New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 8


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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth.

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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 8

  1. 1. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Last Week’s Ryda Hosts for GSE Interact, Storm the Update on Meeting URGENTLY Stage, members, Vocational visit to required – Microscopes, Birthdays EmbroidMe, members to host Volunteer Grant, Committee/Board French Scholar the Group Study International Meetings Tomas Marquis Exchange Team Service District Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 Page 3 Page 4Meeting 17th August embroidered the name franchise. We all found French Scholar Tomas ‘Sophie’ (Sue and Bill’s it of immense interest. MarquisGraeme Bain kindly new granddaughter)hosted a Vocational on the towel as a Ken and Di had theVisit to EmbroidMe in demonstration of the pleasure of spendingClaremont for our Meeting 24th August Sunday with Tomas embroidery process. Marquis, a wonderful The speaker will be young law student Professor Ray Wills, from Corsica, who the CEO Sustainable came to Perth to study Energy Association of English at Milner Australia. Ray will tell International College, us what the Carbon courtesy of a Tax means for scholarship generously sustainable energy. provided by Warren Milner. Tomas’ introduction to Rotary is through his uncle who is a Rotarian in Graeme Bain and Sue Hassellmeeting on This was a perfectWednesday. example of why Rotary Clubs do vocationalAll who attended were visits periodically, as itimpressed at the depth allows us to learn moreand breadth of the about a vocation or abusiness plus the range business than we’dand quality of the know otherwise.merchandise. Thank you Graeme forGraeme generously giving up your time todonated a beautiful enlighten us about antowel as a raffle prize EmbroideMe Tomas Marquis (French student at Milnerwhich was won by Sue Int. College)Hassell. GraemeRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. Corsica. Some 200 students safely are not able to be Session aimed at from Newman College carried out. identifying such thingsTomas has found his attended a challenging asstudies at Milner and informative fullCollege beneficial in day which hopefullymany ways. Firstly, will provide them withthe fact that he was the tools to be better,learning English minus responsible driversthe teacher with a once they obtain their‘French English’ accent, his exposure tostudents of so many Presenters and areasnationalities has covered were asbroadened his vision of follows: Rotarian’s at RYDA – DGE Phillipthe people and cultures 1. Police – Steve Skelton, Ken, Donna, Di and Hamishof the world. He hasdecided to travel more Banks and Adrian 3. My Wheels – distractions, the role ofwidely and to look at Moore Danielle or Rebekah the mobile phone,International Law passengers, music Local police showed a A session to assistrather than continuing etc. The most common video, gave students students identify whatto view his future from crashes involving the opportunity to ask a safe car looks like,such a limited young people and how questions, hear about how to research theirprospective. to prepare to avoid or the role of Police in options prior to motor vehicle crashes, minimize their impacts.Tomas returned to purchase and how toFrance last Thursday in common offences and make sure the car they 5. Stoppingpreparation for his the penalties that come are travelling in is in Distances – Elite Driverupcoming year of with them. good Trainingstudies. It’s a pity condition. Topics such 2. Plan B –other members of the as safety ratings, safety Students shown impact Alcohol, Medicines andClub were not able to features, car of differing speeds, Fatigue – RAC –enjoy spending time maintenance and safety reaction time and Danielle or Rebekahwith him and to hear reaction time andabout his impressions vehicle traction on theof the weeks he has length of stopping timespent in Perth and the for a vehicle.way it has impacted onhis life. He is 6. Crash survivorextremely grateful to – Dan HarrisonWarren for the A brain injured crashopportunity to come to survivor demonstratesPerth to study. to students that car crashes can leave RYDA - Newman College Students permanent trauma forRYDA the survivor, their An interactive checks. families and theHamish Mackie did an workshop focusing on community.excellent job with his the impact of alcohol,organisation of the drugs on driving 4. Hazard,Rotary Youth Driver ability. Pointers were Distractions & Risk –Awareness on given on implementing Hamish will compile Kim LedgerTuesday, 16th August. a Plan B if the original Evaluations and report plans for travellingRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. back in the coming Team from Fiji going to fundraising activity ordered to protect theweeks. Wiluna 6-11th was the main topic of barbeque, however, as September and 6-9th the meeting. All it is not a standard sizeAlong with Hamish, October. Rotaractors it will have to bewho deserves very participated made. With thehigh praise for the This situation is enthusiastically and all remainder of the funds are enjoying their (probably with a top involvement in the up from Club funds) Club. Truman Forrest Dir. Rex Evans will is doing a fine job as look at purchasing a their inaugural trailer to transport the President. Club property. The Club has until the end of September to Storm the Stage complete all transactions with Kathleen Elliot will be spending the money competing in the heats from the Grant. RYDA - Newman College Students of Storm the Stage on 27th August. Very best of luck Kathleen!work he put in to becoming desperate so Microscopesmaking the event if you have a spare bed,successful, thanks go to please consider Shipment is due anythe volunteers DGE offering it to one of Volunteer Grant day. Once available,Phillip Skelton (RC these team members. Dir Jim Gould willPerth), Donna Bicknell With the remainder of assist in collecting the(who took a day of her funds received last year units for sorting,annual leave to help) from the Australian Interact packing andand Ken & Di Government Volunteer distribution. Jim andCollins. Pres. Bryant Grant, a barbeque and At the Interact meeting Donna will help KenStokes and Jen Martins lid have been on 18th August, Elise, a and Di with delivery ofcalled in for a brief purchased. Barbeques new Interactor was the microscopes to theperiod and Mignon Galore in Osborne Park presented with her metropolitanShardlow came along provided the gas bottle clubs. Currently therewhen she finished are in excess of 1,200work. units which Clubs are waiting on, with a further 17 schoolsClub Dues seeking clubs to sponsor microscopesMembers who have not for them.yet paid their dues areasked to do so as soonas possible. International Service – District Chair is PDG President Truman Forrest and newest Ron GearyHosts for GSE Interactor Elise International ServiceURGENTLY required – Certificate and badge. encompasses actions and are happy tomembers to host the continue to refill it at taken to expand Planning on theirGroup Study Exchange no cost. A cover can be Rotary’s humanitarian Talent NightRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. reach around the globe Sustainable Australia- committees projects areand to promote world Cambodia Japan Youth Group to be distributed to theunderstanding and Exchange President and Board bypeace. Interplast 30th August. InternationalProjects falling under Rotary Friendship Exchangethe International Australia WorldService umbrella are: Community Service Birthdays and (RAWCS) Anniversaries Rotary Committee/ BoardFriendship Exchange Project Meetings A very Happy Birthday Volunteers is wished to Bill James Global The International for your birthday onNetworking Groups Donations in Service Committee 23rd August Bill. Have Kind (DIK) Meeting will be held a wonderful day. Rotary immediately followingInternational Travel Rotarians the weekly meetingand Hosting Against Malaria (RAM) next Wednesday, 24thFellowship August at Bethesda Save Water Hospital Shelterbox Save Lives (SWSL The next Board Wheelchairs Used Stamps Meeting will be onfor Kids Thursday, 8th June at Rings for Limbs 5.30pm Rotary OceaniaMedical Aid for Please Note: Directors, SpectaclesChildren (ROMAC) written reports on your Recycling ProjectRoster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of August / Sep 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 24th August Prof Ray Wills Bill Hassell Jenny Gill Rob Pearce Graeme Prior CEO Sustainable Energy Association of Australia 31st August Max Hipkins Wilma McBain Rex Evans Mignon Shardlow Paddy Ramanathan7th September GSE Team from Donna Bicknell Sue Hassell Ken Collins Warren Milner FijiNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12 Di Collins – Secretary Rex Evans –Club Service DirectorBryant Stokes – President Toni James – TreasurerRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Wilma McBain - Community/ Inc. WebsiteVocational Service Director PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 FacebookKen Collins – International Service Chartered 19 December 2008Hamish Mackie – New Generations MeetingsDirector Wednesday 5:45pm to Café, Bethesda Hospital Queenslea DriveJim Gould – Membership Director Claremont, PresidentJenny Gill – Fundraising Director MobileBill Hassell – Vice President 0419 919 Details Bulletin Editor Clifford Yudelman/Di CollinsThe Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay,Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5