th September TBA Bill Hassell Jim Gould Jill Henderson Warren Milner21st September 4 Way Speaking Rex Evans Wilma McBain Ken Collins Jenny Gill Contest28th September TBA Jim Gould Donna Bicknell Toni James Bill Hassell 5th October End Polio Perth Convention Centre 7.00-9.00am BreakfastNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Board Rotary 2011-12 Wilma McBain - Community/ Toni James – Treasurer Vocational Service Director williemac241@hotmail.comBryant Stokes – Rex Evans –Club Service Director Ken Collins – International Service DirectorDi Collins – Secretary Mackie – New Generations PO Box 168, MobileDirector Nedlands, 0419 919 Western Australia, 6909 Bulletin EditorJim Gould – Membership Director Clifford Yudelman/Di WebsiteJenny Gill – Fundraising Director Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Café, Bethesda Hospital FacebookBill Hassell – Vice President Queenslea Drive Claremont, 6010 bayrotaryClub Details Chartered 19 December 2008 PresidentThe Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, E-mailInc. Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5